How to Watch FIFA World Cup on Android Phone, Tablet, or Android TV

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This easy-to-follow tutorial shows you how to Watch FIFA World Cup on Android Smartphones, Android Tablets, Android TV, and all other Android-based devices.

How do I Watch FIFA World Cup on Android?

Read the step-by-step guide below to watch FIFA World Cup on Android.

First, I give you the Summary of How to Watch the FIFA World Cup on Android phones & tablets.

Then I give you the detailed walkthrough:

Summary of How to Watch FIFA World Cup on Amazon Android

First things first:  we need to install an app on our Android smartphone called FileLinked.

Then we enter a code into FileLinked.

After that, we press a button in the FileLinked app which downloads a particular Streaming TV app onto our Android device.

To enable our Android device to play FIFA World Cup Streams, we now need to install an app called MX Player.  Find MX Player in the Google Play Store and press Install to complete this step.

Finally, we launch the Streaming TV app, find the channel on which the FIFA World Cup is being streamed, and enjoy the game!

How to Watch FIFA World Cup on Android (Detailed walkthrough)

Here is the exact way to watch the FIFA World Cup on Android devices.

  1. Open your Android device’s browser (usually this is Google Chrome browser).
  2. In your browser’s address bar, enter
  3. Wait for the FileLinked app to download, then launch the downloaded file.  If your phone says you need to give it permission to launch the downloaded file, then give the app permission.
  4. When your phone shows the install screen for FileLinked, select the “Install” button.
  5. After FileLinked is installed, select “Open” to launch FileLinked.
  6. Once FileLinked is launched, Enter this Code:  28180990
  7. After the list of Sports apps appears within FileLInked, select “Mobdro” to begin the download for Mobdro.
  8. After Mobdro is finished downloading, select the “Play” icon to begin the Mobdro install process.
  9. Press “Install
  10. Now, agree to the prompt on-screen.
  11. Then find the “CHANNELS” button on the Mobdro homescreen.  How?  Open mobdro, go to Channels, then search for “ITV”.  Note: The game you want to watch may be on BBC instead, or on the “other” ITV channel (ITV4).
  12. Select ITV1 in search results
  13. Enjoy the FIFA World Cup!

Alternatives to Mobdro to Stream FIFA World Cup

If you have any trouble with the steps above, then follow the Alternatives below for a guaranteed win!

Alternative 1:  HD Streamz 3 for Android

Mobdro not working? Repeat the steps above, but at step 3, install HD Streamz 3 instead of mobdro.  After you install HD Streamz 3 instead of Mobdro this, follow these steps:

  1. After opening HD Streamz 3, scroll down to UK channels
  2. Then press MORE.
  3. Now scroll down to ITV 1.
  4. Press on ITV1 and enjoy the game!

Alternative 2:  Live Lounge for Android

Or at step 3 of the How to Watch World Cup on Android process, install Live Lounge instead of Mobdro. Then..

  1. After you launch live lounge, select “continue with ads”.
  2. Now choose “IPTV playlists“.
  3. Then choose “webscraped UK“.
  4. Now select ITV1 to stream the world cup!

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