This article walks you through the XBMC Remote, what options you have, and how to use it to control Kodi or XBMC.

XBMC Remote:  What is it?

An XBMC Remote is simply a hand-held physical remote or app-based software remote that controls Kodi / XBMC for you!

What’s the Best XBMC Remote?

The best option out there is the Kore Remote (download free on Google Play). The reason why Kore remote is the best remote controller for Kodi, is that it is the official remote controller for Kodi itself!

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Kodi / XBMC Remote Kore (official)

Kore: The best XBMC Remote available

As such, its features are essentially design for use with Kodi specifically, making a for a flexible precise and effective alternative.

What Options Do We Have?

There are many remote controls that are available for Kodi / XBMC.  It basically boils down to 2 types of Kodi remotes:  Software (apps) and hardware (physical remote devices).

Whether you choose an app as a software solution or a physical remote as a hardware solution, there are many ways to control Kodi:

Kodi Remote Apps (Software Solution)

Although the Kore Remote app is one of the best out there, you can choose between many other remote apps for your smartphone / tablet, including:

  • The older XBMC remote app, (XBMC remote) still works great for controlling Kodi remotely

    Official XBMC Remote App

    (Legacy) XBMC Remote app

  • Yatse, is an independent remote app that works wonders with Kodi

    Use Yatse for XBMC Chromecast streaming setup

    Yatse for XBMC Chromecast Streaming

  • Even other apps such as the Music Pump XBMC app are great for controlling Kodi.   This app is particularly perfect for those of you with a focus on streaming music.

    XBMC Remote: Music Pump for Kodi

    Music Pump XBMC Remote

  • The official Amazon Fire TV remote app is free.  Furthermore, we had great results with this app.

    XBMC Remote Fire TV app

    Official Amazon Fire TV App

Don’t forget you can use an actual (physical) remote control for $10 off of Amazon (see the list below).

Kodi Physical Remotes (Hardware Solution)

  • For Kodi running on PC, Mac, Android TV Box, or Fire TV (not FireStick), you can plug in any USB mouse or keyboard.  OR use a wireless mouse or keyboard and just plug the wireless receiver (“dongle”) into your device’s USB port.  Kodi will respond to the input from the wired mouse / keyboard appropriately.
  • If you’re using Kodi on FireStick, you use the physical Fire TV remote that came with the unit.
    Amazon Fire TV Remote

    Fire Stick Remote

    Alternatively, use any physical Bluetooth remote!  Yes, this means that Bluetooth mice, keyboards, and “pointers” / air mouse devices will control Kodi on FireStick.

    Enter our bluetooth keyboard giveaway

    Use a Bluetooth Keyboard to control Kodi on FireStick!

  • Gamepads and game controllers allow you to navigate through Kodi also.  Try plugging in a USB SNES controller into a PC that’s running Kodi.

    Install SNES Emulators for Fire Stick

    SNES Emulators on Raspberry Pi Zero, 1, 2, and 3

XBMC Remote: COMPLETE List of Kodi Remotes
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