An Easy Solution on How To Fix 4k Fire Stick Audio Lag

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This guide shows you how to fix 4k Fire stick audio lag.

Firestick TIP: If you have general Firestick issues, then check out my Firestick quit working troubleshooting guide.

A little bit about the 4K Firestick...

The 4k Fire Stick was released on the 14th of November in 2018 by Amazon. This product was released as a gift before Christmas and a lot of people spent their money on this great streaming TV product.

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote to help fix fire stick audio lag
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This product was working fine for many users, but a few users were experiencing a 4k Fire Stick audio lag. This audio lag is making them switch to some other devices available in the market.

Typical 4K Fire Stick Audio Lag Issues include:

  • Jittering
  • Stuttering
  • Audio out-of-sync issues (fixable by using a media player like VLC, by the way)
VLC Audio Out of Sync or audio lag in fire stick
Example screenshot of how to fix Firestick audio sync issues in VLC

So if you are a 4k Fire Stick user and facing the audio lag problem, then don’t worry.

In this article, I will assist you in solving the 4k Fire Stick audio lag issue within a few minutes.
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Some of you guys may not know about the 4k Fire Stick device, so let’s pause here and let me tell you what you need to know about the device.

What is 4K Fire Stick?

4k Fire Stick is a product by Amazon that offers a complete entertainment package. You can watch live streaming, Netflix, YouTube, and various other media player files in an ultra HD mode.

This device helps you to watch anything anytime with a few clicks. Users can watch their favorite TV Shows, movies, songs, and various other visual and audio files.

Fix 4k Fire stick Audio Lag

Various games can also be stored in the 4k Fire Stick so that you can enjoy your favorite games with the help of this device. But some people are reporting various issues about this device, including a 4k Fire Stick audio lag. Make sure to follow all the given steps to resolve the issue.

Important Firestick Safety Note:

When you’ve fixed 4k Fire Stick audio lag and are ready to get back to streaming, it important that you’re browsing safely. Important steps you can take are to make sure that your WiFi router password is strong and that you’re using a safe, fast VPN.

There are already companies and government agencies collecting your browsing data, and it’s not as difficult as you’d think for hackers to do the same. You can make your browsing safe and anonymous through a VPN, which means you can be sure that no one is looking in on your activity.

As a bonus, there are tons of side benefits to using a VPN, like unlocking region-restricted content on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. Watch anything from anywhere! Check out our how to install a VPN on anything guide for a little extra help on the technical end of things.

vpn may be the cause for 4k Fire stick audio lag

Why does Amazon Fire Stick have audio lag?

A few of our readers have notified us that they are having problems with their FireStick. Namely, the audio and the video seem to play at different times, with one being too slow or too fast.

This can happen for multiple reasons, but the most common is that your firmware is out of date. To combat this inconvenience, you should check for any firmware updates and ensure that yours is the latest version. 

Otherwise, if you’re having this problem and are using extra cords to connect your audio and video this can interrupt frame rates and make the audio seem out of sync.

Audio/Video Sync Adjustment Option

Regardless of what is causing your audio and video to be out of sync on your Amazon FireStick, you’re about to receive some great news—there’s a new solution to fix FireStick audio delay issues!

Recently, Amazon introduced a new mechanism to its Fire TV device systems that allow the user to manually adjust audio and video synchronicity. This means that no matter which one is lagging, you can speed up or slow down one component to match its counterpart. 

If you have an Amazon FireStick model from 2020 or the Lite version, this is a compatible feature. Otherwise, you might have to wait a bit longer until the feature is introduced to your model. 

How to use the new Fire Stick Audio Sync feature

So, now that you’re aware of this new option, you’ll definitely want to know exactly how to set it up, use it, and change it whenever you might need to. For example, if you change your connections periodically, you may have to adjust the speeds again to match.

Here’s the full process for accessing the Audio Sync feature on your FireStick:

  1. Navigate over to the Settings tab. 
  2. Choose Display & Sounds, and then you’ll see a list of options.
  3. Select Audio from this list, and next choose AV Sync Tuning. 

Great! Now you’ve found the feature. If it’s not there, check to make sure that your FireStick is updated to the latest version.

Once you reach the syncing screen, you’ll see directions on how to make sure your audio and video are synced. At this point, It will show you a bouncing ball on the screen along with a blue rectangle bar, as well as emit a beeping sound. If the ball hits the rectangle shape upon the beep, it’s in sync. Otherwise, you can adjust the slider accordingly until it does.

Steps to Fix 4k Fire Stick Audio Lag Problem

Isn’t it irritating when you’re in the middle of watching your favorite TV show and you see your favorite character moving his lips and you can’t hear anything?

Unfortunately, if you’re experiencing 4k Fire Stick audio lag problems then below are some of the steps that you need to follow in order to solve the problem.

Note: (Follow all the steps correctly if you want to fix the 4k Fire Stick audio lag. Missing any of the given steps may result in the same issue).
  1. To fix 4k Fire Stick audio lag, first, you need to go to the Firestick’s main menu where you will find various options including the Home, Your Videos, Movies, TV Shows, Apps, and Settings option. 

