My Firestick was running dangerously low on disk space until I did these easy Firestick / Fire TV disk space fixes.

Fire TV disk space Clean

Remember these? Let’s remove about 1000 of these worth of unused files from your Fire TV.

I started off with a measly 2.0 GB of free disk space on my Firestick.  But ideally, this should be at least 4GB for my purposes: using the Firestick as a downloader box.

After you clear disk space on your Firestick, you usually see an immediate performance increase (much smoother menu navigation, faster app launches, etc).

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There are tons of great reasons for increasing the amount of free disk space on your Firestick. First I’ll show you how to check your free space as you free up Fire TV disk space. After that, I’ll show you the three easy steps to free up more space:

Now that I finished the steps below, my Firestick has 5GB free space (up from 2GB!). Use the step-by-step guide below to maximize the amount of Fire TV disk space you have available.

First things first..

How to Check Firestick / Fire TV Disk Space

As you run through the How-To guide below this section, use these steps to check your Firestick disk space as you’re clearing it out. This way you can see how you’re doing at each step of the process.

    1. From the Fire TV home screen, go to Settings

      Settings on Firestick Home screen

      Go to Settings

    2. Then select Device

      Now select "Device"

      Select Device

    3. Now select AboutSelect "About"
    4. Then press the Down button on the Fire TV remote to select StorageChoose "Storage" to see Firestick / Fire TV disk space
    5. On your screen, the Firestick’s Internal Space is displayed.  Select "Storage" to see Fire TV Disk Space

How Much Storage Space Does Firestick Have?

Amazon Firestick has 5.57GB of Available storage space.

When is My Firestick / FireTV Disk Usage Low?

Once there’s less than 500MB of available storage space, the Fire TV OS warns you and tries to get you to clear disk space. At this time, the Firestick usually starts to bog down and perform like a snail.

What next?

Now that we know how to check our Firestick / Fire TV disk usage, we start the “cleaning” process. Since we checked our free disk space with the steps above, now we know exactly how much free space we currently have. At this point, simply follow the steps below to clear out as much free disk space on your Firestick or Fire TV as possible!

How to Free Up Firestick Disk Space

The steps below brought my Fire TV stick from 2GB of free space to 5GB of free disk space.

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Part A: Install and Run Clean Master

The free Clean Master app for Firestick and Fire TV cleans the device’s Memory, Cache, Residual files, and leftover APK files.

When I ran Clean Master on my Firestick, it gave me 750MB of extra space!

Clean Master for clearing Fire TV free disk space

Run Clean Master (free) to clear your first chunk of free Fire TV disk space

Result: Clean Master brought my Firestick up from 2.0GB of free space to 2.75GB free space.

Part B: Uninstall Apps You’re Not Using

On my Firestick, the biggest memory-hogging app was Kodi. Since I’m using my particular Firestick as a downloader box, I won’t need Kodi.

So I uninstall Kodi, which gives me 800MB more of free space on my Fire TV Stick. Lodi is another app I had installed, so I uninstalled that (600MB).


Uninstall any apps you’re not using, such as RetroArch for playing classic games on Firestick

I also uninstalled RetroArch (100MB), Show Box (80MB), Tablo (90MB), and some “Free IPTV” app I tried out (50MB).

Result: After removing all these apps, I now have 4.49GB of free space, out of a total 5.57 available space.  We’re doing better!

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My ultimate goal is to have around 5GB of free space so I can download a 4GB file to my Firestick and still leave enough room for the Fire TV OS to operate.

I ran Clean Master once more, but it didn’t give me any more free disk space at this point.

Part C: Remove Any Remaining Apps You’re Not Using & Clear App Data

At this point, I still had a handful of apps that were taking up around 50MB each.

Showbox Chromecast

I uninstalled Show Box to get some extra MBs of Firestick disk space

So I removed these apps and checked my Firestick free disk space again: 4.73GB of free space!

I’m almost to my 5.0GB goal. To free up that last 270MB of free space, I removed nearly the last of my non-system Firestick apps.

Finally I’m up to 4.84GB of Firestick free disk space. I left a few third-party apps installed (like Aptoide TV) for now, since I’ll be using them in a few minutes to install Terrarium TV. Terrarium TV is my current app of choice for downloading movies & TV shows (only Public Domain ones, of course!).

But if I removed Aptoide TV and the last of my non-system Fire TV stick apps, I would gain an additional 130MB or so.

This would put my just under the 5.0GB free disk space mark, landing me approximately at 4.97GB free disk space.

Result: I consider this a win, because 4.97GB is definitely enough to download a full HD movie file.

After I download my movie file, I can then easily transfer the large movie file to my 4 Terabyte external hard drive to immediately re-gain the free space on my Firestick (back to around 4.97GB to make room for another movie download!).

Part D (Optional): Install Terrarium TV to Download Movies to Firestick

Yes, you can install the awesome Terrarium TV app for Firestick and use it to download movies.

Terrarium TV for Firestick

Install Terrarium TV on Firestick using CetusPlay for Android / iOS

The Terrarium TV app is essentially an all-in-one media app that not only lets you stream movies, but also download them.

We know you would only use Terrarium TV to download Public Domain movies, which are free to download. But just in case “third parties” mistake the downloaded movie for copyrighted material, you should use a VPN to hide your identity from all third parties while downloading.

Kodi Pairing Issue After Fire TV Disk Space Clearing

If you use Kodi after clearing out the disk space on your Firestick / Fire TV and Kodi still says “Pairing” when you go to stream a movie, then try this Kodi pairing fix.

Live Net TV Firestick App

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