Fortunately, Roku is a pretty stable streaming device that doesn’t run into too many problems. On the rare occasion that a Roku is broken, it’s frequently an issue with the Roku Wifi Connection. If your Roku device is not connecting to WiFi, then this guide will show you everything you need to connect Roku device to WiFi.

Fix Roku WiFi Connection

There are a couple of ways to tell if your Roku is having WiFi connection problems. Sometimes the Roku will display a red “X” to show you that your Internet is not connected. Other times, it will tell you outright. If you see the Roku error message Not Connected to the Internet, then follow these steps to reconnect your Roku WiFi.

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Side note: Roku may ask you to restart your Roku device, which is great. But the solutions here are much more likely to fix your issues with Roku not connecting to WiFi:

Roku Not Connecting to WiFi

Roku is too far from WiFi

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best one. WiFi signal strength can diminish greatly over distances, and in some cases can even be weakened by physical obstructions.




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If you’re having trouble connecting to WiFi on your Roku TV, we suggest moving your Roku closer to your WiFi router (or vice versa). Sometimes, even just moving your Roku to have a better line of sight to your router will improve wireless signal strength if your Roku is connected properly.

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Roku Wifi Router

Disable Network Pings on Roku

We’ve found that this solution solves most WiFi connection problems with Roku, and it will make you feel like a total hacker while you’re doing it!

If you disable network pings on Roku (a simple setting), then you may see a significant increase in performance. Many users report that this fixes their Roku WiFi issues! To do this you’ll need to press a series of buttons on your Roku remote (Konami code style) to activate a Secret Settings menu. To activate the secret menu, simply press the following buttons in order on your Roku remote:

  1. Press the Home on your Roku remote button 5 times
  2. Fast Forward
  3. Play
  4. Rewind
  5. Play
  6. Fast Forward

If you’ve done it correctly, this will bring up the Platform Secret Screen. Now, to disable network pings on your Roku you’ll need to:

  1. Scroll up to the System Operations Menu
  2. Go up to Disable Network Pings and select it
Roku Platform Secret Screen

You’re doing great so far! Once that’s done, then you’ll do a system restart by following these steps:

  1. Return to the Home Menu
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Scroll down to Network and select it
  4. Select system
  5. Then go to System Restart
  6. Select Restart

After this, just wait patiently for the system to reboot itself. Once the menu is back up and your Roku has finished with the restart, your Roku should be connected to a WiFi network.

Wrong WiFi Password

If you can’t connect to a wireless network on Roku, it’s possible that you’re using an old/incorrect WiFi password. This is especially true if you’ve changed any settings on your router or WiFi network.

In order to verify that you’re using the right WiFi password, simply look at your modem/router and double-check. The default password should be written on the side of your router.

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to public WiFi. Secure your data.

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Wrong IP Address in Roku Settings

This is not the most common cause of Roku not connecting to WiFi, but sometimes your Roku will somehow be set to a Manual IP address. This is not correct!

To fix this, change the Roku IP address setting to Automatic. Once you’ve changed the setting, you can then restart your Roku streaming TV device and try the wireless connection again.

Power Cycle the Roku and Router / Modem

This is a time-honored solution to dealing with poor WiFi connection from your router or modem. If you’ve ever spent time talking to your internet service provider, this is probably one of the first things they told you to try, and it works more often than not!

To power cycle your router or modem:

  1. Unplug your router and/or cable modem for 30 seconds
  2. Also, unplug the power cable of your Roku streaming stick or box
  3. Then plug the Roku and your modem/router back in.

This is also known as a hard reboot. Sometimes what your devices really need is a fresh start, and this is the best way to give it to them. Once you’ve done this, check your Roku’s WiFi connection again to see if it works.

Check If WiFi Devices Are Working

The great Sherlock Holmes knew that a little deduction can go a long way toward helping you solve a problem. That’s also true for problems with Roku WiFi connection problems!

In this case, we’re going to do a test to figure out if the issue is with your internet connection, or something else. Follow these steps, Sherlock:

  1. First, turn off Mobile Data on your phone
  2. Then connect your phone to the same WiFi network as your Roku
  3. Visit a website to see if it works

If the website loads correctly, then you know your Internet connection and WiFi are fine! The issue must be with something else (such as the Roku itself, your WiFi password, or ______). This may not solve the problem, but it can help you figure out what the problem is, and can save you a lot of time in the process.

Roku Overheating

It’s possible (and likely) that your Roku device overheats on a regular basis without you knowing it.

Here are some fun facts about Roku and its cooling, lack of cooling, and overheating:

  • Roku has no onboard fan to cool itself down
  • The Roku device relies on natural heat dissipation through thermal conduction, via the Roku’s plastic housing and ambient air temperature
  • Devices with no active cooling (such as a fan) tend to overheat on a regular basis.  Roku is no exception (overheating happens with Amazon Firestick too)
  • When a device with a Wifi connection overheats, the Wifi connection is usually among one of the first things on the device to fail.

Therefore, it’s extremely important to make sure you check your Roku to see if it’s overheating.

To see if your Roku is overheating:


If it feels hot, it’s overheating. It’s just that simple.

Roku USB Fan Overheating
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Fortunately, the solution is also simple. To keep your Roku from overheating, keep a small fan pointed at it. Try a USB-powered fan from Amazon for $10.

More Roku Fixes (From the Amazon Firestick Universe)

The steps here should fix 99% of cases of a Roku not connecting to WiFi. However, if you’re still having trouble, there’s more help available to you!

