How to Use DroidAdmin to Make Your Own Codes

In this article, I walk you through (step-by-step) how to use DroidAdmin to download apps & make your own DroidAdmin download codes.

In a hurry? Skip to the “How to Make Your Own DroidAdmin code” section or skip to the “How to Download apps with DroidAdmin section“.

What is DroidAdmin? 

DroidAdmin is a new app for Amazon Firestick (and Android devices) that lets you make your own app store!

  • Hey!  Are you looking for DroidAdmin codes?  Try these..
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      • Colussus Build APK (Kodi fork with Colussus Wizard included for Kodi PVR features)
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      • Mobdro
      • Liberty Live TV Beta
      • Kodi Puerto Rico APKs (“PR”) & Latino Movie & TV apps
    • 76115743 – Many great apps for streaming movies, TV shows, & more (like Terrarium TV & FreeFlix HQ)
    • 40101026BMC 2018 for Firestick
    • 91298970 – 5 Best APKs for Firestick (Misfit Mods Kodi fork + more APKs)
    • + more DroidAdmin codes at the bottom of this article.. (check the Firestick Support Facebook group often)

Yes – the developers at DroidAdmin created an amazing little “app store maker” app.  This app is available (free) for Amazon Firestick and Fire TV devices.  You can install DroidAdmin on your Amazon Firestick or Fire TV by searching for “droidadmin” using the Search icon in your Fire TV homescreen.  Detailed instructions are below.

How Does DroidAdmin Work?

The workings of DroidAdmin are super simple.

The DroidAdmin Firestick app has 2 ways that you can “use” it:

  1. You can create your own app store using DroidAdmin
  2. or, you can retrieve someone else’s (or your own) app store using DroidAdmin

This is all done using codes, which are generated by the DroidAdmin website whenever someone makes an “app package” (which I’ve been referring to as “your own app store”).


For users of Droid Admin who want to make their own DroidAdmin codes, use the steps below.

How to Make Your Own App Store Using DroidAdmin

As for the other side of DroidAdmin (yes, there’s another side to Droid Admin), that’s pretty simple too!

Basically, you create a free account at  Then use to create your app list.

Use to create your own DroidAdmin code

Here’s exactly how to create your own DroidAdmin code:

  1. Create a free account at – then log in to your DroidAdmin account.

    This is the DroidAdmin login screen

  2. After you login, you’ll be at the DroidAdmin dashboard.  From the DroidAdmin dashboard, click “Create New Configuration”.

    Click “Create New Configuration” to make a new DroidAdmin code

  3. Once you reach the Create New Configuration screen, enter a name for the Configuration.  An example of an appropriate Name would be “My awesome apps 2018”.

    Enter a name & description for your new DroidAdmin code

  4. Click “Save” to save your new Configuration (aka DroidAdmin download code).

    Press “Save” to save your DroidAdmin code

  5. Now, DroidAdmin takes you to your dashboard, where you should see your new Configuration!  We’re almost done.

    Here is your new DroidAdmin Configuration

  6. Now, click “Create Files“.

    Click “Create Files” to finish up creating your DroidAdmin code

  7. Then enter a Name for the file you wish to add to your DroidAdmin download code.  An example of an appropriate name would be “Terrarium TV 1.8.5 APK for Firestick”.

    Add a name for the File you’re adding to this DroidAdmin code

  8. Now enter a Description for this File in your DroidAdmin code.  An example of a good description would be “Terrarium TV is an app that lets you watch movies & TV shows on your Firestick.”

    Here you enter a Description for the DroidAdmin code you’re making

  9. (Optional)  If the “download link” for the file you wish to add to DroidAdmin is not accepted by DroidAdmin, then first upload the file to (like in the screenshot below).

    You can upload APK files to, then use the Download Link to add a File to DroidAdmin

  10. Now enter the download URL of the file you wish to add into the “Download URL” part of DroidAdmin.  IMPORTANT:  This must be a link to an actual file – not a link to a download portal.  Don’t know the difference?  Read about direct download links and web portals at Wikipedia.  Basically, this means that most “APK download” sites do not provide a Direct Download Link to the APKs hosted on their site.  Instead they send their users to a “portal”, which helps them cut costs by eliminating the possibilitiy of other sites “stealing” their bandwidth.  This just means we need to have some other site host our APK file (that site is – then we use the link to the APK file when we Add Files to our DroidAdmin configuration!

    Enter the File URL into DroidAdmin

  11. Finally, (optionally) enter a Logo URL.  This must be a direct link to an image file (like a JPEG image file).  Use to find a nice icon.

    Put in a Logo URL (optional)

  12. Click “Save” to save your DroidAdmin code & your first file.

    Click “Save” to save your DroidAdmin download code

  13. DroidAdmin now takes you “back” to the screen that displays all the files in your current Configuration.

    These are the files in your DroidAdmin configuration

  14. From this screen, you have 2 options:  Option A is to continue adding Files to your new DroidAdmin Configuration (just repeat Steps 2 through 12 above).  Option B is to view and/or test out your new DroidAdmin code on your Firestick!
  15. To view your DroidAdmin code, just click “Go Back”, or just go to your

    View your DroidAdmin code from the Dashboard of DroidAdmin

  16. To test out your DroidAdmin code, just install the DroidAdmin app on your Amazon Firestick (available free in the Amazon App Store).  Then enter your code into DroidAdmin for Firestick!  For the complete steps to do that, see the section below (scroll down).

    Download DroidAdmin for Firestick free from the Amazon App Store


How to Test DroidAdmin Code / Download Apps with DroidAdmin

I made a YouTube video that shows how to use DroidAdmin to download apps.  You can watch my DroidAdmin YouTube video (below) or read the written steps below.  Here’s that video:

To download apps on Firestick with DroidAdmin, follow these steps (or watch the video above):

  1. Install DroidAdmin on your Amazon Firestick.  Do this by going to the “Search” icon from the Firestick home screen – then enter “droidadmin”, select DroidAdmin, and install it.
  2. Then launch DroidAdmin, after it’s installed on your Firestick or Fire TV
  3. Now, enter a code in DroidAdmin to retrieve a list of “installer” files (or “APKs”).

    Now enter the DroidAdmin code

  4. After you hit Continue, DroidAdmin fetches the list of apps.

    This is the list of apps contained within the DroidAdmin code

  5. Select an app from the list that DroidAdmin shows you.
  6. Wait for the app to download completely.
  7. Select the app once more to launch the installer, then choose “Install” to install the app.
  8. Repeat until your Firestick is totally stacked!

So, that’s how installing apps with DroidAdmin works in a nutshell.

Check back later for more Advanced instructions on DroidAdmin download codes!


More DroidAdmin Codes:

The DroidAdmin download codes below have not been tested, verified, or checked in any way.  But a little bird told us they could contain useful infos.  Try them at your own risk!



80409018 (Kodi 18 APK)





Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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