This complete tutorial shows you how to setup the Popcorn Time Windows app.

To install Popcorn Time for Windows, basically just download and run the (free) PopcornTime installer from

  • If the Popcorn Time website is unavailable, enter the address into your web browser.
  • Or scroll down and look at the Popcorn Time Download section toward the bottom of this article

How to Setup Popcorn Time Windows App

Here’s how to setup the Popcorn Time Windows app:

  1. Open your web browser and enter the address

    Popcorn Time web address

    Type the address into your web browser

  2. Then click “Download Popcorn Time X.YZ” (where X.YZ is the version number of Popcorn Time)

    Just click "Download Popcorn Time" to install on Windows

    Download Popcorn Time

  3. Wait for the Popcorn Time setup file to download to your PC.  Then launch the Popcorn Time setup file by clicking on the downloaded file
  4. Now click Next

    Popcorn Time Install: Click Next to proceed

    Click “Next”

  5. Then click “I Agree”

    Just click "I Agree" to continue with the Popcorn Time Windows setup process

    Now click I Agree

  6. Now click “Install”

    Install Popcorn Time

    At this point, click Install

  7. Wait for the Popcorn Time Windows app to install

    Just wait for Popcorn TIme!

    At this step, wait for the Popcorn Time Windows app to install

  8. Click “Finish” to launch Popcorn Time

    Run Popcorn Time by clicking Finish!

    Now click “Finish” to Run Popcorn Time

  9. Then you will see a popup which asks if you want to allow Popcorn Time to access the network.  Click “Allow access” when you see this.

    Click Allow Access to let Popcorn Time access the Internet

    Now click “Allow access”

  10. Now the Popcorn Time Windows app will launch.  Then the app displays two button:  “I Accept” or “Leave”.  Click “I Accept”.

    Click "I Accept" in this Popcorn Time popup

    Just click “I Accept” to launch Popcorn Time

  11. You’re done!  Now you see the Popcorn Time homescreen (aka “main menu”).

    Popcorn Time main menu ("homescreen")

    Done! Use Popcorn Time’s main menu to watch media

Now that the Popcorn Time Windows 10 app is installed, simply use Popcorn Time by following the How to Use Popcorn Time guide below!




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How to Use Popcorn Time

There are a few main ways to use Popcorn Time.  The easiest way to start using the Popcorn Time Windows 10 app is to just click on a movie that’s in the Popcorn Time home screen.

How to Use Popcorn Time Main Menu

The main menu of Popcorn Time has several buttons:  Movies, Series, Anime, Indie, Genre, and Sort By.

Here’s what each button in Popcorn Time does:

  • Movies:  The Movies button is a shortcut to display only movies!
  • Series:  This button quickly shows you all the TV Series that Popcorn Time has to offer.
  • Anime:  The Anime button gives you only Anime options to stream
  • Indie:  This category displays Independent movies
  • Genre:  The “Genre” button is a dropdown menu which lets you filter streaming movies by Category (aka Genre), such as “Science Fiction” or “Action”
  • Sort By:  This dropdown menu allows you to change the way in which Popcorn Time sorts the streaming TV & movies results displayed on-screen.

How to Use Popcorn Time Side Menu

Popcorn Time for Windows has a menu on the top-right side of the screen.  We call this the Popcorn Time side menu.

Popcorn Time for Android on Windows

An alternate method to run Popcorn Time on Windows is to install an Android emulator in Windows – then run the Android version of Popcorn Time in Windows.

Popcorn Time Download

Several sites host some version of the Popcorn Time Windows app for you to download.  But BE AWARE that some of those sites supply a version of Popcorn Time which is infected with malware.  Therefore, we strongly recommend that you look at the image below to see which sites host the real version of Popcorn Time that has no malware.  Here it is:

Popcorn Time Download URL

As you can see in the image above, only a few website provide the real version of Popcorn Time. Choose wisely!

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to public WiFi. Secure your data.

Download Popcorn Time for Mac

Yes!  Popcorn Time exists for Mac computers.  To download Popcorn Time for Mac, enter into your Mac computer’s web browser (Safari).

Popcorn Time for Linux

To download Popcorn Time for Linux, enter into your Linux computer’s web browser.

Download Popcorn Time for Android

For the Android version of Popcorn Time, enter into your Android device’s web browser (which is usually Google Chrome).