I’m a music lover.  Some might call me a music nerd.  Regardless of nomenclature, I listen to at least 10 to 20 songs on YouTube every single day.  Why?  You can find almost any song on YouTube with a simple search.  This is a music playback feature I couldn’t find in any other streaming apps (Pandora, Spotify, etc).  So I stick with YouTube – even though it has ads inbetween pretty much every single song.  This YouTube Red review walks you through what you can expect if you sign up for YouTube Red.

PLUS:  I mathematically break down the time YouTube Red saves you to completely justify the price tag (scroll down for that).

YouTube Red Review:  A Brief Chronicle of My YouTube Red Experience

  • Fact:  Several different types of Ads constantly appear in YouTube until you sign up for YouTube Red ($9.99/mo + 1st month free).

Check out my experience with YouTube Red below to see the Good, the Bad (spoiler: there really is no “bad”), and the rest.

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Here’s what I wanted (“expected”) from YouTube Red:

— Ads to no longer play inbetween videos. Why? I use YouTube as my primary music player. But I despise the ads!

So, here’s what I did:

— I tried YouTube red. They give you the 1st month free, then it’s $9.99/mo. I figured since I listen to several songs on YouTube every day – and the average commercial is 15 seconds, then I can save hours after all those ads add up over time.

..And here’s what I experienced after I signed up for YouTube Red:

First of all, on my iPad I was signed into my “secondary” Google account. I signed up for YouTube Red – then as soon as I signed into my “primary” Google account (the one I used to sign up for YouTube Red), the magic started to happen:

1) The “User” Icon Now Has a Red Ring Around It (Cool)

My “user” icon in the top-right corner of the YouTube app now has a RED circle around it. This not only looks cool, but instantly I knew the YouTube Red purchase was successful and applied to my account immediately. So, I already have a good feeling about this thing.

2) The YouTube Icon Now Just Says “Red” (Also cool)

Right after that, I saw that the YouTube icon in the top-left corner of the YouTube app now just says “Red” instead of “YouTube” – super cool IMO! Once again, this re-assures me that I’m actually going to get my money’s worth from this YouTube Red subscription. After all – who wants to pay for some monthly online service that they don’t feel is “worth it”?

3) No More Ads (Coolest)

This whole time I’ve been playing a “Mix” playlist in YouTube. And as my first song ended after signing up for YouTube Red, I started to see the real benefit of YouTube Red – the exact, single thing I went to YouTube Red for in the first place – NO ADS. After the Strfkr video ended, the Modest Mouse video started playing without showing ads *at all*. Now I was totally satisfied with my YouTube Red purchase: it already solved the exact need for my music listening. No more annoying ads to kill the mood between songs!

4) YouTube Music App Restrictions Now Removed

A new notification appeared at the bottom of the YouTube app that lets me know I can listen to music in the YouTube Music app to see Album info, playlists, remixes, and other cool different versions of the song I’m currently playing.  Love it!  I haven’t tried the YouTube Music app with YouTube Red yet, but I’ll try it soon and post my findings here when I do.

5) Image Ads Removed from YouTube App

The “image” ads in my YouTube app have disappeared!  If you didn’t notice or realize it, YouTube has several different types of ads.  The video ads before and after a video are just 1 type.  There are at least 5 different types of YouTube ads.  YouTube Red gets rid of all (or almost all) of them.  The fact is – I’ve been using YouTube for so long I’ve grown accustom to all the ads (especially the “image” ads that show up above the Playlist part of the YouTube app screen).  So, one thing I just noticed is that the image ad area in the YouTube app is now completely gone after my upgrade to YouTube Red!  Totally stoked!

6) Download YouTube Clips for Offline Playback to Save Mobile Data

Save your mobile data by saving YouTube videos for offline playback with YouTube Red!  That’s right – you don’t have to eat up the data on your Mobile plan with YouTube anymore.  This is particularly useful for me since I drive a lot while listening to music on YouTube.  So, I can now save an awesome playlist for offline playback (aka “download” the tracks to my phone).  Then I can simply play that downloaded playlist and not worry about “going over” the limit of my smartphone data plan.

7) Videos Keep Playing When YouTube is Minimized!

Yes – this awesome feature is one of my favorite parts of this YouTube Red review.  Enjoy your videos / music while YouTube app is minimized with YouTube Red!

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How Do I Sign Up for YouTube Red?

To sign up for YouTube red, go to https://www.youtube.com/red in your browser.  Make sure you’re signed into your Google account before signing up (since YouTube Red will be applied to whatever Google account you’re “currently” signed into).  Then proceed to sign up for YouTube Red.  The 1st month is free and it’s $9.99/mo after that.  I don’t receive any kickback for this – it’s just a great service that I highly recommend.

YouTube Red BONUS Feature:

  • Your friends won’t be able to piece together your secret alter-ego simply by listening the YouTube ads targeted directly at you (ex:  “Tired of too many Pringles crumbs accumulating in your Aquaman costume?”)! (Pro Tip: Using a VPN helps prevent against targeted ads, too.)

At this point, I’ve been listening to YouTube Red for at least 30 minutes – and still no ads.

I’m definitely loving the YouTube Reds already.

Since I’m such a music nerd, the ads inbetween YouTube music videos really irritate the SH!+ out of me. But no more! Alas – YouTube Red prevails with the win for ad-free music streaming on all devices.

More Featuers of YouTube Red:

  • Save videos & playlists for off-line playback within YouTube apps
Mathematical Breakdown of Time Spent Watching Ads in YouTube

Let’s look at the time you spend watching YouTube ads in the context of an “hourly wage” to justify the cost of removing ads with YouTube Red:

  • Let’s say the average ad lasts 15 seconds.
  • And every video I play is going to have an average of 1 ad.
  • On a YouTube-heavy day, I’ll listen to 40 songs in the YouTube app.
  • So 60 songs X 15 seconds = 900 seconds, or 15 minutes.
  • Say you earn $10/hr.. then 15 minutes of my time is worth at least $10 times .25 hours (or 15 mins), which comes out to $2.50.
  • Therefore, if you listen to several songs on YouTube every day, then the time YouTube Red saves you listening to ads can amount to $2.50/day.  Since YouTube Red is only $9.99/mo, this makes the cost totally justified for me.

The Good

  • No ads in YouTube!  I can’t stress how amazing this is.   It’s pretty rad.  My favorite thing about YouTube Red so far is that your “mood” or “buzz” isn’t killed inbetween songs by those annoying-ass ads.
  • YouTube Music app is now available to you without any restrictions.  The YouTube Music app is basically a separate version of the normal YouTube app, but it’s tailored just toward playing music.  So you can expect music-specific features from the YouTube Music app, such as seeing artist / album info, playlists, demo tracks, and remixes.  You can also expect not to see some of the “movie-specific” features in the normal YouTube app.
  • The YouTube Kids app is now available to you without restrictions.  So you can put the YouTube Kids app on your kid’s device to let them use YouTube with some built-in content-moderation / parental controls (so little Johnny doesn’t just end up watching twerking videos all day).

The Bad

  • YouTube Red costs $9.99/mo.  If you can spare 10 bucks a month and you use YouTube quite a bit, I totally recommend the f*ck out of signing up for a YouTube Red subscription.

The Rest

  • The YouTube Red subscription is really for people who use YouTube “a lot” or at least every day.  From just the first hour of enjoying my new YouTube Red subscription, I already feel not-so-annoyed as I normally would be (due to zero ads in YouTube).

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