Best Firestick Channels for TV, Sports, Movies (Updated May 2024)

In this “cheat sheet”, we show you the best FireStick / Fire TV Channels and how to watch them. Enjoy ABC, NBC, live football, and other great free streaming channels & apps on your Firestick starting now!

The Amazon FireStick is a great solution for people who want a vast selection of channels while doing it at a moderate price. The tech reviews writers from considers that the Amazon Fire Stick Device is actually not very expensive at all, at around $49. Also, there are some really cool add-ons for the Fire Stick.

The coolest of these addons are APKs & Kodi (for software) and the Fire TV Remote (for hardware).

Pro TipJailbreak your Firestick to install all the best apps.

What is an Amazon FireStick? 

If you’re a new user, you might just now be getting started with your Amazon FireStick. Before we begin telling you which are the best channels, we wanted to give you an overview of the best features of your FireStick. After all, before you start you should make sure you know all the great things that your FireStick can do for you!

First and foremost, your FireStick is a streaming device that you can plug into the HDMI port of any monitor (normally, your TV). When you link the FireStick to your Amazon account, it unlocks a huge catalog of entertainment options. 

Fire TV Stick 4K Max International Version
Fire TV Stick 4K Max (International Version) 4K streaming device, Wi-Fi 6, Alexa Voice Remote
view on amazon button

If you like to watch live TV, sports, movies, kids’ shows, or you name it, the FireStick is sure to have plenty of channels you’d love to have. 

FireSticks come pre-loaded with various Amazon apps, but there are literally thousands of other options. You can download these directly from the Amazon App store or by APK sideloading.

How To Watch Fire Stick Channels Via Easy-To-Install APKs

Before we get into the nearly endless array of channels you’ll be able to watch on your Amazon Fire Stick, let’s talk about how you can get those channels. Firestick APKs (Android Package Kits) has become the hot apps to install, replacing Kodi. Many Firestick APKs have channels to watch. So, if you’d like to watch Fire Stick Channels using APKs, do this:

  1. Just install DroidAdmin on your Firestick (it’s free in the Amazon Firestick app store!)
  2. After you launch DroidAdmin, enter one of the codes in the video below:


Kodi is a full-featured media center app that requires a special installation process (takes about 5 minutes).  Many TV channels are available on Kodi. See how to install Kodi on Fire Stick for free. Why? Because Kodi is Still Great for Watching Fire Stick Channels!

Fire Stick Channels

One of the best things about the FireStick / Fire TV is the advantage of having access to Amazon’s extensive library of instant video content.  We also have access to Amazon Prime, which features an even more extensive library of content. Watch films, TV shows, and many more Fire Stick Channels & apps like these and the ones in the Channels listed below:

Fire Stick Channels List
List of Channels for FireStick

Sports Channels for Amazon Firestick

Sports lovers will also love the possibility to stream content on LeBron James’ fitness while playing basketball, all directly from channels such as:

  • WatchESPN app for Fire TV app:  Use the WatchESPN app to watch live ESPN games (NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB)ESPN Firestick app
  • Official NBA for Fire TV app:  Watch NBA GameTime on Fire Stick for live NBA games.NBA Firestick app
  • NBC Sports app for Fire TV is great for most NBC-broadcast games but doesn’t have quite the selection Kodi has.NBC Sports Firestick app

Here’s a list of sports channels available on your Amazon Firestick:

Sports Channels on Firestick
Apex Sports
ESPN for Fire TV
NBA for Fire TV
NBC Sports for Fire TV

Music Channels for Amazon Firestick

Some great Fire Stick channels for music include:

Want to find more music for your Amazon Firestick? Check these out:

Live Music Channels on Firestick
AOL Video for Fire TV
Musica Latina
Reggae TV
Spotify Music
Stingray Qello
TuneIn Radio

Major News Channels on Amazon Firestick

  • HUFFPOST LiveHuffpost Firestick app
  • NBC is an example of several major news networks available for Fire Stick that should be totally free, but it still contains ads.
  • ABC
  • CBS

There’s no shortage of news channels for your Amazon Firestick. Stay up to date with:

Major News Channels on Firestick
ABC News
BBC News
Bloomberg TV
CBS News
Haystack TV
HuffPost Live
NBC News
Newsmax TV
NHK World TV
Reuters TV
The Weather Network
USA Today
Video DW-Deutsche
Washington Post

Major Movies & TV Shows on Amazon Firestick

  • Crackle
  • Popcornflix (install with APKTime)
  • ABC Movies & Live TV Shows
  • Flixster is what it sounds like: an app for Movies. (Note: The Flixster app is no longer officially compatible with Firestick / Fire TV.  But you can try to install the Flixster APK by going here.)

