11 Best Android Apps for Free Movies in 2023

Looking for the best APKs for free movies, tv shows, and other programs online? We got you! Today, we have come up with 11 must-have streaming apps to enjoy digital media this year.

APK is short for Android Packaging Kit or Android app in simple. You can use APKs to stream media directly on your TV with the help of a streaming device. These are known as streaming apps. Now, streaming apps come in all shapes, designs, and sizes. But, most of them don’t store any media on their servers. Rather, they search through web directories to find you available links to movies and TV shows online.

Best APKs for Free Movies

These apps are downloadable on nearly every available streaming device.

Amazon’s FireStick is currently the most popular streaming device in the market. It’s a member of Amazon’s Fire TV family of streaming devices. Due to its low price (nearly $40) and side-loading capability, millions worldwide use it to stream their favorite movies, Tv shows, and other entertainment programs. There’s also a 4k version, which – as the name implies – works with 4k videos and costs significantly higher. You can even enhance the functionality by installing Kodi on FireStick.

Shaped like a slightly oversized USB, it plugs directly into your TV via HDMI port and turns it into a Smart Tv. Instead of storing files, though, it’s a fully functional streaming player. It is free to use and straightforward to set up. You can download almost every popular app to enjoy its content. Including but not limited to Netflix, HBO Now, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. However, to watch subscription-based premium apps like these, you have to pay for them. Besides, there are thousands of less common niche apps you may never have heard of to enjoy free content.

The stick comes with a remote controller that has a prebuilt microphone for voice control. As it’s Amazon’s product, expect Alexa among support for other features. Setting up Amazon FireStick is also fairly easy. Plug the FireStick into the power adapter and stick it into your TV’s HDMI in port. Then, turn your TV on and set it to the correct HDMI input. Lastly, use the remote control to step through the setup instructions on the screen. You will just have to enter your Wi-Fi password and log into your Amazon account to complete the setup.

One reason why FireStick is so massively popular among the masses is its “Jailbreaking” capability. No, you won’t be breaking into any jails. The term simply means installing third apps not available on the official Amazon Store. Jailbreaking a FireStick gives you access to tens of thousands of free movies, TV shows, Sports, Live TV, and other apps. It’s like opening the floodgates. If you don’t know how to Jailbreak a FireStick, don’t worry! Just follow the step by step process below:

Jailbreak A FireStick

Jailbreaking FireStick is different from jailbreaking any other electronic device. Technically you aren’t installing any new firmware here. You are simply removing the manufacturer’s restrictions on the installation of unauthorized software. With that said, let’s dive right into the process:

For more in-depth information, check out our ultimate jailbreak FireStick guide.

If you’re using FireStick 4k, Fire TV, FireTv Cube 1st gen, or any other older model of FireStick, then you’re on the old Fire TV interface. While those on Fire Tv Stick Lite, FireTv Stick 3rd gen, or Fire Tv Cube 2nd gen use the new interface. The jailbreaking instructions are the same for both interfaces. There’s one minor change that we will be addressing below. So follow these steps!

Step 1 – On your Home screen, locate the search icon and use remote to type and search for Downloader

Step 2 – Find the Downloader app and click download to start the download process. Wait a few moments as the app downloads and installs.

Step 3 – Launch Downloader once you see the app installed message. Choose Allow to allow Downloader accessing media on your device. Click Ok.

Step 4 – Return back to the Home Screen and hover the pointer over the Settings option

Step 5 – In the Settings menu, scroll right and select My Fire Tv

Step 6 – Tap on Developer Options

Step 7 – Turn On the setting for “Apps from Unknown Sources” And that’s it!

Now, if you’re on a device that uses New Interface, you will see the option for “Install Unknown Apps.” Select and allow this setting. Next, find Downloader. You will notice that it mentions “ON.” It means you have successfully jailbroken this app. You can turn these settings off for any app here.

That’s pretty much it. You can now side-load thousands of third-party apps with the help of Downloader.  But before you go all crazy with newfound free apps, we recommend using a reliable VPN to cover your tracks. In the following section, we explain why you need a VPN for third-party apps. Read on!

Using VPN (Why the need?)

We’ll keep things simple in this section. You need a VPN to bypass (and avoid):

Privacy and Surveillance Concerns

Data security is the biggest concern today. Government agencies, your ISP, or even a hacker can hijack your traffic to analyze what you’re watching. A VPN encrypts your traffic, masking your online activities, and securing your online connection.

Legal Trouble

Streaming from unauthorized and third party resources is becoming a legal issue in many territories. This is because most of these third party apps give free access to licensed material. A VPN adds a layer of protection as it conceals your IP and location from third parties.

Content restrictions

Sometimes, some of the content is geographically restricted. If your IP doesn’t fall in that particular location, you won’t be able to stream that content. This is called geoblocking, and a VPN allows you to bypass this restriction by simply changing your IP address.

ISP throttling Issues

For one reason or another, your ISP can restrict your connection speed. This proves to be a nuisance as you become unable to stream your favorite channels. With the help of a VPN, you can get around this issue. A VPN will encrypt all the outbound traffic, making your activities invisible to the ISP.

