Firestick frozen?  Unfreeze Firestick now with this guide!  After you unfreeze your Firestick, go ahead and Jailbreak Firestick for all the best apps.

Amazon Firestick is a popular device to watch movies, TV shows, Sports and other kinds of entertainment on your smart TV. Its excellent price, long-lasting build materials, and higher usability make it a perfect device to use.

6 Ways to Unfreeze Firestick:

Firestick, after all, is a piece of technology, and technology is never flawless. That is why sometimes either due to the app running burden or various other facts, your Firestick freezes and stops working. Now, there is plenty of options to fix this issue. Let’s take a look at some of them.

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PRO TIP: Before we begin, I strongly recommend that you install a VPN on your Firestick to secure your personal data and fix Firestick issues.

1. Unplug Firestick For a While:

Unplug Firestick to unfreeze Firestick or Reset it

Just unplug the power of your Firestick and plug it back in. This forces a Firestick reset

Sometimes watching TV for longer periods of time and the background apps cause your Firestick to freeze and stop working. One thing you can do to restart your Firestick is by unplugging Firestick for a while.

Tip:  This is known as a “power-cycle” – when you unplug the device to force the power off and on again.

  • Unplug your TV and Firestick device and wait for 30 seconds.
  • Plug it again to start using. Enjoy!

But if you hate walking up to the Firestick to restart it, we have another method for you.

2. Restart With Remote:

Sideclick Remotes Attachment

Use your Remote to reset Firestick (the attachment shown here is the Sideclick accessory on Amazon)

Firestick remote is an all-in-one accessory. If your Firestick is stuck or frozen, just follow these steps.

  • Grab your Firestick remote, hold down the Select button and the play/pause button at the same time.
  • Hold for 5 to 10 seconds until you see your device powering off and restarting.

That was simple, wasn’t it? But what if you don’t have a Firestick remote? Well, then skip to #6 below

If you do have a Firestick remote and this method didn’t work for you, then try Method #3 below.

3. Restart From the Settings:

Settings on Firestick Home screen

Go to Settings on your Firestick to restart your Firestick

You can also restart your Frozen Firestick device from the Firestick Settings menu. This feature is mostly useful for the people who use their mobile phone in place of their remote to control Firestick. Here are the steps:

  • From your Firestick home screen, go to settings > device > restart.
  • Firestick will automatically restart within a couple of seconds.

So, these were some easy ways that you can follow to restart your Firestick device whenever it’s frozen or stuck. But remember, always put so much load on your Firestick that it can bear.

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Important: Firestick Security Note

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4. Hold Down the Home Button on the Firestick Remote

Why hold the Home button down to unfreeze Firestick?

This could unfreeze your Firestick for at least a few different reasons:

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to Starbucks WiFi. Secure your data.

Reason 1) Firestick Remote Became Unpaired

Sometimes the Firestick remote becomes un-paired from the Firestick itself. In this case, you can re-pair Firestick remote by holding down the HOME button on the Firestick remote for 10 seconds.

Reason 2) Your Firestick is Asleep

Firestick goes to sleep after awhile if there’s nothing happening. So your Firestick could just be asleep.

To wake up and unfreeze Firestick, two conditions must be met:

Your Firestick remote must have battery power remaining

AND your Firestick remote must be paired with your Firestick.

AND your Firestick must be asleep (not just Powered Off or unplugged)

Reason 3) An App Installed and/or Running on Your Firestick Caused a Glitch

Some apps (especially third-party APKs) are buggy and cause glitches. Also, the Firestick / Android operating system itself isn’t perfect.

Therefore, every now and then your Firestick will “run into a wall” and go black.

Sometimes when this happens, the Firestick will only respond to a certain button press, such as the Home button. To unfreeze Firestick, try holding down the Home button.

5. You Need to Remove a Specific App To Unfreeze Firestick

Many Firestick apps run constantly in the background, which consumes precious resources and causes Firestick to lag or freeze.

And some Firestick apps have outright memory leaks, which take RAM from your Firestick bite-by-bite until your Firestick is crawling like a turtle.

To see the apps that are running on Firestick, install a free app called Background Apps and Process List.

Then use that app to see what apps are running on your Firestick and Close Them All! If you need to unfreeze Firestick, this might be just the thing.

But to REALLY fix the problem, you should uninstall (“remove”) as many apps from Firestick as possible.

6. Control Firestick with Phone

You can control Firestick from your smartphone by installing one of a few different apps. This works for both Android and iOS.

This is important to unfreeze Firestick in case your Firestick is asleep AND you lost Firestick remote.

If you lost your Firestick remote and need to unfreeze Firestick, then watch this Youtube tutorial video:

The two big Firestick remote apps are:

Basically, here’s how you pair (or “connect”) a Firestick remote app to your Firestick:

First, install the Amazon Fire TV or CetusPlay app on your smartphone. Then..

  • Launch the app
  • Then connect the app to your Firestick
  • To see exactly how to do it, check out my Firestick remote app guide.

After that, you can control your Amazon Fire TV with your smartphone in various ways.

My favorite thing about this particular method to unfreeze Firestick is that the CetusPlay app works as a Bluetooth mouse (but operated by using your phone’s touchscreen like a touchpad mouse!).

If you’ve stuck with us so far, then hopefully you’ve managed to unfreeze Firestick. Congrats! Let us know what worked for you in the comments.