Here’s the full list of movie and tv channels for Firestick to get your binge-watch started:

Movies and TV Shows on Firestick
ABC Movies and Live TV Shows

General Channels

  • PLEX is a cross-platform app that allows you to play your media files on any device (movies!).  It also has a wide variety of Community-created channels.

Science and Technology on Amazon Firestick

If you want to expand your mind, then Amazon Firestick can help get a look into the Cosmos or hear talks from some of today’s best minds.

Check out this list of science and technology channels for Firestick for more brain food:

Technology Channels on Firestick
Popular Science
TED Talks for Fire TV

The Amazon Fire Stick is actually perfect for anybody. Whether you are a hardcore binge-watcher of TV shows or if you’re a sports fan, then you’ll enjoy all your favorite movies and shows in the comfort of your home.

The device also features other really cool things, such as amazing games for Fire TV as well as other functionalities. For example, enjoy the capability to play music through your own Fire Stick device, display your own photos, and even play your own videos.

There are many TV add-ons that you can download and install on your Fire Stick, in order to increase its channel reach, functionality, and scope. There are just so many add-ons out there, and the great thing is that the vast majority of the add-ons that are currently available on the world wide web are actually out there for free, from many independent developers.

Best Apps For Free TV Streaming On Firestick

Without a doubt, these are some of the best free tv and movie channels available for Amazon Firestick. If you want help getting started we’ve got the best guide for installing Kodi on your Amazon Fire TV.

Take a look at our full list of free channels here:

Free TV Channels on Firestick
FreeFlix HQ
Pluto TV
Terrarium TV
Tubi TV

Food Channels for Amazon Firestick

Food Channels on Amazon Firestick

Hungry? Order a pizza, turn on the TV, and indulge your munchies with a long list of great food channels for your Amazon Fire TV. Whet your appetite with:

Food Channels on Firestick
Video Recipes By
Cooking Panda
America’s Test Kitchen
Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube
Bon Appétit
Food Network Go
The Cooking Channel
Baking by
Vegan Life by

Fitness Channels for Amazon Firestick

Fitness Channels on Amazon Firestick

Of course, the day after your hedonistic food fest, you’re going to want to make up for it with a little exercise. But who wants to go to the gym, right? Instead, take a look at one of these fitness channels available for Amazon Firestick. They’ll whip you right into shape:

Fitness Channels
Daily Burn
Gaia for Fire TV
FitFusion by Jillian Michaels
DailyUp Fitness
Simply Yoga
Yoga TV
Zumba Workouts
Beach Body On Demand

Fire TV Remote

The Alexa Voice Remote is a remote control that works seamlessly with (Alexa) voice commands. This is only available on FireStick with Alexa. This is really useful because typing titles one character at a time can be frustrating without the remote!

As you can see, the Amazon Fire Stick offers great solutions for streaming at an affordable price. It also supports a wide variety of great channels.

The possibilities are really endless because the content you have can be expanded, depending on what services you want to subscribe to. Obviously, Netflix is definitely a big chunk of the offering. Since it’s one of the most popular digital streaming platforms out there, you can expect full access to the entire, ever-expanding Netflix library.

Other hugely popular services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, or even Showtime Anytime are also available. Another really cool feature is that the Amazon Fire Stick actually also supports Vevo, Vimeo, and Youtube, opening the doors to the most popular video-sharing websites on the web, with massive user-generated content that is readily within your reach.

Best Jailbroken FireStick Channels

Now, like most other electronic devices, the developers have set a couple of rules in place regarding what you can and cannot access in terms of apps and TV channels. To access unsupported apps, you can jailbreak your Amazon FireStick.

