WPS Pin Vizio: How to Set Up Wi-Fi on Vizio Smart TV (“Pin-Only”)

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Here’s our guide on All There Is To Know About How to Set Up Wi-Fi on Vizio Smart TV (“Pin-Only”).  This is also known as the WPS Pin Vizio setup process:

Do you have a Vizio Smart TV? Does your Vizio smart TV have issues when it comes to connecting to the internet? If you do, you might notice that adding your device to your home network will not be successful. Most of the times, when you attempt to add this device to the network it will ask for a WPS PIN for the television. If you are going through this issue, then your main question might be “What exactly is a WPS PIN?” and “Where will you find this WPS PIN?”

What Is A WPS PIN Vizio Setup?

WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. It is a feature that allows the user to connect to their Wi-Fi successfully without having to input their connection information manually. The current router models support this WPS feature. However, if you own an older router model that supports WPS but does not have a WPS button, then this read will help you to connect your device to the home network and be able to access third-party software and content. There are a few methods you could apply to help you connect to a network. An example of such is the input of a WPS-PIN on your Vizio model.

How Do You Locate Your WPS PIN Vizio 8-Digits Number?

Do you know where to find the WPS PIN of your router? Many people have this problem have no idea where to find their WPS-PIN.

The first step to finding your WPS-PIN is going through the documentation of the device. If this is not successful, try the next step.

You will trace the WPS PIN at the back or bottom of your router. This number will most likely be close to the address and serial number information of your computer. It is an eight-digit number with a WPS feature next to it. The WPS feature resembles two curved arrows facing the opposite directions, almost forming a cycle.

Nine Effective Ways to Connect Your Vizio TV to the Network

There are numerous ways that a user can use to do the WPS Pin Vizo setup process on your network. They are:

  • Using the correct methods to add your Vizio TV as a device to your network
  • Checking the connection settings for any discrepancies that you could correct before proceeding to add your device to the network
  • Running the hardware troubleshooter to confirm what the real issue is. Running the troubleshooter entails:
  • Use the following shortcut to arrive at your desired page easily and faster (Simultaneously press the Windows Key and the “C” button on the keyboard). This will open a Charms bar.
  • On the bar, type the term “Troubleshooting” and select this term under the “Settings” option.
  • Then proceed by typing the term “Hardware Troubleshooter” in the search bar. To run the troubleshooter, click on this term.
  • Enter your parental PIN in the place of your WPS PIN. If you did not have a parental PIN prior to this, then you could use the default parental PIN, which is 0000.
  • Alternatively, you could try to add, removing, and managing your printers and devices
  • You could try to pair the remote to the television. This is specifically for persons who fail to locate their WPS PINs. The Vizio TV will not wirelessly connect without this PIN, thus connecting
  • Alternatively, you could purchase a converter that specializes in converting USB to HDMI. With the aid of this converter, you could use your television as a display.

The Vizio TV has some applications. Locate the media player in this applications section. Through the media player, you could access some content using “My Cloud” but this option is limited.

The disadvantage with this option is that the TV will only play content that it can select.  Therefore, it will have minimal access to a few content formats on the computer.

This limit sheds light on the fact that the TV may not play some of the content that the user sends to it since it can only play a limited number of formats.

Systematic Guide to Set Up WPS Pin Vizio

If the problem persists, then settle for inputting the WPS PIN onto your Vizio TV. The following is a systematic guide to setting up a connection using a WPS PIN Vizio:

  1. Go to the “Wireless” Menu– Start out by going to the “Network” Menu with the aid of the direction keys on the remote control. Locate the “Wireless” option and select it.
  2. Locate the available networks– With the aid of the direction keys on the remote control; locate the “Network List” option and select it. This option will display a list of all the available networks around your vicinity.
  3. Locate the name of your wireless network. Make sure that it is WPS enabled before you proceed. With the aid of the direction keys on the remote control, carefully highlight the name of your network and select it.
  4. Proceed by selecting the WPS PIN option, and keying it using the digit pad on your remote control. Make sure you key in the numbers correctly and systematically. Once you are through with this process, press the “Select” option on the remote.
  5. Follow any other instructions prompted by your device. The device will then connect to the internet, and you could then access anything you wanted with the aid of the remote control.

Solving your issue will be easier if you have an idea of what your device needs to work efficiently. If you do not have a clue on how to solve your connection issue then start out by confirming if your device requires something to prompt it to work to your advantage. You could seek assistance from the product providers on how to solve your issue or where to locate your WPS PIN. Alternatively, you could take note of all the solutions and try them on your device, one after the other until your device connects to the network at issue.

WPS Pin Vizio Router

If you suspect your Router is giving you trouble while setting up your WPS system, try a new router.

Also see how to setup WiFi security on your new router.

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