APKTime APK: Download Latest Version 2.2 + Easy Install Apps on Firestick & Android TV

Looking for Firestick Apps? Then this is the right guide for you! Use the steps below to install the APKTime App Store for Firestick now.

This guide shows you how to quickly & easily install APKTime’s latest version on Firestick and Android devices (including Android TV!).  I uploaded the latest version of APKTime and made a short link so you can install the latest APK Time app easily with Downloader for Firestick.

UPDATE: The latest version of the app is APK Time v2.2Download APKTime 2.2 by entering http://bit.ly/apktime22 into the Downloader app for Firestick, or click here to instantly download the APK file.

RELATED:  The best alternative to APKTime is Aptoide TV. To install Aptoide TV, just enter http://bit.ly/a323kftv into Downloader.

TVCola LITE: The TVCola app is like APKTime but has an easy-to-use “TVCola Lite” section, which has ONLY the best Firestick apps.

Wolf’s APKTime:  There’s a “forked” version of APK Time called Wolf’s APKTime. Here’s the download link for that:  http://bit.ly/wolfapktime

What is APKTime? 

First, we’ll give you a quick summary of what APKs are. If you’ve used an Android operating system before, you’ve probably used an app downloaded from either the Google Play Store or elsewhere. An APK is basically any Android-developed app that you can download! 

The special thing about APKs is that they aren’t limited to just one marketplace, like iOS apps. You can download APKs from websites and other mediums, which is where APKTime comes into play. 

If you’re looking to download any Android apps, if you install APKTime on FireStick it can serve as your hub for all things APK. With this app, you’ll always stay up to date on the best FireStick and Android streaming APKs. There is a ranking system for apps based on user feedback, news involving releases and updates, and more. 

The real value is how easy it makes the choice of what to download onto your FireStick. There are so many options out there that it can be overwhelming—APKTime solves this problem by laying it all out for you. 

In part, APKTime is sort of like an alternative to the Google Play Store in that it offers a vast array of great apps for you to download—all in one place! The great thing about APKTime is its diverse offerings. You can find many other types of apps than just streaming, like sports-related, adult, family-oriented, and more. 

So, we’re going to give you a complete guide to downloading, setting up, and using APKTime on your FireStick.

You can download it through the Downloader app or with this Filelinked code: 67664537

Why you need APKTime for FireStick and Android?

There are many reasons that you should download APKTime for your entertainment system. Having APKTime is almost guaranteed to enhance your experience in many ways, opening up hundreds of more options for apps to download!

It’s easy to install APKTime on FireStick, and it really serves as a one-stop-shop for any apps you might want. Since its rankings and news about the best apps are updated regularly, you’ll always be in the loop. Installing apps has never been easier, and you can do it all without the Google Play Store as the middleman.

To get the most out of your APKTime experience, there are a few things that you should have in mind. It might not run perfectly at the beginning if some boxes aren’t checked. To combat and prevent any crashes or performance issues, here’s a list of some things you should be aware of before using APKTime:

  • If you’re using a VPN, make sure to turn it off before you use APKTime. It has been known to cause some performance issues if it’s left on.
  • Make sure your OS is Android 3.0 or higher before using it.
  • If your system crashes, a quick fix is clearing the cache data.
  • Otherwise, if it doesn’t work you might have installed a previous version of the app. Check to see if it’s up to date.
  • If nothing else works upon a crash, restart your FireStick or Android device and you should be good to go!


There are so many great reasons to have APKTime on your FireStick or Android system. Here’s a quick overview of APKTime’s best features:

  • Consistent updates to the app, ensuring bug fixes are on time and it runs great. 
  • Additionally, the apps in APKTime receive automatic updates.
  • User-friendly and smooth interface, so there won’t be hitches navigating the app.
  • To install APKTime on FireStick is painless and super quick—eliminating annoying wait times!
  • A vast library of apps and categories, like sports, music, games, adult, and streaming.
  • The app is 100% free of cost, with no ads.

