How to Setup 4000+ IPTV Channels on Firestick Using TiviMate

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I found this IPTV player on Firestick (TiviMate Firestick) that actually gives you access to over 4000 FREE Live TV Channels on Firestick.

NOTE: After installing TiviMate, you must add the Fluxus IPTV Playlist.

  • Cost: Free
  • Skill level required: Beginner
  • Time to install: 5 Minutes

How to Setup 4000+ IPTV Channels on Firestick Using TiviMate

TiviMate is a Live TV player app that works on Firestick. Fluxus is a list of Live TV channels.

By putting the two together, TiviMate + Fluxus IPTV includes over 4000 Live.

  • Movie channels
  • Tivimate Premium channels
  • Live Sports channels
  • News channels – and everything else.

So let’s go ahead and check out this amazing TiviMate Firestick app (aka TVMate).

Note for Android Phone / Tablet Users: The IPTV playlist I show you in this video also works on touchscreen devices by using the Simple IPTV Player or OTT Navigator apps instead of Tivi Mate (see download links further down this page).

tivimate firestick fluxus tv iptv

How to Install TiviMate & Setup Fluxus TV

So how to set this all up? Not to worry, we’ve got the steps to install TiviMate broken down for you below. Just follow along and you’ll be up and running in no time. To install TiviMate and set up Fluxus TV:

Step 1: Install TiviMate

  1. Install APKTime using my easy tutorial video
  2. Then launch APKTime, search for “tivimate” and press Download
  3. After the TiviMate APK downloads, you just press Install.
  4. Then press Open to launch the TiviMate app.            

Now that you launched TiviMate for Firestick / Android, follow the steps below to set up IPTV Firestick Channels.

Step 2: Setup Fluxus TV

Here’s how to set up IPTV on Firestick using the TiviMate app in combination with the Fluxus TV IPTV playlist.

By the way, if the Add Playlist button in TiviMate’s home screen isn’t responding, then you can also press the three-line button on the Amazon fire stick remote (the menu/settings button). This brings up the settings for TV mate – and from there you just go to Settings, and then go to Playlist, then Add Playlist.

  1. Now that TiviMate is open, hit that button that says Add Playlist.
  2. Go to Enter URL
  3. Enter this address here (by the way this address is case-sensitive): OR
  4. Then click Next
  5. Press Next one more time
  6. Now TVMate says Playlist is Processed. Then just go ahead and hit Next one more time
  7. Then hit Done
  8. Now we should see thousands of channels on the main screen!
iptv firestick

Is TiviMate Any Good?

Of course, TiviMate is good. In fact, it’s an excellent service. That’s why we have put up this article.

Currently, it has two versions that you can download and install on your Fire devices.  First is the free version that offers limited features and services without charging you anything. The second is called the premium version.

Further, the premium version costs nearly 5 bucks a year to unlock the premium features and service. You can also get the premium TiviMate service for life by spending almost $20. Now, the question is, which version of TiviMate will be most suitable for you?

Now, listen up to the experts! We strongly suggest going with the TiviMate premium yearly plan. Why? Because why not. For spending just a 5-dollar bill, you get excellent premium features along with 4000+ channels. These will be the best five dollars you will spend all year. There are many other reasons to go with its premium plan.

For example, just the sheer amount of customization you get for spending 5 bucks is totally worth it. With the help of a premium plan, you play around with the menus, change logo sizes, change text sizes, and add transparency. These customizations really add to the overall TiviMate experience.

Firestick IPTV

In the video above, I show you how to install these great Firestick Live TV apps:

  1. TiviMate (shown in the video above)
  2. Freeflix TV (
  3. LiveLounge (use APK Time to install Live Lounge Firestick APK using this video: )

Install TiviMate Companion App via Google Play Store

 Before you install TiviMate premium on your device, you need to register for an account with the help of the TiviMate companion app. However, keep in mind. The TiviMate Companion app is only available on the official Google Playstore. This means trouble if you don’t have an android device.

Just kidding, if you don’t have an android device, you can install it with the help of android emulators like BlueStacks, Nox player, or any other.

In case you’re using any generic Android TV box via stock Android, TiviMate Companion is available for installation via Google Playstore. However, devices running Android TV OS such as Nvidia Shield don’t factory include this application. You have to set up an account on an android phone, tablet, or via Bluestacks. After installation, here’s how you can set up your account.

