This step-by-step quick guide will show you how to find and install ES File Explorer Fire TV version. ES File Explorer has been instrumental for people who want to install Kodi.  This is because ES File Explorer gives us a proper file manager which should be included in the Fire TV anyway (mistake by Amazon?).  Either way, ES File Explorer lets us install Kodi on FireStick & Fire TV easily.

How to perform ES File Explorer Fire TV Install

ES File Explorer Fire TV Install

How to Find and Install ES File Explorer Fire TV:

  • Go to your Fire TV home screen (the Fire TV home screen – not the Kodi home screen!)
  • Use the Fire TV remote to go to “Search“, which is at the very top of the FireTV menu
  • Select “Search” to open the “Search” function
  • Using the FireStick / FireTV remote, enter “es file” into the Search box.
  • After you entered “es file” into the search box, select the “Enter” button to Search.
  • In the search results, you’ll see ES File Explorer
  • Select ES File Explorer in the search results
  • Choose Install to install ES File Explorer Fire TV
  • Click Open after the install has completed to launch ES File Explorer

What to do after you Install ES File Explorer on your Fire TV:




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Problems with ES File Explorer Fire TV Process?

Your Fire TV / FireStick should easily be able download ES File Explorer using the exact steps above.  This is because it’s in the Fire TV’s app store (which means it was officially “Okay’ed” by Amazon because it’s relatively bug-free).  So if you have any issues installing ES File Explorer, try these fixes:

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  1. Your network signal could be very low, causing the Download process to fail.  To fix this, check to make sure your router isn’t overheating.  If so, place a fan next to it to cool it down – then try again once the router is cool to the touch.
  2. The FireStick / Fire TV could be too low on storage space.  To fix this, Reset to Factory Settings.
  3. Your FireTV could have other file issues.  Once again, you can fix this by resetting to factory default settings.