Many fixes for a Firestick not connecting to Wifi are applicable to Roku as well. Check out this article for more tips for help if your Roku quit working due to WiFi connection problems:

Bonus: Top Roku Alternatives to Try 

  1. Chromecast TV
Chromecast with Google TV
Chromecast with Google TV
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The new Chromecast was the initial program to feature a true interface and a charming small remote. Thus, it dramatically changed how we thought of Chromecasts before. While it includes current features such as Dolby Atmos, it is less expensive than Google’s previous 4K adapter.

Therefore, earning it the title of one of our favorite streaming gadgets. Further, it has double the RAM of an identical Roku streaming stick. Moreover, the Chromecast also connects better with the greater Google ecosystem thanks to the new Google TV interface.

Furthermore, Google Assistant will do a lot more than Roku’s limited TV-only speech assistant, such as managing your smart home gadgets. The Google TV UI’s lack of numerous user profiles, on the other hand, remains a major flaw. 

Nevertheless, if you don’t like the evidenced UI, you can always switch to a third-party launcher.

Additionally, as a power user, there are various other things you can change on your Chromecast.

  1. Nvidia Shield TV Pro
Nvidia Shield TV Pro
NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro Home Media Server
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The Nvidia Shield TV Pro is the greatest (and maybe only) Android TV box for individuals who want to do more than just watch movies. The Shield TV Pro’s capabilities and versatility are unmatched by any Roku streamer. 

Thus, for starters, the Shield TV Pro comes with 3GB of RAM plus 16GB of inbuilt storage. This is more than most other media devices. Although the storage capacity is lower than the 500GB available on earlier Pro models, those models employed a slower combination of mechanical HDD.

  1. Onn Android TV 4K
Onn Android TV 4K
Onn Android TV 4K UHD Streaming Device with Voice Remote Control Google Assistant & High Speed HDMI Cable
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When it comes to streaming devices, Walmart is probably not the first firm that comes to mind. However, now we have the Onn Android TV with 4K support, which is a good bargain. 

In many ways, the $30 Android TV box (which is frequently priced to as low as $20) mirrors the latest Google Chromecast. However, this excludes the new Google TV UI. 

Moreover, except for the fact that you’ll have to deal with the outdated Android TV UI, it’s a solid performer. Further, we didn’t have any serious issues with the picture quality either. 

However, the lack of HDR10+ plus Dolby Atmos doesn’t help this Walmart Android TV box stand out. But, in the end, it all comes down to the price.

  1. Nvidia Shield TV
Nvidia Shield TV
NVIDIA Shield TV | 4K HDR Streaming Media Player

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The ordinary Nvidia Shield TV includes many of the same features as the Shield TV Pro. These include a powerful Tegra X1+ engine, a companion app, and outstanding AI upscaling. Moreover, it has a unique cylindrical design and uses the same controller as the Pro. Plus, this is far superior to the one that comes with previous Shields.

The regular Shield comes with only 2GB of RAM, as opposed to the Pro’s 3GB. While this step-down has no effect on your usual video services, it does imply you won’t be able to play Shield-only games like Doom 3 or Half-Life 2.

Nevertheless, the Shield TV isn’t the best value for money amid a pool of cheap and exceptionally streaming boxes. You can likely get around the $50 Chromecast, but the non-Pro Shield TV won’t let you down if you want an Nvidia Android TV box.

  1. Apple TV 4K
Apple TV 4K (32GB, Previous Model)
Apple TV 4K (32GB, Previous Model)
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Apple users don’t have many choices, but the few they do have are usually quite good. With the A12 Bionic CPU, the Apple TV 4K is a powerful system that’s ideal for casual gaming via Apple Arcade. 

It has a clean and consistent UI, which Roku is known for, and you’ll enjoy how easy it is to use. Moreover, it isn’t cluttered with adverts much like most Android and Fire TV devices are. 

However, the high pricing and the absence of any form of AirPlay compatibility for Android devices are two things that aren’t so fantastic.

  1. Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite
Fire TV Stick Lite with Alexa Voice Remote Lite (no TV controls)
Fire TV Stick Lite with Alexa Voice Remote Lite (no TV controls)
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The primary Fire TV Stick Lite might be the one for you if you haven’t decided to give up on your outdated HD TV. It doesn’t have all of the lights and frills of its Max sibling, but it’s still extremely capable, supporting HDR10 and 10+ as well as Dolby Atmos. 

Moreover, you get the same new UI as its more expensive siblings, as well as the full suite of Fire TV apps. The sole criticism of this Lite variant is that, unlike the Max and the ordinary Fire TV stick, it lacks specialized audio keys and cannot operate your TV.

The remote does, however, enable Alexa voice inputs, which is a significant gain over Roku’s HD option. Furthermore, during discounts, Amazon often sweetens the bargain by offering a lower price.

  1. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max
Fire TV Stick 4K Max (International Version) 4K streaming device
Fire TV Stick 4K Max (International Version) 4K streaming device
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The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max boasts minimal hardware advancements over its predecessor. However, the overall experience has vastly improved in real-world use. Thus, the apps load quickly, and switching between them is simple on the Max. 

Moreover, Amazon has almost every video platform you can think of. Additionally, because Fire OS is effectively Android, you can conveniently install APKs to get even more apps. 

If you already have an Amazon account, a Fire TV Stick is convenient. This is because it will operate with your Echo speakers and many other Alexa-enabled smart home devices.

Moreover, Amazon recently updated the Fire TV Interface with better Alexa features. Plus, the upgrade was compatible with hardware dating back to 2016. However, the new design has begun to feel cluttered as advertisements and promotional content have taken over.

Blake Fire
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