  1. Open Google Playstore, search for TiviMate companion, and hit enter.
  2. Select the very first app and click install.
  3. Wait a few moments as the app downloads and installs. This shouldn’t take long.
  4. Once installed, click open the app. Then click on the Account option in the center of the screen.
  5. Enter the login credentials that you would like to use and hit Create Account
  6. On the next screen, you will be prompted for a subscription. Click Buy Subscription and enter your payment details.

Viola! Your registration is now complete. You can log in to TiviMate now. Be sure to write down your login details so that you can sign into the app next time.

Login to TiviMate

In order to access the premium login page, first, you have to add a Channel to Favorites and then follow us along. Don’t worry,  it’s a very straightforward process. Follow this step by step guide:

  1. First of all, click on the Menu button (with 3 straight lines) on your remote control.
    (Note: you can also long-press the Select or OK button to access these options)
  2. Click the Next option
  3. Select Account
  4. Enter your Login credentials. These are the same details you created in the last section. Click Log in.
  5. Enter your device name. You can choose any name. Afterward, click on the Activate button.
  6. Lastly, click on the OK button to complete the login process.

That’s it. You are now all set. Once you log in, you will have unrestricted access to the app. You can then enjoy all the premium features to enhance your live streaming experience.

How to Use TiviMate

  • Hit the back button on the Firestick remote and it’ll take you back to the Channel categories. Note: you have to hit the back button twice in fact
  • Then from the Channel categories, you can select a channel to watch.
  • After you’re watching a channel, you can switch channels just like on a normal TV remote
  • In addition to that, you can press the left and right buttons on the Firestick remote to browse through channels without changing the channel you’re currently watching
Tivimate Logo

Alternatives to TiviMate (IPTV Firestick apps):

If you…

  • have problems installing TiviMate
  • or if you have a touchscreen device (such as an Android phone or tablet)
  • or if you want to bypass the TiviMate Premium restriction for adding multiple playlists
  • then use the apps directly below instead of (or in combination with) TiviMate for Firestick / Fire TV!
Tivimate The best IPTV Player Logo

Tip: Use the Downloader app or ES File Explorer app to download the TiviMate Alternatives below.

Simple IPTV Player (APK)

I successfully tested the Simple IPTV Player Android app on my Android phone in combination with the Fluxus IPTV playlist.

Download Simple IPTV Player using this address:

OTT Navigator (APK)

I used OTT Navigator successfully on my Google Pixel 3 Android phone with the Fluxus IPTV playlist.

Download OTT Navigator here:

TiviMate Premium APK

The only work-around I know of for getting the TVMate Premium APK is to also install a completely different app like Tivimate which does the same thing. One such app that I tested successfully on Firestick is Simple IPTV Player. The address for that is above.

The TiviMate Premium cost is around $5/year for 5 devices.

Use a VPN with TiviMate to Protect Yourself!

IMPORTANT: I strongly recommend that you consider protecting your information by using a VPN.

There are a lot of VPN services out there, and that can make the search a bit daunting. I’ve done a lot of research to find the best option for you, and have become a really huge fan of IPVanish VPN.

If you use our IPVanish VPN link, you’ll get a pretty huge discount on their service, and you’ll also help support the work we do over here at absolutely no extra cost to yourself (some fantastic savings, actually).

We’d appreciate it!

Aside from protecting your sensitive personal information and browsing history from hackers and shady companies, you’ll also be able to access the geo-restricted content on streaming services like Netflix, essentially unlocking a whole secret library of films and TV shows.

Be wary of free VPN services, as they often make their money on the back end by selling or “leaking” the personal information that they claim to protect.

What’s on the TiviMate Firestick App

Let’s just take a quick look at the Firestick TiviMate app. There are hundreds of USA channels – and if you go back to the main menu with all of the categories in it then you can see the international categories, the USA Live TV channel categories, and more.

As you can see the program guide doesn’t have information for each channel.

Then after it downloads you just hit install.

TiviMate Details & Features

Let’s take a look at the features and unique aspects of TiviMate.

User Interface

As soon as you log in, you instantly notice its distinctive user interface. It’s very unique and different from what other IPTV apps are providing. Besides, as per our experience, it works flawlessly. We didn’t notice any glitches, weak spots, or useless features while navigating the app.

Its menu bar is on the left and lists down all the “Groups.” Groups are the in-app name for your Playlist Categories. You can hide, remove, or manage them all within the Settings option. This is a very intuitive way to remove any unwanted Channel list that you don’t need anymore.


 IPTV services can be a bit uncertain at times. You never know when a free service may go down. That’s why we always recommend keeping a backup for your Live TV service. TiviMate offers a unique opportunity to help with that. It lets you integrate multiple Playlists within the app itself.

