Fire TV is a great small device from Amazon that connects to your HDTV. Right now, Fire TV is the most popular way of enjoying a large variety of TV shows and movies.  Enjoy over 250,000 episodes of Netflix, HBO NOW along with music and games.  If you need to fix Fire TV screen zoomed in, then use this Fire Stick Zoom Out guide to get back to normal.  You’ll need your Fire Stick remote for this process.

Fire Stick Remote Required

Among the features of Amazon Fire TV there is a unique “Alexa” voice search feature.  This feature allows you to watch what you say out loud and begin enjoying right away. Name the show, movie anything and it shall play for you in seconds.

Fire TV Features

Then there is the expandable USB storage and a fast quad-core processor.  This processor allows the users to play the favorite and best-selling games like Crossy Roads, Minecraft and Games of Thrones etc. You don’t have to wait for your favorite shows to movies to buffer and get to know about your favorite shows and movies so you could enjoy them right away!

Kodi Security warning: Hide your location (Ashburn, VA) and IP address ( now.

Moreover, Fire TV makes you move your favorite apps so that the small screen can be freed for other uses.  Or simply mirror your tablet or smart phone to your TV, which can be accomplished by using the “Mirror my screen” feature on a smartphone. People who subscribe to Amazon receive unlimited access to the most popular TV shows and movies.  With the Prime Instant Video service, you get the HBO collection as well as the original TV shows along with Prime Music are all included.

Fire Stick Design Flaw

But there is an unfortunate mistake at the Amazon end of things.  Amazon removed the ability to adjust the display size on the screen, so users effectively cannot Fire stick zoom out. If users navigate to the Settings area of the Fire TV home screen, then “Calibrate Display” appears.  But there are no “Press up and down screen to zoom in and out of visible area” prompts up upon selecting that option. Users see only static arrows displayed, with a message advising to adjust zoom or overscan the TV setting.

Users found it annoying that the TVs were cropping the edges of the video output and there was no option available for zoom/overscan settings of the TV but there is a way of Fire stick zoom out.

If your TV is not completely displaying the Fire Tv screen, use this guide.  If you are not too sure how to Fire stick zoom out, don’t worry!  This tutorial shows you how to adjust the zoomed in Fire TV screen to Fire stick zoom out.  Use your Fire TV remote:

Fire Stick Zoom Out

  1. First of all, go down to the Settings from the home screen.
  2. Now select the Display and Sound option in the Settings menu.
  3. Select the option of Display in Settings menu.
  4. Select the option of Calibrate Display in the Display menu.
  5. Now use the up and down arrow keys on the remote so that the arrows line up the arrows with the edge of your Fire TV screen.
  6. These changes can be reset by undoing.
  7. Now select the Accept option so that the changes are applied.
  8. Return to the home screen of your Fire TV or Fire Stick.  You will see that the Fire stick Zoom out should now have taken effect.

If you had any trouble with this process, check out the KFire TV YouTube Channel for answers!


Fire Stick Zoom Out: How to Fix Fire TV Screen Zoomed In | KFire TV
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Fire Stick Zoom Out: How to Fix Fire TV Screen Zoomed In | KFire TV
Fire Stick Zoom Out: How to Fix Fire TV Screen Zoomed In: 1) Go to Settings, 2) Select Display & Sound, 3) Choose DISPLAY, 4) Select "Calibrate Display"
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KFire TV
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