APKTime has so many amazing features that it can be hard to keep track! On your end, you’ll be able to enjoy them all for free.

How to Install APK Time APK (Latest Version) on Firestick

Use my Youtube tutorial video (below) or the written APK Time Installation steps just below the video.

YouTube Tutorial on How to Install APKTime on Firestick

Step-by-Step Instructions to Install APKTime on Firestick

  1. Get the Downloader app for Firestick
Use Downloader to get APKTime on Firestick
The Downloader app shown in the Firestick search screen
  • Enter the address http://bit.ly/apktime22 into the Downloader app for Firestick
  • Enter the address into Downloader
  • Press “Install” after your Firestick downloads the APKTime APK
  • Then press “Open” to launch APK Time for Firestick
  • Quickly install a VPN app on your Firestick to secure your data and fix Firestick issues
  • Finally, scroll down a bit and check out the “How Do I Use APKTime..” section below to install great apps.

    How to Install APKTime Latest Version on Android TV / Phone / Tablet

    1. Open the web browser on your Android deviceHow to Install Google Chrome on All Operating Systems
    2. Enter the address http://bit.ly/apktime22 into your Android device’s web browser
    3. Launch the downloaded file
    4. Press “Install
    Google Play Store Install button
    Press INSTALL to install APKTime for Android
  • Then press “Open” to launch APKTime
  • After APK Time is open, use the section below to install apps using APK Time.

    How do I Use APK Time to install apps?

    1. Launch APKTime
    2. Select a category like Top APKs
    The "Top APKs" category in APKTime to watch Game of Thrones Free on Firestick
    Choose the “Top APKs” category
  • Press the DOWNLOAD button for whichever app you want to download
  • Download button in APKTime
    The Download button looks like this
  • Wait a few minutes for the new app to download
  • Press “Install
  • Then press “Open” to launch the newly-installed app
  • Enjoy the best apps for Firestick and Android!
  • Old Versions of APKTime

    • APKTime v1.9 can be downloaded here (but it no longer works)
    • APK Time 2.1 can be downloaded here (and still seems to work, even though APK Time v2.2 is the latest version)
    • APK Time Orange is just the Orange-themed version of the app
    • APK Time Black is simply the Black-themed version of the app (for “Dark-mode”)

    Is APKTime Safe?

    Since some of the apps on APK Time offer free unlicensed TV Shows and Movies, we strongly recommended that you utilize an encrypted VPN when streaming in order to remain anonymous. An encrypted VPN will hide your location, identity, and activities from corporations, hackers, or government organizations. The VPN service will help to protect you from being tracked for streaming things that could potentially be illegal, as your streaming activity is sometimes monitored.

    As an added bonus, a good VPN will allow you to access region-blocked content on some of the most popular streaming apps. Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube all have content that is hidden from certain countries. A VPN will help you get around that!

    Choosing a VPN can be difficult. Many are overpriced, and too many of the free ones are tracking and harvesting your data. We’ve carved out an exclusive discount for our readers with our favorite VPN service.

    Again, we really recommend you pick something as a measure to protect yourself from getting in trouble streaming with the great apps on APKTime. If you need a little help, this guide will show you how to install a VPN on any device.

    Filelinked Codes (Alternative)

    On a related note, another great way to install apps on your Android or Firestick is to use Filelinked (aka “DroidAdmin”).

    My Filelinked code is 66575558.

    With this code, you can install some great Firestick apps!

    How to Use Filelinked

    Basically you just install FileLinked, then check out and input the Best DroidAdmin Codes list I made for you.

    Aptoide TV (Alternative)

    If you like APK Time APK for Firestick & Android, then you’ll love Aptoide TV.

    Install Aptoide on Firestick

    To get Aptoide on your Firestick, just enter the address http://bit.ly/a323kftv into the Downloader app for Firestick.

    Install Aptoide on Android

    Or to install Aptoide on Android, just open your Android’s web browser and enter http://bit.ly/a323kftv.

