This article shows you everything you need to know about the Downloader app.

What is Downloader?

Downloader is one of many apps that allow you to sideload Android executables (apks) onto your FireTV  or FireTV Stick.

What makes this a bit different from utilities that require you to use a code (such as FireDL) or CetusPlay (which has a physical list of apps from which to choose) is that Downloader allows you to download an apk directly from a website.

  Firestick Security warning: Your location is: (Ashburn, VA). Your trackable IP address is (
Hide Location

As long as the website has been updated, it will install the most up to date version of the apk.  This is something that neither FireDL nor CetusPlay can guarantee.

Downloader App Fire TV Firestick Screenshot APK Download

This is a screenshot of an APK file the Downloader app just downloaded to Fire TV or Firestick.

Built-In Browser

The Downloader app also has a built in browser, and it even has the option to turn on Javascript (it’s off by default) to address those that are concerns with malware issues.

Finally it also has the ability to delete the apk once you have finished installing, which is important for storage starved FireSticks.

Where to Get Downloader App

It can be downloaded from Amazon  or you can install it directly on the FireTV from Apps / Categories / Utility.

Input Devices to Control Downloader App

While it will certainly work with the FireTV remote, it is a lot easier to use with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

If you have a Firestick, then you’ll need a Bluetooth mouse / keyboard, since Firestick has no USB ports to plug a wireless 2.4GHz USB receiver into.

Alternately you can make the FireTV Remote work more like a mouse. See this YouTube video on the subject (one of several such videos, I might add).  Or see our install CetusPlay tutorial and use CetusPlay as a virtual mouse for your Firestick / Fire TV.


How Do I Use the Downloader App?

Using Downloader is easy; once it’s installed, launch the Downloader app.  Then..

  1. Insert the URL of the webpage you want to use.
  2. Then scroll down to the apk download link, click on it, and Downloader will handle it.
  3. Answer the various questions, and it will be installed.
  4. (Optional and Recommended) You can then delete the apk from your FireTV or Stick.

Apps That Downloader Can Handle

This list of “apps that Downloader can install / handle” is very far from complete; basically a webpage has an apk download link on it, Downloader may be able to handle it.

Google trackers are lurking on 75% of websites. Cover your tracks to protect yourself.

Note that Terrarium TV requires one of two media players; MX Player or VLC for Android (below).

  • MX Player can be found here
  • VLC Audio Player for Android can be found on Amazon or on the FireTV at Apps / Categories / Photo and Video

You can choose between either in the Settings menu.

Apps Fully-Tested on Firestick and Fire TV

The apps in the list above (Kodi, Mobdro, ShowBox, Terrarium TV) have been fully tested on Firestick and Fire TV.  Although Show Box requires that you install CetusPlay to use as a virtual mouse, all the other apps in the list above work great.