How to Fix, Install Apps, and Watch Channels on Firestick

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The Amazon Firestick is one of the most exciting gadgets on the market right now. If you’re new to Fire TV or just want to get more out of your Firestick, then check out my articles and guides below.

I’ll help you get set up, install apps, fix common issues, and show you a few little-known tricks that will take your Firestick to the next level.

Help! My Firestick Stopped Working

Fix Firestick

Imagine falling into your couch at the end of a long day, turning on the television to relax with some Netflix, and suddenly you realize that your Amazon Firestick isn’t working. Maybe the remote isn’t responding, there’s no sound, or you have the dreaded blank screen.

No matter what the issue is, have no fear. I’ve broken down the most common problems that Firestick users run into, and shown you exactly how to fix them in simple, easy-to-follow steps. Even if you’re not exactly sure what the problem is, I’ll walk you through the steps to get you watching again in no time. I’ll show you how to:

  • Check your WiFi connection
  • Check your Physical (Wired) Connection
  • Troubleshoot your Fire TV Remote
  • Fix Audio Issues- Fix Image Issues
  • Turn on your Firestick

Get the most out of your Fire TV experience and spend less time troubleshooting. Check here first if you’re having trouble!

How to Zoom Out Firestick on My TV?

Nothing is more annoying than realizing that the image on your Fire TV is zoomed in, and you don’t know how to make it zoom out again. Whether it’s cut off captions at the bottom of the screen or missing details near the edges of the frame in your favorite tv show, a zoomed in picture can be a real headache.

I can show you the easy, straightforward steps you need to take to make your Firestick zoom out again. You’ll see how you can fix zoom-in problems through the Firestick accessibility settings, the Firestick display calibration, and the Kodi accessibility zoom. Easy step-by-step instructions and illustrations will make sure the whole process is a walk in the park.

But wait, there’s more! I also threw in a few extra bonuses here. I talk a little bit about some of the great hidden features available to you with your Firestick. Find games, music, and use Alexa for easy navigation with your Firestick remote! I also include some tips on the safest ways to use Kodi to get even more out of Fire TV than you even thought was possible.

Free Up Storage Space on My Amazon Firestick

One of the fastest and easiest ways to improve the performance of your Firestick is to clear out all the unnecessary files that are bogging it down. The extra free space you create will help the Amazon Firestick run faster and smoother, resulting in a much better all-around user experience. In this article, I show you the easy way to free up storage space on your Fire TV!

First, I’ll show you how to check the storage on your Firestick. You’ll likely be able to see right right away if it’s starting to get too full. After that, you’ll have easy to follow instructions to help you get through your digital spring cleaning in no time. There are some specialized tools I’ll show you that will make this an easy project.

Since you’ve got all that extra space now, I threw in a bonus. I’ll show you one of my favorite apps for downloading movies through the Firestick, and provide some tips on how to do that safely. And if you have any pairing issues with Kodi after you’re done clearing out extra room, I’ll point you towards resources that’ll help you get things back on track and running smooth.

How to Fix Fire TV Buffering Issues

There’s no doubt that streaming has revolutionized the way we watch movies and television, but nothing kills the experience faster than having your weekend interrupted by slow buffering. Unfortunately, Fire TV isn’t immune to this common issue.

Troubleshooting buffering problems can seem a bit intimidating for most people, but don’t worry. You’re in good hands. There are some tried and true methods you can use to get yourself back up and running in no time. This article walks through the most frequent causes of slow buffering on your Firestick.

A few of the common culprits are:

  • Hardware problems
  • Poor internet connection
  • ISP throttling
  • Settings optimization
  • File size
  • Software issues

The good news is, there are solutions for these concerns, and I’ll walk you through all of them. If, for some reason, your Firestick is still experiencing slow buffering after you’ve tried everything in the guide, then I’ve got links to some other great resources you can check out as well.

If you run into questions along the way, feel free to leave a comment on the article as well!

Amazon Firestick Shows a Blank Screen on Boot

You’re getting ready to sit down and watch some television with your friends, you turn on your television and Firestick and all you see is… a screen full of nothing. The ominous blank screen is one of the most common Fire TV issues and, fortunately, in most cases there are some pretty easy ways to fix it. If this what you’re seeing when your Fire TV boots up, then this article is for you.

Right out of the gate, there is a quick and easy list of troubleshooting steps ready to help you bring your screen back to life, so you can start watching again. You’d be surprised what a few Fire TV remote shortcuts and optimized settings can do for you. There’s also a handy rundown of hardware issues that might be the cause of your blank screen woes. Faulty cable connections and high levels of buffering can all contribute to the problem.

