In this guide, I give you the USTV APK direct download link, as well as a tutorial on how to install USTV on Android and Firestick.

What is USTV for Firestick / Android?  USTV offers you the opportunity to view different United States television channels on your Android smartphone or tablets for free.

TIP:  To directly download the USTV APK, click here or enter this address into your browser or Downloader app:

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Features of USTV APK

  • It supports renowned USA television channels such as CNN US, CNN International, BBC News, BBC UK, with more channels to be uploaded on a daily basis. Popular international channels are also supported by us.
  • Automated update of new channels.
  • User channel is added manually.
  • It also manages favorite channels.
  • It also enable you to record your beloved television shows in real-time without compromising on the quality.
  • Can be shared with Facebook friends
  • Requires No Flash player
  • It has a cooler and high-tech appearance.
  • Full acceleration of hardware on Android 4.1 and onward, which enables you to watch television for a long time without recharging.
  • Addition of filter for image quality improvement.
  • Opportunity to upgrade to Pro version with the use of a promotion code.

USTV APK Download Link

Click on this link here to download directly this APK

Or insert the following in your downloader

How to Install USTV Firestick App

  1. Get the Downloader app by searching for “downloader” on your Firestick
  2. Enter the address into the Downloader app
  3. Press “Install” to install USTV on Firestick

USTV AD-Supported Version OR USTV Paid?

Enjoy the USTV APK 100% free of charge without issues but it is loaded with advertisements but these Ads can be removed with the use of premium features, and allow recording for monthly payment or one-time lifetime payments.


USTV will open connection to streaming server at TCP port 1935 (RTMP Protocol). If you are having issues with connecting with your internet provider, then getting a VPN is the best advice. IPVanish is the best choice for the streaming of contents online.

Note About Geoblocked IPTV Streams

Depending on your geographical location (see “Geoblocking” on wikipedia), some of the channels acquired from the internet may function while others may not work. You will need to use a VPN to ensure some of the channels work on your device.

The team at USTV APK is working diligently to ensure the channel list updates continuously, please do not expect a perfect level of performance for your cable television. Use of the USTV APK is free of charge. You need a higher volume of data traffic and this could lead to charges from your mobile operator. It is advisable to speak to your operator about pricing quotes. In a case of excess buffering, there is a likelihood that it might be caused by a slow internet connection, and the USTV may not be responsible for the slowness. It is recommended for you to make use of USTV through WiFi or unlimited 4G data plan. Thanks for your cooperation.

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