This super-simple tutorial shows you How to Install Titanium TV Firestick app, Fire TV app and Android TV Box app.  Titanium TV is one of the best Terrarium TV replacement apps.

You will be ready to install Titanium TV on Android TV Box and Fire/Firestick TV, after following this step-by-step guide.

Titanium TV Firestick Overview

Titanium TV is a functioning replica of the famous APK, Terrarium TV, used to stream. The layout and settings among others of Titanium TV are similar to those of its parents. At the moment there are some differences, which are lack of 4K Class, and no releases of modern HD.

Nonetheless, it entails the capacity to apply the MX Player as a video player, and it provides unlimited source choices, making it perfect for streaming. Besides, the Titanium TV offers subtitle assistance.




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Although the following steps are a guide to installing Titanium APK on 3rd generation Fire TV, the steps apply on NVIDIA Shield, Android TV Box and other devices, which use an Android operating system.

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We shall use an application known as Downloader, for side-loading the Titanium TV. Whether you are using Mi Box, NVIDIA SHIELD, or an Android TV Box among others, you can follow the tutorial on the site after you have installed downloader app in your device.

Golden Tip:  To ensure your identity is anonymous and protected at any time you are using apps to stream TV shows and free movies, always use a VPN.

How to Install Titanium TV Firestick App

Note: You should uninstall or delete any types or botched types of Terrarium TV on your device before you install Titanium TV.  After uninstalling, you are now free to enjoy unlimited streaming by installing Titanium TV on the device.

Copies and repairs of Terrarium TV are not useful anymore, because they do not offer high-quality links. Thus, we recommend combining the Real-Debrid service with Titanium TV, a process that you can easily follow and setup through the settings window as follows:

  1. Go to the main menu, and place your cursor on the settings tab
  2. Move the cursor Device tab and click it
  3. Select Developer Choices
  4. Select Apps from an Unknown Sources
  5. Click Turn-On
  6. Go back to the home screen and place the cursor on the Search icon
  7. Enter the word Downloader, and select the Downloader app
  8. Click the Open button, followed by clicking the Allow and OK buttons
  9. Type the exact URL, and click OK.
  10. To install the Titanium TV, select the “Click Here” button. Before installation, ensure you have cleaned Terrarium TV.
  11. Give the download process some time to finish
  12. Once the process is finished, click the Install button
  13. Now click the Done button. This takes you back to Downloader.
  14. Select the Delete button, as well as the Delete Again button
  15. You have completed the installation process, and it is ready for use.

In case your home screen does not show the Titanium, go to “Your Apps and Channels List,” and click “See All” to locate it. To use the app, just long click it and drag it at the top of the apps list.

Description and Features of Titanium TV

Note that Titanium TV has a similar design to Terrarium TV, as it is copied from Terrarium.

You are offered the option of selecting TV shows and Movies on the primary menu. Each of the two categories has many sub-categories, which are Genre, Top-Rated, Most Popular, and Trending among others.

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to public WiFi. Secure your data.

Once you have selected either a TV or Movie show, unlimited source choices for streaming will be offered to you. In most cases, the choices offered are available in High Definition, which includes 1080p. However, the 4K is unavailable at the moment.

To get streams of the highest quality, KodiFireTV highly suggests you connect a real-debrid account with your Titanium TV. Real-Debrid will not only offer you with the best streams but also those that will have minimal or no buffering on your device.

Also, the capacity to add a is another amazing feature available on Titanium. The use of Trakt enables you to sync and add all your favorite content in various platforms and apps.

Titanium is an excellent substitute of Terrarium, which should function invariably when used with a real-debrid. Give it a trial and use the comment section on our page to inform us about your experience.

Download Titanium TV APK by clicking here.

Reminder: We recommend that you use a Real-Debrid service for Titanium TV to work effectively.

You can setup Real-Debrid within Titanium TV by following this screenshot tutorial:

It is worth noting that Real-Debrid is an uncontrolled downloader that adds new video sources to choose from on your Titanium TV. The sources added are supposed to offer outstanding playback, with minimal or no buffering.

For your information, Real-Debrid costs around $5, a cheaper price for a premium service, compared to the price of popcorn in a theater.

Note: Before undertaking the following steps, you should disconnect VPN on your streaming device.  But you can later activate your VPN after the Real-Debrid as paired, and the setup process finished.

How to Setup Real Debrid

Here are the steps:

  1. Get a Real-Debrid account by registering
  2. After registering, go to Titanium TV and click the settings icon
  3. Click the settings balloon
  4. Choose Login to Real-Debrid. You will receive a unique code on the screen
  5. Note down the code provided
  6. Launch your internet browser on any of your devices
  7. Locate the on the browser, and enter the unique code you noted on step five, and then select the Continue button
  8. The Titanium TV will display a message indicating Real-Debrid authorized
  9. You can now access other video sources, which are written in green colour and have a [DEB] abbreviation. The playback of the videos should be buffer-free.


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