This essentially means you can combine two (or even more) services into one, whenever you want. It’s a great way to manage your favorites across platforms. PS: it also ensures the availability of IPTV services all the time.


Usually, apps are very hard to navigate using a remote. Not TiviMate! Its navigation via remote is a real breeze. For instance, if you’re using Amazon Firestick, below are available buttons and what actions they perform:

  • Select– Opens different channels.
  • Back– Returns to Guide or Shows Groups
  • Right– Scrolls to the Next Program
  • Left– Scrolls to the Previous Program
  • Up– Scrolls Up through channels.
  • Down – Scrolls Down through various channels
  • Rewind – Scrolls Up without changing a channel.
  • FastForward – Scrolls Down without changing a channel

Channel Options

When you’re playing a channel, tapping the select button on your device remote opens up various options. As you can see below:

Here you can check your recently viewed channels. There’s an option to Quick select as well. You can also re-open the TV Guide as your current channel plays in the background.

Groups (errr… Playlist Categories)

Groups are another very distinctive feature in TiviMate. Knowing how to use it to your advantage can greatly enhance your streaming experience. In order to edit a Group, open the TV Guide, tap the Menu button on your remote control and then select the Group options:

Afterward, select the Manage Groups option.

You can switch the toggle off to remove any unwanted Group.

As you must have noticed, only the highlighted groups appear on the left-hand side menu bar. You can also adjust the order of these groups if you want. To do this, click Manage positions in the Sorting menu.

You can also change group positions if you want. We suggest using the Favorites Tab for a more personal and customized experience. You should also add your most viewed channels into the Favorites tab. This way, you can control all the navigation features through a single click on a Favorite channel.

Adding To Favorites

Like any great app, there are several ways to perform an action. So, you can add a channel to your Favorites in more than one way.

  1. While playing a channel, long click and then select the “Add to Favorites” option at the bottom.
  2. Press the Menu button on the TV Guide and then select the “Add to Favorites” option that opens up on the right-hand side of the menu. You can also use it to add multiple channels simultaneously.


With the app’s settings, there are some interesting options worth a look. For instance, you can enable the confirmation prompt prior to leaving the app. This feature protects against unintentionally shutting down the app. In addition, notice the auto-update option for your TV Guide. We suggest enabling it as well. So that your TV guide stays up to date. Parental controls are also available.

You can set up a PIN to restrict access to the TV guide, Group options, Playlists, and others. Check out all these features so that you can customize its experience to your liking. This way, you can get the most bang for your bucks.

IPTV Playlists (.m3u links) for Live TV, Radio & Movies:

I did quite a bit of searching for IPTV playlists. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any good ones other than the Fluxus TV M3U playlists below. The playlists below are great! But I wish we had more options.

Just google “Fluxus IPTV” to go to the Fluxus TV homepage to see more IPTV lists (for different languages, updated lists, etc).

Fluxus IPTV (as shown in video)

The Fluxus IPTV playlist enables you to watch live TV channels and it has over 4000 options. It’s pretty amazing. or

Fluxus Cinema (Movies) English

The Fluxus Cinema M3U playlist has Movies! This includes in-theater movies and other categories.

Fluxus Radio

Like Sirius or XM Radio, these TV channels have music radio playing 24/7 for Firestick / Android devices, and Amazon Fire TV.

What’s in the IPTV M3U lists above?

The IPTV, Movies, and Music lists above include the following (+ more!):

– Over 4000 live TV channels

– Live TV channels

– Premium movie channels

– International TV channels

How to Record IPTV with TiviMate

Another excellent feature of TiviMate is the ability to record IPTV. You can record your program either to a connected PC or an Android device (if it has enough storage). You can also record to a Firestick, but there’s one problem. Usually, Amazon’s Fire devices don’t have enough storage. Therefore, you have to attach an external storage device such as a USB for storage purposes.

That said, TiviMate doesn’t just offer you an IPTV recording feature. You can schedule a recording as well if you want. When scheduling, the app asks you to preset a recording time for the app. This way, the app automatically detects and records your program when it plays. So you never miss out on your favorite shows. Watch your favorite program whenever you want.!

Think that’s all you can do with TiviMate? Think again! This fantastic app goes one step even further. It allows you to schedule multiple recordings simultaneously. As long as you have enough storage space, you can schedule multiple recordings at the same time. The app will do its thing without any further prompt.

We will go into details of how you can do just that (and more) in our video tutorial that is coming very soon. Watch this space!

