Here’s a Faster Way How to Install TeaTV on Firestick in 2024

TeaTV is an excellent App which you can use to access your favorite TV channels for free. In this guide, you will learn How to Install TeaTV on Firestick. Let’s get into it.

We live in a digital world where we have access to millions of resources which provide access to our favorite content.  TeaTV is the perfect app for accessing streaming content!

What’s TeaTV?

If you know about the service, then you can skip this section. TeaTV is an excellent App which allows you to access the Movies and TV Shows from the Firestick.

You can watch your favorite content in 1080p HD, which is remarkable, and you can get all of this for completely free.

TeaTV screenshot
This is what TeaTV looks like

Moreover, in the app, you can read reviews of seasons and reviews which will help you understand whether you spend time watching that movie or not.

How to Install TeaTV on Firestick

There are two ways to install TeaTV on Firestick, and we will show you both ways to do it. However, before we proceed to the methods, follow these steps to allow the Firestick to install the app from Unknown Sources.

  • Go to the home screen and open the settings.
  • In the settings, tap “Device,” a menu will appear on the screen.
  • Now tap the “Developer Options” and tap “Apps from Unknown Sources” to enable it.
Enable Apps from Unknown Sources on Firestick
Press “Turn On” to Enable Apps from Unknown Sources
  • A warning message will appear on the screen, Tap “Turn On” to enable it.

Now you have enabled the installing Apps from Unknown Sources. Let’s get to the different methods of installing TeaTV on Firestick.

Install TeaTV on Firestick Using Downloader

The first method is to use the Downloader to install TeaTV on Firestick. The users widely use this method, and you should also use this one.

  1. Open the Downloader App
install kodi on fire stick 2017 step 9
Run the Downloader App
  • Now the app will connect the severs URL with the app, and it will start downloading App.
  • Once it is downloaded, tap install to install the app.
  • Provide all the permissions it needs. It will ask for reading fire state and identity, record audio, location and modify or delete content on your SD card.

You have successfully installed the TeaTv App on Firestick. Now if you want, go back to the Downloader and delete the APK file because it is of no need.

Install TeaTV on Firestick Using ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is another very popular app which is used for downloading.

TIP:  On Firestick, install ES File Explorer by searching for “es file” from the Fire TV home screen.

You can install the ES File Explorer from the Amazon App Store, go to the Amazon Store, type “ES File Explorer” and it will appear in the results.

Install it and follow these steps to install TeaTV on Firestick Using ES File Explorer.

  1. Open the ES File Explorer
ES File Explorer Installs Kodi on Firestick
ES File Explorer
  • Go to the “Tools” section and tap the “Download Manager.”
  • In the Download Manager, tap “New” button which is on the left bottom side of the screen with “+” logo.
  • A Dialogue will appear on the screen with two fields. Path and Name.
  • Enter “teatv” as the Name
  • Tap the “Download Now” button.
  • ES File Explorer will start downloading the app. It will also display the estimated time to download the app.
  • Once it is download, a prompt will appear. Tap “Open File” and tap “Install.”
  • The system will ask you to give the permissions to the app and tap “Install.”
  • Once the app is installed, you can start using the TeaTV on Firestick to stream movies and TV shows.

Both methods are equally good, and you can use any of the methods mentioned above to install TeaTV on Firestick. However, if you use the downloader method, it will save your time as Downloader is already available on Firestick and all you have to do is to install the app.

However, if you want to use ES File Explorer, then you will have to install the app first and then install the TeaTV app, which will take more steps and time.

Bottom Line

TeaTV is an excellent Entertainment App which gives you access to High-Quality Movies, and TV shows fo free. The app also has a straightforward interface, which makes it easier to use. Also, it is entirely free to use, which make it ideal if you don’t want to spend your money.

The TeaTV app works flawlessly on Firestick, and you can easily download it using the methods mentioned above. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below.

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