    Install TVCola on Firestick

    Open the Downloader app on Firestick and enter the address tvcola.com/get

    Wolf’s APK Time

    Wolf's APKTime
    Check out Wolf’s APK Time

    The Wolf APK Time app is an alternative to APKTime, with a different selection of apps.

    Personally, I don’t see what’s different about Wolf’s APK Time that’s not in the original app.

    But if you want to check it out anyway, I conveniently made this quick download link for you: http://bit.ly/wolfapktime

    List of Trending APKs

    Check out APKTime.com for the list of trending free APKs. Here’s a quick sample of some APKs that are trending (at the time this article was written).

    APKTime Trending
    APKTime Trending Apps

    And here’s a list of the current reigning champs:

    Top 10 Free Android APKs
    Sports TV
    Cinema APK
    Solex TV APK
    DofuStream APK
    Cyberflix TV APK
    Mediabox V1 APK
    Filelinked APK
    Catmouse APK
    Live NetTV

    Make sure to go to see the most current list of apps!

    APKTime PIN Code

    The APK Time app has a pin code for the Adult section and for the Graveyard section.

    What is the APKTime Adult PIN? 

    If you’re looking for adult content in the APKTime app, you’ll need a pin to access it. This is so that certain results might not show up when you don’t want them to. So, here is the code you’ll need to access adult movies, shows, and more: 6969.

    What is the APKTime Graveyard PIN? 

    Sometimes, situations will arise in which you might need an older version of a certain app. This version won’t pop up regularly, so you’ll have to do a bit of digging.

    Luckily, there’s a pin that can give you access to older, outdated apps. The pin for this is: 1212.

    APKTime APK

    To direct download the APKTime APK, you have at least 3 options:

    1. Enter the address tvcola.com/apktime into the web browser of any Android device or Amazon Firestick
    2. Or go to TVCola’s app page and then click Download APK
    3. Download the APK and then Sideload the APK Time app to your Firestick from your Android device

    Top Apps Available on APKTime 

    So, once you install APKTime on FireStick, you should know about the current top apps to get. There’s a great selection of streaming apps that you can now access!

    Here’s a quick list of our readers’ favorite apps to use with APKTime for FireStick:

    • Kodi
    • Cetus Play
    • Movie HD
    • Megabox HD
    • TV Zion
    • Morpheus TV
    • Popcorn Time
    • Anime Droid
    • Stremio
    • Cyberflix
    • Typhoon TV
    • Tubi TV
    • Cinema HD
    • Media Box
    • File Linked
    • Bee TV
    • Mobdro

    These are the best apps to use for a range of purposes with APKTime. You can stream shows, watch free movies, catch sports games, and more with these great apps. 

    APK Time for Roku

    Unfortunately, APK Time is not able to be installed directly onto a Roku, since Roku uses a completely different operating system than Amazon Fire TV (which basically runs on a modified version of Android TV OS).

    However – you can CAST from smartphone to Roku.

    Therefore, you can get APK Time on Roku by following these steps:

    1. Install APK Time on your smartphone
    2. Use APK Time to install apps on your smartphone
    3. Then launch whichever app on your smartphone that you’d like to see on your Roku
    4. Lastly, cast from your smartphone to Roku by pressing the “Cast” button in the corner of the screen

    It’s probably much easier just to get an Amazon Firestick and install APK Time on that.

    APKTime Alternative

    These are the best APK Time alternative app stores available for Firestick, Android TV, and other Android devices in 2020:

    • TVCola is a new appstore for Firestick that has a quick-access “TVCola lite” section. This contains only the best, updated, working Firestick apps.
    • FileLinked is an app that lets people create their own lists of downloadable apps. After someone makes a list of apps, they get a CODE to send out. So google “Filelinked codes” to see the best Filelinked codes available, or just use the TVCola Lite Filelinked code, which is 66575558.
    • Aptoide TV is an “older” appstore for Firestick and Android TV. Back in the Firestick hay day, Aptoide TV was a fan favorite.
    • Downloader is a free app in the Firestick app store that lets you download any file from any given Address. For example, you can launch the Downloader app and enter the address tvcola.com/beetvapk to install BeeTV on Firestick quickly!