That brings us to the big question. What’s the best VPN for FireStick? Long-time readers of this website know our goto and recommended VPN service is IPVanish. If you’re new to the website, read below to know more about one of the best and most reliable VPNs in the market.

What is IPVanish?

IPVanish is among the most affordable VPN services today.

Pair it with a huge amount of servers, and you get amazing value for the price, and you can now trial this for the first 30-days, for FREE. You can check it out here.

It has over 1500 servers in 75+ locations worldwide, which means more options to choose from if one server goes down. Moreover, with a great user interface, it is available on up to 10 devices, including android. The android app is simple to follow. This means even the uninitiated ones will have no trouble navigating through various settings. In terms of security, it uses industry-standard encryption protocols to keep nose-pokers at bay. Similarly, for privacy, it follows a strict no-logs rule. Thus it doesn’t save any record of your online activity. Last but not least, IPVanish is available with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So check it out! You can get your money back if the service fails to satisfy your needs.

With all that out of the way, let’s dive into 11 of the best APKs for free movies.

Best Streaming Apps & Services

Want to build the coolest (and most extensive) FireTV movie and tv show library in 2023? These apps can help!


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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you must have heard of this amazing paid streaming platform, Netflix. It’s so popular that “Netflix and Chill” have become a common phrase. Now, paying for a service isn’t bad at all, especially when you’re getting top-of-the-line services in return. Netflix is a top-notch streaming platform with a great library of original and acquired programming from around the world. On top of that, it continuously adds fresh content into the mix, so you don’t get bored. There’s always something exciting to watch and anticipate.

However, a lot of Netflix content is geo-restricted. You can only watch it if you’re living in that territory. To bypass this restriction, you can simply use a reliable VPN service like IPVanish, as we suggested earlier. This is a secure way to stream anything you want online. That said, Netflix for Android users gives you a fantastic-looking streaming interface, with a quick setup, comprehensive features, smooth controls, and reliable performance. That’s why it is our top streaming app for android. Unfortunately, there’s no free version.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video or just Prime Video is a US VOD OTT streaming and rental service. It mainly distributes movies and TV series. Some of the content is licensed to Amazon, while others are exclusively produced. Besides, Prime Video also offers live streams of select NFL and NBA games (including but not limited to Thursday Night Football.

All at a mere cost of $5.99 per month.

At the moment, its library hosts more than 18,000 movies. Most of them are available for free streaming with your prime membership. Its TV library is less extensive, though, the streaming service is on a roll with original hit shows like The Boys and The Expanse in recent years. That said, you can stream up to 3 titles simultaneously using the same Amazon account. However, you can’t stream the same title on more than 2 devices at a time.


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Hulu is another US subscription VOD service. It is majorly owned and run by The Walt Disney Company. As of December 1, 2020, it has over 38 million subscribers. Beyond hosted movies & tv shows, original programming, and next-day broadcasts, Hulu has also taken a shot at live streaming. Their Hulu + Live TV package offers 65+ channels (including sports channels), though at a significantly higher cost of $64.99/month. On the plus side, you get the first week absolutely free.

Besides Live TV, Hulu offers two other subscriptions. An expensive yet ad-free and a cheaper ad-supported version to suit everyone’s needs. You can watch most of the network shows (aside from CBS) and some cable shows (as well) a day after they air. You can stream Hulu on two devices simultaneously. And the best thing is, Hulu is available on a 30-day free trial period. So, you can test the service before doling out your money.

Disney Plus

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A relative newcomer, Disney Plus is slowly becoming a dominant player in the market. And why it shouldn’t? Disney is sitting on a huge stockpile of properties from Star Wars and Indiana Jones to Marvel and popular animated shows like The Simpsons. At $7 a month (which will increase to $7.99 starting March 2021) and 4 streams per user, the cost is a pure bargain.

The biggest drawing factor of Disney plus is that most of its content is available in 4K. Some of it even comes with HDR color palate as well. That’s why although the service is entering its second year, it has over an 87million subscribers as of December 2020. Disney Plus is also testing the waters of PPV with the online release of Mulan at $30. Reportedly, the movie’s release was so successful that the studio plans to follow the same release strategy as a model for future movies post-COVID19.

YouTube TV

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YouTube’s live streaming service combines the world’s most familiar interface with a remarkable array of sports, entertainment, and other add-on channels. Because of its ease of use (or is it because of the familiarity?), exceptional performance, and a fat channel roster, Youtube TV is slowly becoming the best live-streaming TV service out there. But it’s a little more expensive than the competition.

At the moment, there’s just one $65 per month package. It delivers all the channels in 100+ markets and sometimes on-demand content too. Moreover, it’s the only live-streaming platform that carries PBS, PBS Kids, and 13 other premium channels such as HBO Max, NBC Sports Network, and ESPN.

HBO Now and HBO Go

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HBO Now has been rebranded. Now, it goes by the title HBO. It’s still a streams-only version of cable or satellite HBO. HBO Go, on the other hand, no longer exists. It was a free streaming app for HBO’s subscribers. With the launch of HBO Max and the recent push by Warner Bros to make it the best streaming platform, we suspect eventually every HBO content will reside on HBO Max.