By doing so, you can bypass payment gateways on streaming services and access tons of free content you’d otherwise be paying for. So, you can use the jailbreak method to save some serious money on entertainment, but you’ll need to be very careful when doing so. 

Important Things to Consider

So, is jailbreaking legal? The short answer is yes. In effect, you’re just unlocking the device with the purpose of adding new apps. If you were to dive into the code and change important settings, then you’d be risking legal trouble. 

The important part is what happens after you figure out how to jailbreak FireStick. Sometimes, unsupported apps don’t include the rights for you to use them. Just make sure that when you’re adding a jailbroken app to your FireStick that it’s not illegal for you to be streaming its content. 

A way to protect yourself from hackers or tracers when you’re browsing or adding jailbroken apps to your FireStick is to use a VPN. We like to use IPVanish, as it keeps us completely protected and anonymous while we use our FireStick apps.

I managed to get this excellent exclusive IPVanish discount for all my readers!

Click the button below or click here to get started right away.


Sony’s streaming service, Crackle is a great choice if you want to save money. There are no subscription fees, and it offers a large library of streaming content comparable to Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Pluto TV

If you want access to over 100 TV streaming channels, you should try out Pluto TV. They have a great selection and no fees, just like Crackle!

Freeflix HQ

Freeflix HQ is a top channel (and Kodi addon) among anime-lovers and live TV-watchers for its large catalog. It’s all free, and the best part is that you can download and watch shows without the internet. 

Best FireStick Channels for Kids

If you have a family using your FireStick, check out these great apps the kids will love:

Pokémon TV 

Everyone knows that Pokémon is one of the most popular franchises in entertainment history. Kids grow up playing Pokémon games and watching its shows and movies. 

If your kids are into Pokémon, this channel can serve all of their entertainment needs by granting them access to their favorite shows 24/7. 

PBS Kids

PBS Kids is a great FireStick channel if you have a family. This channel comes with a wide selection of kids’ shows that will keep them engaged. 

The best part is that PBS excels in educational content that doesn’t feel as such—the kids can watch and learn while being fully entertained!

Nick Jr. for Fire TV

Nick Jr. is a classic—this channel has been popular amongst the kiddos for years now, mostly due to its extensive array of cartoons and popular shows. 

If your family is into cartoon-watching, this channel is for you. This platform boasts some of the most popular kids’ shows to date, such as Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, and more.

How to Install FireStick Channels via Amazon App Store

Now that you know some of the best FireStick channels that you can download, you should also get familiar with the Amazon App Store. Most of these channels are offered directly in the store, eliminating the need to use a third-party app to download them.

Here, we’re going to explain the process to download an app from the official store. 

First, you can access the app store directly from the home screen of your Amazon Fire TV interface. This is what pops up first when you boot up your FireStick. 

Once you’re in the app store, you can type in the name of any app or channel you’d want to add to your device. If the app comes up in the search menu, it’s available for direct download.

Click on the app icon, select “Install,” and you should be ready to watch its content in just minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get local channels with a FireStick?

Great news—it’s easy to access local channels on your FireStick. In our other article, we detail some of the best addons to watch local news, sports, weather, and more. 

If you want to keep up to date on the happenings in your area, we’d highly recommend downloading a local TV app for your FireStick. 

Can you watch normal TV on FireStick? 

Of course, you can! Some of the best live TV apps can be downloaded directly from the Amazon App Store. 

It’s super simple to download your favorite TV apps, but sometimes you’ll have to sign in with your service provider to access the most features. If you have a service, you should download the live TV app associated with it to watch regular TV. 

Wrapping Things Up 

So, we hope that this article helped familiarize you with your FireStick and all the great channels you can add to it! There are so many options for apps to download to your device, so take your time in choosing the right one that suits your needs. 

It’s a great thing that there are so many app options! If you have a family, love sports, enjoy adult content, or others, you can find a plethora of apps that will satisfy your entertainment preferences. 

We think it’s important that you know everything about what your FireStick can do for you since it might not initially be obvious how complex its capabilities can be. 

If you have any questions about the channels we detailed or have any favorites you think we should add, let us know in the comments.

We’d be happy to update the list!


