This guide shows you how to quickly & easily install APKTime latest version on Firestick and Android devices (including Android TV!).  I uploaded the latest version of APKTime and made a short link so you can install the latest APK Time app easily with Downloader for Firestick.

UPDATE:  The latest version of APKTime is APK Time v2.2Download APKTime 2.2 by entering into the Downloader app for Firestick, or click here to instantly download the APK file.

RELATED:  The best alternative to APKTime is Aptoide TV.  To install Aptoide TV, just enter into Downloader.

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How to Install APK Time Latest Version on Firestick

  1. Get the Downloader app for Firestick

    Use Downloader to get APKTime on Firestick

    The Downloader app shown in the Firestick search screen

  2. Enter the address into the Downloader app for Firestick

    Enter the address into Downloader

  3. Press “Install” after your Firestick downloads APKTime
  4. Then press “Open” to launch APK Time for Firestick

Finally, scroll down a bit check out the “How Do I Use APKTime..” section below to install great apps.

How to Install APKTime Latest Version on Android TV / Phone / Tablet

  1. Open the web browser on your Android deviceHow to Install Google Chrome on All Operating Systems
  2. Enter the address into your Android device’s web browser
  3. Launch the downloaded file
  4. Press “Install
  5. Then press “Open” to launch APKTime

After APK Time is open, use the section below to install apps using APK Time.

How do I Use APK Time to install apps?

  1. Launch APKTime
  2. Select a category like Top APKs
  3. Press the DOWNLOAD button for whichever app you want to download
  4. Wait a few minutes for the new app to download
  5. Press “Install
  6. Then press “Open” to launch the newly-installed app
  7. Enjoy the best apps for Firestick and Android!

Old Versions of APKTime

APKTime v1.9 can be downloaded here (but it no longer works)

APKTime 2.1 can be downloaded here (and still seems to work, even though APK Time v2.2 is the latest version)

APKTime Orange is just the Orange-themed version of the app

and APKTime Black is simply the Black-themed version of the app (for “Dark-mode”)