For now, HBO Now features premium originals and an extensive on-demand library of popular shows and movies. In addition, HBO Now offers a totally ad-free experience at almost $15/month. That said, it’s pricier than its competitors, lacks any provision for offline downloads on smartphones, and offers neither 4K nor HDR.

Sling TV

Sling TV
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If you feel cable is a bit too expensive and offers too much for your needs, Sling TV may just be the right fit. It’s a lot like traditional cable. You pay a monthly subscription charge and get around 30 real-time TV channels. However, there are no setup charges and no contract involved. It’s pretty hassle-free. As of Q3, Sling TV has 2.46 subscribers, according to Statisa.com.

This service is especially useful for sports fans, as it offers tens of ESPN channels at a $30/month rate. To sweeten the deal, you get NBC, CNN, BBC America, CN, TBS, and Food Network all in the same package. While competitors like Youtube TV are increasing prices, Sling TV recently introduced a 1-year guarantee that freezes the low price. Sweet, right?


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 Crunchyroll is an American Video streaming service focused on streaming manga, anime, and dorama. It offers more than 1,200 series thanks to the biggest anime collection globally, several simulcast shows, and an ad-free package to increase your anime dose as and when you want. No dubs, though. Most of the programs are only available with subtitles. The service is available in two tiers – a free ad-supported version and a premium paid one ($7.99/month). As of mid-2020, the anime streaming platform has 3 million paid and almost 87 million free version subscribers (source: Wikipedia)

Its content library is categorized into action, adventure, drama, comedy, music, mystery, and sci-fi, to name a few. You can watch popular anime like Attack on Titan, Naruto shows, Death Note, Hunter x Hunter, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, One punch Man, etc. Honestly, it’s hard to list them all. Crunchyroll also produces original anime. The web interface is quick to navigate and hosts a distinctive white, gray, and orange color scheme. However, the amount of info on any one page can be somewhat overwhelming.

Apple TV Plus

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The Tech giant’s foray into the streaming world remains a bit of an anomaly. It’s currently the lowest-priced option in the market with a mere $5/month. Still, Apple TV Plus packs a punch with its premium features like an ad-free experience, 4K resolution with HDR, Dolby Atmos sound, and smartphone downloads. Sure, it has had a slow start. But today, it offers 30+ big-budget original movies and TV shows. Unfortunately, there’s no back catalog of streaming content to scroll through, unlike competitors like HBO Max or Amazon Prime.

While we don’t know the exact number of subscribers, some sources claim the number is anywhere between 34 million and to 40million in 2020. You can share the subscription with as many as 5 others on the Apple Family plan and stream on up to 6 devices simultaneously. The device support is rather narrow apart from all Apple devices. It’s also unavailable on any mobile device except iPhones and iPads. If you’re looking for some original shows outside Netflix, Apple TV Plus can be an exciting option.


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There are several ways to watch people play video games (and let them watch you). But Amazon’s Twitch reigns supreme for live streamers. And not just for video games, this free service offers creatives a chance to showcase their creativity to the world with ease. It’s available on many platforms such as desktops, browsers, mobiles, and set-top boxes. That’s why it’s a great entertaining substitute for more traditional streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video.

If you already own an Amazon Prime subscription, then you can access Twitch. It grants you extended broadcast storage (60 days), a single channel subscription (ad-free), fantastic emoticons, an exclusive chat badge, expanded chat options, as well as free PC games every month. Free account holders, on the other hand, have to contend with some jarring ads. Overall, it’s a great platform for both pro and hobbyist streamers.


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Crackle, jointly owned by Soul Entertainment and Sony, is a free video streaming app. Yes, you heard that right. It’s an absolutely free and legal service that provides quite a decent selection of movies and tv shows – 700 movies and 100+ tv shows, to be exact. All in high-quality 720p resolution. In this regard, it is one of the movie apps for android like Showbox. There is some exclusive content, as well. But it’s not as popular as The Boys from Prime Video or The Mandalorian from Disney Plus. The best thing about Crackle is that it needs no sign-up. You can start using it right away.

It’s available on many devices, including FireStick, and comes with ads to support the platform. Unfortunately, there’s no way to remove them as Crackle offers just one (free) package. Crackle’s mobile and web interfaces are functional yet lackluster. The black, orange, and white color scheme is fine but can use a few improvements. As for the playback, you get all the standard controls you expect from a premium video player, including 10-second rewind and fast-forward buttons. PS, unlike other free streaming APKs like CyberFlix, APK time, Movie DB APK, and Cinema APK, you don’t have to sideload this application.

Get Rolling With the Best APKs for Free Movies

We hope this list helps you dive into and explore the endless sea of FireStick apps. From classic streaming options like Netflix and Disney plus to free applications like Crackle, there’s something of interest for everyone here. And while you’re at it, don’t forget that we recommend a reliable VPN service like IPvanish to unlock any geo-restricted content and protect your privacy. That’s all for now. Till next time, folks!

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