KFire TV Author
KFire TV Author

KTVFire is the creative force behind the engaging and informative content on With a deep passion for all things related to streaming, entertainment, and technology, KTVFire has dedicated years to exploring the ever-evolving world of Kodi, Fire TV Stick, and cutting-edge streaming solutions.

  1. Hi Leia, you can get Greek channels! If you follow one of our basic install tutorials or already know how to install from sources, you can use the Thgiliwt Repository at to install them. The file to use at this time within there is You can find Greek TV and even the AliveGR video add-on for live streaming Greek television shows. If you need further assistance, feel free to ask. I’d be happy to walk you through the process. : )

  2. I watch shows on fx, amc, fox, tnt , spike and etc. Can I get those on the fire stick?

  3. can you get lifetime channels with a fire stick

  4. Is Fox News Channel available with Fires-Stick?

  5. Hi David,
    Yes, you absolutely can. Most or all of those channels have actual Official apps in the Amazon app store.

  6. Yes, it is. There is a free FOX News app in the Amazon store.

  7. Hi Dwaun, there is a free Lifetime app in the Amazon App Store.

  8. how about the History Channel ?

  9. Hi Doc! I find it bemusing that someone is trying to sell a subscription to use a Fire Stick, which I assume has Kodi installed on it. You absolutely can take it anywhere that has internet access. You can also get nearly any channel available worldwide on it without paying a monthly subscription if you install a decent build on it. I would seriously suggest using a VPN to protect your anonymity and data while using it, though.

  10. Hello again I was approached by someone offering 900 HD channels for $39 per month but you have to purchase the fire stick or Roku of some other device to access the 900 channels that they offer in there $39 month subscription using fire stick or Roku or some other device that you plug into a smart TV iPhone iPad and so I’m asking you can the firestick also provide me with those same 900 HD channels anywhere I go with an internet connection or are the rchannels limited using firestick?

  11. Absolutely… the History Channel lists an app for the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick on their site, even.

  12. How can I get channels like WeTv, TV One, Centric and Fox News network?

  13. Hi Demetria, I know for a fact that Fox is in the Elysium TV addon. The Fox logo is included in one of Elysium’s icons. I’ve not heard of the others, though they might be in there as well. Let me know how you get along with Elysium. Good luck and enjoy!

  14. Thanks. I’ll try there link you provided.

  15. Do you have to have a smart TV. To get the fire stick.

  16. Hi Deborah,

    The Fire TV Stick will work on any TV that has a working HDMI input, whether it’s smart or not.

  17. Yes, you can.

  18. Hi Timothy… No. It’s not illegal at all.

  19. Is jail breaking fire stick illegal?

  20. Does it coat extra to add channels like AMC and FX? Also, would i be able to watch current episodes of a series such as The Walking Dead?

  21. Hi Mendy,

    You can get AMC and FX from within a few different Kodi TV addons, some for pay and others unlicensed and free. It might seem like a contradiction at first, but depending on your location, you should probably use a cheap, specialized Kodi VPN when accessing the free versions. Check the KFire TV front page for more up-to-date articles, where you’ll even find the Kodil repository with Exodus. I know I’ve seen what’s available so far of season 8 of the Walking Dead in there.

  22. I like Live TV, abc,cbs,nbc,cw,tv land, etc. i have a fire stick. Which one should i use.

  23. Can I get Chicago Cubs baseball games using the fire stick?

  24. ii need to know if you can receive fox news station and fox business stations also on demand

  25. will i get local channels? i also like nascar, will i get that too?

  26. Pixl Channel, TCM, TBN, Halmark Nat GEO, BBC, SY FY, PUB. TV, NBC, CBS, FOX News,

    ABC Fam, & ABC. Are they available using fire stick and my TV?

  27. Yes, as long as you have the right add-on or streaming app, the world is your oyster.

  28. can you get arabic channels?

  29. Yes, with the right add-on or streaming app, you should have no problem getting channels from that region.

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KFire TV Author

May 10, 2024

KTVFire is the creative force behind the engaging and informative content on With a deep passion for all things related to streaming, entertainment, and technology, KTVFire has dedicated years to exploring the ever-evolving world of Kodi, Fire TV Stick, and cutting-edge streaming solutions.

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