    APKTime for Windows

    The APK Time APK is not available to install directly on Windows. BUT – you can install an Android emulator on Windows to install APK Time on Windows and use it to install, launch, and run excellent third-party Firestick / Android apps.


    Since Windows is a completely different operating system than Android OS / Fire OS, the actual APK Time installer file is not openable by Windows.

    So here’s what you do to get APKTime for Windows:

    1. Install an Android emulator on your Windows computer. Three of the best Android emulators are: Bluestacks, NoxPlayer, and MEMu Play.
    2. Inside the Android emulator, launch the web browser.
    3. Enter the address tvcola.com/apktime into the web browser
    4. Download / save the APK file.
    5. Launch the file
    6. Press INSTALL
    7. Then press OPEN to launch APK Time for Windows

    You’re done! You should now see the APK Time home screen on your x86 / x64 PC!

    APK Time FileLinked

    If you’re looking for a Filelinked code that lets you install APK Time, then use this Filelinked code:

    • 66575558

    The Filelinked code above shows you the APK Time app, which is in SECTION 3 of the Filelinked code. Section 3 is labeled “TOOLS, ETC”.


    APK Time Not Working

    If APK Time is not working for you, then don’t fear!

    We have several ways to fix it and at least a handful of alternatives.

    To fix APK Time, you can usually follow these steps to fix it:

    • Just Force Close the app from the Firestick Settings menu, then re-launch APK Time.
    • Or you can power cycle your Firestick by unplugging the power cord, waiting 30 seconds, and plugging it back in.
    • If the first two fixes didn’t work, then uninstall APK Time and re-install APK Time using the steps at the top of this page.

    Many Firestick users are unknowingly not connected to their WiFi network, so make sure you check that if you have APK Time, not working issues.

    APK Time Not Downloading Apps

    If APK Time is not downloading apps for you, then try these fixes:

    1. Restart the APK Time app by going to the Firestick Settings area – Applications – Manage Installed Applications. Then select APK Time, press Force Stop / Force Close, then press Launch application.
    2. Check the Firestick disk space that’s available. It’s possible your Firestick disk space is full.
    3. Re-install the APK Time app using the instructions higher up on this page

    Wrapping Up

    Despite the fact that there are several highly efficient platforms and apps for sideloading programs on the Android TV Box or Firestick, it’s generally preferable to download APK Time from one particular site.

    APK Time provides huge numbers of free applications of various types, and they are all accessible no matter where you are. The service is simple to use, and secure, and its APKs are consistently updated.

    As you have seen in this guide, downloading APK Time on your FireStick or Android TV box is fairly simple — as long as you understand what methods to perform. All you need to do is follow the procedures stated above in an exact manner.

    I hope you found this article useful in installing APK Time on your FireStick. This tutorial is applicable to all models of FireStick, including the FireStick 4K, as well as Android systems such as the Nvidia Shield, Android TV Box, and many others.

    Frequently Asked Questions about APK Time APK

    What exactly is APK Time?

    APK Time is an APK that allows you to download highly prominent applications that are not accessible in the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store.

    Which platforms are compatible with APK Time?

    APK Time app can be easily installed on a wide range of platforms, including the Firestick which is one of the most prominent streaming platforms on the market. People can also install it on Android TV Box and other platforms.

    Is it secure to install APK Time?

    Yes, upon verifying the original file using VirusTotal, APK Time is secure for installation. Although utilizing a reliable VPN to secure your privacy from third-party software and hackers is highly suggested.

    Is installing APK Time legal?

    Yes, the installation and usage of APK Time are completely lawful. Although some of the content given can be prohibited. So, to avoid unauthorized downloads, just view publically available films and TV programs.

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