Why You Don’t Want To Miss The 2022 World Games

With many clubs opening their stadium doors again, enthusiasts from all around the world are beside themselves. Some sports have been back in rotation for almost a year now, but that temporary pandemic shutdown still casts a long shadow.

It forever changed the industry in more ways than one. The pandemic spun the entire world into a tailspin that many are still recovering from. Unfortunately, this would be the case in many sports.

Many clubs, leagues, and establishments are still trying to get back on track from the temporary shutdown. This is just one of the many reasons that fans are celebrating the 2022 World Games harder, louder, and more raucous than ever before. This is not the only reason to turn into this year’s event.

Don’t Miss The Musical Lineup

When talking about sports and sporting events, you wouldn’t expect to hear mention of music. Well, a party couldn’t reach epidemic proportions without music.

Of course, it must be the right music. And that’s just what’s going to be offered at the 2022 World Games. The musical lineup is not just filled with a who’s who list of popular brands, but it is filled with bands that fit the scenario.

From Nelly, and Yolanda Adams, to Bootsy Collins, and Sara Evans, there is an entire lineup of talented musicians that will mesh with any personality and style.

Two acts, in particular, that fans will not want to miss out on are the opening and closing ceremonies.

Before The Event

In sports, it’s not just the event itself that sparks attention. Sometimes, it’s all about the anticipation and buildup surrounding the approaching event.

That buzz will be exponential during the 2022 World games, and the reason for this is because fans will be able to see the athletes before they compete.

This is not the same thing as your usual pre-game interviews. There will be over 3,600 tried and tested top athletes from around the world packed into one location.

The Parade of Athletes will be something fans will especially want to catch. It’s the perfect way to welcome these individuals to The Magic City and celebrate their hard work over the years.

Don’t Forget Vulcan And Vesta

The World Games simply wouldn’t be the world games without their mascots. Every team has some kind of figure that they can get behind.

It just so happens that the World Games have their own as well and fans have come to cherish them over the years. The 2022 World Games is set for O’Neal Steel to present the two iconic figures.

Vulcan and Vesta will be presented at the head of the opening ceremony, and they’ll be available for sneak peeks through the entire event.

Although many will want to take the time to hit up their favorite online casinos during these opening events, you’ll want to be sure to at least catch a glimpse of these two.

You can play สล็อตเว็บตรง any time you want, this dynamic duo will only be on display for a slotted time.

UAB Professor Named Artistic Director

Going back to the opening and closing ceremonies, it was announced earlier this year that a world-renowned UAB professor will oversee the arranging of the events.

One of the greatest things about events like this is that they can bring real importance and spotlight to local talents. Being hosted in Birmingham this year, that’s exactly what the opening and closing ceremonies will do.

Birmingham’s own award-winning professor Dr. Henry Panion III will be the artistic director for the opening and closing of the World Games. He already has a whole star-studded lineup of musicians to collaborate with. It’ll be truly amazing to see how he stages them together.

The New Protective Stadium

One of the greatest things about events like this is the stadiums. Entire stadiums are specifically constructed just to house such events. If you have been spending any time in Birmingham as of late, you’ve likely noticed all the construction and work.

The crews have just finished putting the finishing touches on the new Protective Stadium. It’s brought a real literal glow to the city.

There is plenty of seating, delectable concessions, and quick access to the hottest spots the city has to offer. The 2022 World Games is not something any sports enthusiast wants to miss.

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