How to Install Streamhub Kodi Addon

Use this complete tutorial (with screenshots) to install Streamhub Kodi addon. 

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StreamHub for Kodi

Streamhub has been gaining popularity as a reliable Kodi addon for streaming. The Stream hub Kodi add-on gained the trust of many Kodi users for providing reliable, working streaming links. The best thing about Streamhub Kodi Addon as of now is the fact that it has gone through a significant update to improve the user interface.

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What’s It Like to Use Streamhub Kodi Addon?

The links for movie and videos are working correctly.  Furthermore, the streaming speed of the video is also very high. It has many streaming links for just one particular movie. So, if in case one of the link doesn’t work, you can always go for another one. But that does not matter, as you can enjoy your movies in the Streamhub Kodi Addon alone.

Categories in Streamhub:

First of all, there are many categories available in Streamhub Kodi Addon.  Additionally, a few of the most popular categories are Movies, Live TV, TV Shows, Sports, Kids Corner, and Anime. The article discusses how to install Streamhub Kodi Add On.

Install Streamhub Kodi Addon:

Follow the steps given below to add Stream hub add-on in your Kodi.

1. Start Kodi on your Firestick, PC, or any other Kodi-capable device.

2. On your screen, select the Gear icon in the top left corner.  (This takes you to the “Settings” area in Kodi 17.)

4. Now select “File Manager.”

5. Then, choose the “Add Source” option given in the left-navigation panel.

6.  A popup window appears on your screen with the title “Add file source.” Select “None” in the empty box visible on your screen.

7.  Enter this link:

8. Click “OK.”

9. Now enter a name for the new Source. You can call it ‘Stream Hub’ or any name of your choice and then once you are done with it, click on “OK.”

10. Then, go back to the home menu of Kodi.  Then select “Addons” from the Kodi homescreen.

11. Select the icon for “Package Installer”, which is present on the top left section of your screen.

12. Then choose the “Install from zip file.” option.

13. A new window opens.  In the new window, look for ‘Stream Hub’ there and then select the “StreamHub” option.

14. Now, choose the “” file.

14. Wait for a notification popup to notify you that the Stream Hub has been enabled.

15. Select “Install from Repository”.  Then choose “Stream Hub Repository.”

16. Choose “Video add-ons” and then select “StreamHub.”

17. Finally, select “Install.”

18.  To launch StreamHub, read below.  Then set up a Kodi VPN to protect your streams!

StreamHub Kodi Addon Post-Install

Allow the installation process to complete. When the Streamhub Kodi addon is installed, it will be visible in the Video addon section present in Kodi’s home screen.

  • To launch StreamHub after installing, go to the Kodi home screen.  Then navigate to “Add-Ons”.  After that, find and select the StreamHub icon to launch this great Kodi addon!

So, you can now start browsing the Streamhub Kodi addon to explore new movies and look for your old favorite movies.


Whenever you use Kodi, you should always go for a good VPN to hide your identity.  As a result of using VPN service, you maintain your privacy and security at all times.

A good VPN that can be used at a cheap cost is the IPVanish.

StreamHub Addon Closing Notes

The Streamhub addon has numerous categories.  Furthermore, because of the simple user-interface, you can explore your options without any difficulty. Once you have installed Stream Hub Kodi, it becomes your one stop from where you can watch movies seamlessly.  So, use this great Kodi app as your hub for streaming great video files.  Hence, the add-on proudly bares the name “Streamhub”.

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