This guide shows you how to install XBMC Hub Wizard in 2017 for Kodi 17 or Kodi 16.

What is XBMC / Kodi Hub Wizard?

Hub Wizard enables you to install all the best TV Addons in Kodi for streaming movies, TV shows, Live TV, and all types of great online (and offline) content.

As the admin, after you set up XBMC Wizard in Kodi, I strongly recommend you do these steps as well:

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  • Watch our YouTube tutorial on How to protect your Kodi streams.  I care about the security of the people who visit my site!
  • Then see how to install TV Addons with Config Wizard and Kodi Add-On Installer (scroll down for that).

Where did Hub Wizard go?!

The new XBMC Wizard is actually named “Indigo“!  That’s right, the TVAddons Team worked hard to combine all of their best TV Addons and apps into one easy-to-install Wizard:  Indigo.

Indigo Wizard Install Summary

Indigo Wizard is installed by simply adding “” as a new Kodi Source (in File Manager).  Then install the Indigo zip file from the new source.  So use the steps below (scroll down) to walk yourself through the XBMC Hub Wizard 2017 install process step-by-step.

Before you install the XBMC Wizard, we urge you to become aware of the significantly-increasing risk of streaming movies & TV shows with Kodi, as well as the risks related to web browsing in general.  More specifically, the U.S. Congress repealed Internet Privacy laws on March 28th, 2017.  This means your own Internet Service Provider can legally sell your personal data (such as health records, security information, and browsing history).

  • To eliminate this new security threat, simply use the VPN we recommend ($4.87/mo).  We have tutorial videos that show you how to easily set up VPN service in just a few minutes on ALL of your devices.  After you install the Hub Wizard in Kodi, set up the VPN with our VPN setup tutorial videos to protect yourself.  Our tutorials work on Amazon FireStick, Fire TV, Android, iOS (iPhone / iPad), Smart TVs (Samsung & all others), and every network-enabled device you can think of.
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How to Install XBMC Hub Wizard in Kodi 17 or 16

Installing the hub wizard in Kodi / XBMC is extremely easy.  Follow the steps below to install Indigo in Kodi 17 or Kodi 17, which is the new Hub Wizard:

You can start streaming movies & TV shows with Kodi in as little as five minutes by following this super-easy Kodi plugin installation procedure:

  1. Launch Kodi
  2. Go to SYSTEM, which is the “gear” icon if you’re using Kodi 16.  If using Kodi 16, SYSTEM is in the main Kodi home screen.
  3. Then go to File Manager
  4. Go to “Add Source” and select “NONE”.
  5. Enter the following URL link:, then click on “Done
  6. Click on the empty box and enter “KFire Indigo” or any name as the source name.  Press “Done” and “OK” to finish adding the new Kodi source.
  7. (For Kodi 17 ONLY):  Go back to the SYSTEM menu.  Then go to System Settings.  Move the cursor to “Add-Ons”, then turn on “Unknown Sources”.
  8. Return to Kodi’s homescreen
  9. Go to Add-Ons
  10. (For Kodi 17 ONLY):  Select the “Package” icon from the upper-left corner of the screen.
  11. Select “Install from Zip File
  12. Select the source you added in an earlier step (“KFire Indigo”).  Then choose “begin-here”.
  13. Now select the “” file
  14. Wait a minute or so for the Indigo tool to install in Kodi / XBMC
  15. Return to the Kodi home screen
  16. Select Indigo to launch the Wizard
  17. After Indigo launches, use it to install TV Addons from the “Add-On Installer Folder”.
  18. Don’t forget to protect your Kodi streams.  We also have a FireStick security setup guide.
  • Here’s the YouTube tutorial version of the steps above:

After You Install Indigo (aka XBMC Hub Wizard 2017):

  1. Protect your Internet data by following one of our VPN setup tutorial videos.  Use our step-by-step guides to prevent receiving a “nasty letter” from your ISP.  Many users report they stream public domain content and still receive DMCA violation notices!
  2. Install individual TV Addons in Kodi using the “Add-On Installer” folder in the Indigo Wizard
  3. OR, install TV Addons several-at-a-time by utilizing the Config Wizard.  Note:  Some users report that Config Wizard is not available from time to time.  We will update this article as more information becomes available.

Installing Config Wizard After Installing Indigo

If the “Config Wizard” folder is present, use the Config Wizard to automatically install all the best addons in Kodi.  Config Wizard installs the best Kodi addons, such as:

How to Install Config Wizard in Kodi 2017

  1. Launch Indigo Wizard (install using the steps above)
  2. Select Config Wizard.  Then press “Yes”, or “OK”
  3. After the welcome message, choose your operating system and remember that Firestick users need to choose Android!
  4. Wait for Config Wizard (a few minutes on FireStick or most other devices) to download and install itself in Kodi Krypton (17) or Kodi Jarvis (16).
  5. Re-start your device after the Config Wizard is completely finished.  Then re-launch Kodi.
  6. Now use the newly-installed TV Addons found under “Add-Ons”.  Enjoy!


You are now ready to enjoy your add-ons as easy as ever!  Most Kodi 17 TVAddons installed by Config Wizard are found in “Add-Ons” in Kodi’s home screen.  We hope you enjoy your streaming and stream safely!

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