  2. Go to the “Settings” option that is located at the extreme last position of the main menu option.

    Fix 4k Fire stick Audio Lag - Menu

  3. Next, various options like Notifications, Network, Display & Sounds, Applications, Equipment Control, Live TV, Controllers & Bluetooth device will appear on the screen.
  4. From this window, select the “Display & Sounds” option which is the third option on the list.
Firestick Display & Sounds for Screen Mirroring with Android & iPhoneSelect “Display & Sounds”
  • At the “Display & Sounds,” several options like a Screensaver, Display, and Audio, Second screen notifications, and HDMI CEC device control will be shown. Select the “Audio” option at the 3rd option on the list.

  • In this option, you will see Navigation sounds, Surround Sound, and an Advance Audio Options.

  • Select the “Surround sound” option.

  • At the Surround Sound, there are multiples sub-options, including the best available, Stereo, Always Dolby Digital Plus, and Always Dolby Digital option.

  • In the surround sound, you will see a checkmark in the “Best Available” option.

  • Uncheck the “Best Available” option and check the “Stereo” option.

  • Now go back and select the “Advanced Audio” option below the Surround Sound option.

  • At the Advanced Audio screen, there are several options, including “Volume leveler” and “Dialogue Enhancer.”

  • Make sure that both the “Volume leveler” and “Dialogue Enhancer” are turned off.

  • Now go back to the main Settings, and choose the “Applications” options.

Kodi install on Firestick step 20Enter the Applications section of the System Menu item

  • At the Applications settings, diverse options including Silk browser, Game Circle, Amazon photos, Appstore, and Manage installed applications option are available.

  • Now choose the “Manage installed Applications” from the list
install kodi on firestick step 21Choose Manage Installed Applications on 4k Fire Stick
  • After selecting the “Manage Installed Applications,” you will see various applications like Alexa Shopping, AlonsZee, Amazon Music, Amazon Photos, YouTube, Netflix, and some other options.

  • Now click on the app, and last on the list you will see the “Clear Cache” option, click on it.

  • Then, clear the cache of all the Applications present on the list.

  • On the right side, you will see different options like the size of the app, storage, cache, and some other options.

  • Make sure to clear the cache for all the apps you use to stream TV and movies.  Then go back to the “Main menu.”

  • At the main menu, you will see the “My Fire TV” option present on the extreme right side of the list.

  • In the My Fire TV, you will see About, Developer options, Legal & Compliance, Sleep, Restart, and the Reset to Factory Defaults Options.

  • Now select the “Restart” option, and it will ask you to restart your Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. It will display the Restart and Cancel option.

  • Afterwards, choose the Restart option.

  • Now, wait until the process is complete. Once done, start some video files and you should not encounter the same 4k Firestick audio lag issue.

Some Quick Alternatives To Fix The 4k Fire Stick Audio Lag

Force Stop App

Sometimes, the audio lag is due to some app-specific scenarios. That could be your case. If the audio lagging is app-specific, the best way to resolve it is “force stop”. It will help balance and repair the audio-video sync of the content. 

If this is your case follow the following steps:

On the Fire Stick Tv go to settings > applications > manage installed application > choose the impacted application > force stop the application. 

Afterward, to reopen the App, click on launch application. 

Clear Cache

Again, if you notice that the audio lagging appears on some specific apps, erase its cache. It will resolve the issue and return the App to normality. To delete the app cache in 4K Fire Stick, follow the instructions below.

  • Go to the settings and then applications
  • Choose to manage installed applications
  • Locate and click on the app in which the audio is lagging
  • At last, choose a clear cache

Disable Dolby Digital Plus

If your television or home theatre system supports Dolby Digital audio technology, installing Dolby Digital Plus on your Amazon Fire TV Stick will significantly increase audio output performance. 

This function, meanwhile, may cause audio-video synchronization difficulties. Some Fire Stick users have noted that this function can create the same audio-video sync problems that we’re aiming to resolve in this article.

To disable your Dolby digital plus, follow the following steps:

  • On the top right corner of your Fire Stick, click the settings
  • Navigate to display and sounds
  • Select audio from the following screen
  • Choose surround sound
  • Switch the Dolby Digital Plus to “off” 

As a result, your audio lagging problem should be resolved.

Reset Fire Stick TV

Only reset your Fire TV Stick if any of the other suggested methods don’t fix the audio lagging.  

FAQs Related To 4K Fire Stick Audio Lagging

Let’s check out some of the common questions regarding audio lagging in 4k Fire Stick.

  1. Why is the audio on my Fire Stick out of sync?

We are aware that utilizing the TV USB port to power the Fire TV Stick can lead frame rates to reduce, potentially causing audio sync difficulties, therefore please utilize the main power source.

  1. What’s the first thing I should do if the audio is lagging?

If you are having this issue, please ensure that your software is up to date. 

  1. What if I can hear the audio but can’t see the video on my Firestick TV?

If you can hear audio but see a dark screen on your Fire Stick, try inserting it into another HDMI port. If the issue continues, disconnect the device, wait thirty seconds, and then connect again

Final Words

That’s it!

By following all these steps, your 4k Fire Stick Audio Lag problem should be resolved.

If you are still having problems with 4k Fire Stick audio lag, then you can contact the product support of the organization from where you have bought the product, and hopefully, they will help you to solve the problem.

In case all methods and options fail then it might already be a hardware issue. Then it’s time to replace your 4k Fire Stick.

However, if you performed all the steps correctly, it will surely solve the 4k Fire Stick Audio Lag issue. In case you have some questions or clarifications regarding the 4k Fire Stick audio lag solution listed here, then you can ask us in the comments section. We will try our best to help you out.

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