Overall, TiviMate offers unlimited possibilities whether you’re recording your favorite IPTV or just playing around with features. Because of these features, smooth navigation, and lighting fast streaming speeds, TiviMate is slowly becoming our favorite IPTV streaming app. And we’re sure it will become yours, too. Give it a shot.


Is TiviMate safe to use?

Of course, TiviMate is safe to install and use on your Firestick and other Android devices.

Is TiviMate legal?

Tivimate is 100% legal to use. That’s why its app is available on all major app stores. Thus, unlike software like Xtream codes, it won’t cause legal issues for you.

Should I use a VPN?

Initially, when you’re integrating TiviMate with your IPTV service, you need to turn off your VPN. This is because a VPN can interfere with the settings. Once the app integration is complete, we suggest turning it back on. So that it continues to protect your privacy.

The best VPN for Fire TV and Fire TV Stick owners is IPVanish, and you can get it for 60% off right here. That comes to only 4 dollars and change each month for the most secure VPN available anywhere.

Click here to get started right away.

Is TiviMate Free?

Yes, TiviMate is free! You can download it without spending anything. But the free version offers limited features.

Are there any ads during or before the streams?

Yes, the free version shows ads.

Is there a Premium Version?

Yes, the premium version of TiviMate costs approximately $5 a year.

What are the differences (if any) between the Free and Premium Version?

There are major differences between the two. We’re only listing down a few to give you some idea:

  • Support for multiple playlists
  • Favorite Programs Management
  • Customizable TV guide and update intervals
  • Customizable Panels transparency and timeout feature
  • Manual channel sorting
  • Auto frame rate (AFR)
  • Hide Groups feature
  • Turn on the last channel on the app start feature.

Is there an official TiviMate website?

Unfortunately, no. There’s no official TiviMate website.

What other devices will this app work on?

Tomate works on all Android supported devices, including Amazon’s Fire lineup.

What’s the minimum Android version required to run this app?

You need Android version 5.0 or above for TiviMate to work flawlessly.

Bonus: Taking A Look At Tivimate Troubleshooting

TiviMate works well out of the box, but some users may have various problems without the correct configuration. Moreover, TiviMate is a “resource-intensive” program that requires a unique configuration to run on smaller devices.

Troubleshooting Tivimate

TiviMate, as previously said, works great straight out of the box. However, it is not for everyone. Thus, its configuration should be according to the piece of hardware you will install it on. 

For example, you might not experience any problems on a high streaming device like the Amazon Fire TV Cube or Nvidia Shield Pro. 

Utilizing the Best Configuration

TiviMate saves EPG data over many days by default.  Because most IPTV providers offer more than 1,000 channels, this data might take up a lot of space on your gadget. In addition, cord-cutters often only need to preserve EPG data for one day. To alter this setting, take these steps:

  1. Launch Tivimate.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Choose EPG from the various options.
  4. Change this to 1 in “previous days to maintain EPG”

There is another setting that you need to alter based on your provider. Thus, you must update when the computer starts up. When you enable this option, TiviMate will automatically adjust your EPG instructions when you launch it. This ensures that the EPG data is up-to-date.

Key Takeaway

You might be surprised to learn that TiviMate has very few configurations that need an update. It isn’t much you can do to fix TiviMate if we are being honest. The primary rationale for this is that TiviMate is an IPTV player and nothing more.

Your IPTV company or your present internet configuration is to blame for your issues. Tracing and obtaining your network baseline is a straightforward procedure to follow. This is useful for debugging internet problems. You have no idea what you’re going to receive without a baseline.


 TiviMate is not for the faint of the heart or novice streamers. You need to follow a meticulous step-by-step procedure to operate it smoothly. You have to be keen on even the smallest details. But, once you’re done. The IPTV experience this app offers is totally worth your efforts and time. We particularly love how TiviMate updates EPG on a regular basis. You can also Catch Up or add content to your Favorites if you want.

Not to mention, you can create Groups and play around with customization. These unique features keep you up to date with your favorite shows if you ever come to miss them. We hope the instructions, step-by-step procedures, tips, and tricks mentioned in this guide will prove useful.

In order to ensure you have a smooth installation, we suggest bookmarking this page so that you can refer back to it whenever needed.

That’s all for now.

Thank you for reading!

Ian (KFire TV Admin)
Ian (KFire TV Admin)

I run this website! My purpose here is to help people stream great content to their devices. With over 10 years of IT experience, I strive to educate the people who visit this site with the best, most up-to-date information available. If an article on this site helped you, then help me back by leaving a comment on my YouTube channel. Or subscribe to our mailing list for streaming add-on updates and a 60% off VPN coupon code.

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