For Kodi users, I’ll show you what to do if your Firestick starts up just fine, but your Kodi app isn’t working. If you’re more of a visual learner, you should also check out our YouTube channel for more help on this topic.

What Can I Watch on Firestick?

One of the most exciting things about Fire TV is the huge amount of content you can find all on one device. But so much choice can be overwhelming.

So what can you watch with your Firestick and where can you find it? What channels are right for you? I’ve done the searching, so you don’t have to, and made a full list of channels you can stream right from your Amazon Firestick.

You’ll have access to:

  • Sports Channels
  • Live Music Channels
  • News Channels
  • Movies & TV Shows
  • Technology
  • And more! So much more

It’s fair to say that no matter what your interests are, you’ll find something you’re dying to watch.I’ll also help you unlock some of the coolest features, that will allow you to start watching your favorite show quickly and easily. “Alexa, open Youtube TV.”

And because we all love get something for nothing, I’ll show you the best apps to allow you to get free tv shows streamed straight to your television. This is your one-stop-shop for all the best channels and shows for your Firestick.

Install Firestick HBO Go App

HBO changed everything we know about good TV. Starting with The Sopranos, then The Wire, Game of Thrones, and a seemingly endless parade of legendary shows, they were responsible for kicking off what has been called The Golden Age of Television. You can get all of these shows, plus a wide collection of comedy, sports, and films on their streaming app, HBO Go.

This makes HBO Go one of the very best apps available on your Amazon Firestick, and you definitely don’t want to miss out. This article will show you how to install HBO Go on your Fire TV in a few very simple steps. You’ll be laughing with the crew of Silicon Valley in no time.

I’ll also talk about a few great ways to personalize your HBO Go account so that you can find your favorite shows and movies all in one place, in just a few clicks. It really couldn’t be easier.

If you don’t already have HBO, this is a great time to get it. They are always developing great new shows, and have a bunch of exciting new series that are just around the corner. Download the app so you can start watching right away!

How to Transfer Files to Firestick

A lot of Fire TV users want to transfer and store files on their Firestick. However, this can be a daunting process if you’re not already a techie. Fortunately, I’ve got the ultimate guide on how to transfer files to your Firestick.

I start with the basics, and teach you what FTP is and how you can use it to move files straight to your Firestick for storage. The detailed walkthrough guides you through each step, so you don’t feel lost or left behind no matter what your tech level is. I’ll cover:

  • Installing ES File Explorer on your Firestick
  • Accessing ES File Explorer’s built-in Remote File Manager
  • Installing an FTP Client on another device
  • Connecting to the FTP Server
  • And, last but not least, transferring your files

If you’re having trouble finding your Firestick IP address, I’ve got you covered there as well.

Of course, there’s a great list of resource links you can use if you get stuck, some alternative methods you can try out, and even a handy glossary at the end to get you comfortable with the jargon in no time (impress your friends!).

Firestick Ethernet Adapter: The Ultimate Guide

WiFi is convenient, there’s no doubt about it, but for peak reliability and speed your best bet is still to look for a wired connection through an ethernet cable.A consistent, strong ethernet connection is easy to achieve with your Firestick.

It requires the help of a simple adapter and will do wonders for Fire TV experience, especially if you have a weak WiFi connection or have been experiencing frequent buffering issues. This article covers all the bases by showing you the best options for Firestick ethernet adapters, and how to install them.

I’ll help you do some comparison shopping by showing you two of the best ethernet adapters for Fire TV, and explaining the differences (and similarities) between them. I compare hardware, performance, and user reviews to give you a full picture. Between the two of them, you really can’t go wrong, but I can make sure that you’re making an informed decision.

If you’ve already chosen and ordered your adapter, then (Good news, everyone!) the installation process couldn’t be simpler. I’ve got an illustrated guide showing you how to connect them both. It’s just that easy.

Where Can I Buy Amazon Firestick? In-store and Online

In 2017, one of America’s largest retailers, Walmart, dropped Amazon Fire TV Sticks from its online and brick & mortar stores. This left a lot of people wondering where would be the best place for them to buy one. If this sounds like you, then this article will help you understand your options so you can go buy your Firestick with confidence, whether in-store or online.

If you’re someone who still prefers the traditional experience of buying your electronics in person from physical stores, then I’ve got great news. All hope is not lost. There are still some major retailers carrying Fire TV in their stores, and I tell you where to find them and how much you can expect them to cost.

However, times change and there are plenty of options for those who would be just as happy to order their Firestick online and wait for it to show up at their door step. All of that is broken down in the article as well. I’ve listed all the major carriers, a few of the less conventional options, and the differences you might expect from each of them.

Blake Fire

Blake Fire

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