Mariah Carey’s Workout Routine And Diet Plan

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Award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer Mariah Carey made a killer comeback with her body after giving birth to twins in her 40s.

And she’s admirable because she has managed to maintain her sexy physique even at an age when most women complain that there’s a decline in their metabolism. Recouping her bikini body and keeping it all these years is indeed an impressive feat. 

Mariah is known to have embarked on a six-month weight loss journey where she lost 70 pounds. She credits a reasonable nutrition and workout plan for her success. This fabulous singer shared that the initial 40 pounds melted quickly as they were all water weight from her pregnancy.

However, she shed the last 30 pounds through sheer determination and hard work. Discover Mariah Carey’s workout routine and diet plan and use it as a fit-spiration. 


Three Times A Week Exercise

Everyone knows that committing to a workout routine is tough. It’s even harder than writing a college entrance essay because students can use an order admission essay  writing service to ease the burdens.

For exercise, however, no one else can do the hard work but the person who wants to lose weight. Seeing the scale budge and the inches melt off takes commitment, time, and effort. 

In her interviews, Mariah did not specifically say her exact workouts, but she did note that she loves aerobics and resistance training. Unlike Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce, who credits dancing as a way to stay fit, Mariah told US Weekly she prefers working out thrice for 90 minutes to keep in shape. Her workouts consist of swimming and pool exercises for cardiovascular endurance and resistance. 

Her choice of what workout to do makes plenty of sense because water exercises are gentle on the joints because there is minimized impact thanks to buoyancy. Although water aerobics is usually associated with seniors and pregnant women, this exercise is good for everyone’s heart health, even those at intermediate and advanced levels.

It’s a great way to burn calories and create a deficit for weight loss without feeling too exhausted. No wonder Mariah looks so happy in the water in her Instagram photos. 

The Benefits of Doing Water Aerobics

As a world-class performer, physical health is essential to Mariah to belt out her famous ditties. She also needs extra lung power to do “the whistle,” which is her signature high-pitch sound. Doing water aerobics helps in building her lung prowess and stamina. 

Moreover, swimming is known to increase strength. Mariah noted that she loves being in the water because it provides resistance, enhances her muscles, and keeps her toned. Check out the following benefits of doing water aerobics:   

  1. Increase Endurance: The pushing and pulling of the body against the weight of the water increase endurance. The weight and gravity of the water build resilience and promote muscle development, which results in a faster metabolic rate. This means an individual will burn more calories even at rest.  
  1. Burn Calories: Water workouts burn more calories because people exert more effort against the force of water. Typically, swimming burns 400 to 500 calories an hour, so doing any form of water exercise is an excellent method of promoting weight loss.
  1. Enhance Flexibility: Doing a water workout entails moving in various ways and directions to adjust to the push and pull of water. This encourages the joints to move in full motion, giving everything a good stretch. Consequently, this equates to better flexibility and more limber movements. 
  1. Build Muscle: Again, since water flows in various directions and wraps around the body, there’s more resistance in the pool than on land. Every move in the pool is enhanced and emphasized, making the body adapt. This fosters agility and builds muscle strength, supporting the bones and giving them structure. 

Any person who wishes to shed weight will benefit from incorporating water aerobics into their routine. Water’s natural buoyancy makes people feel almost weightless amidst a workout and reduces the impact on the body compared to traditional workout styles.

As Mariah Carey proves, a water exercise regimen may be gentle on the joints, but it is very tough on fats. Just remember to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration!

An Effective Diet Plan

Many fitness enthusiasts say that exercise is only half the battle. The war against the battle of the bulge can only be won with a good diet because abs are made in the kitchen.

No matter how good a person’s physical program is, it can never compensate for what one puts in the mouth because no one can outrun a bad diet. 

For this reason, Mariah Carey hired a full-time dietitian after having kids to ensure she stays within the healthy range of 1,500 per day. This calorie count is the most optimal way to shed extra pounds without starvation.

Her trick was to eat small mini-meals instead of eating three giant meals. Take note of these helpful diet tips: 

  • Aim for low sugar but rich in lean protein like pork loin or chicken breast
  • Limit refined carbohydrates consumption, like white bread and rice
  • Stay away from processed food with lots of trans fats
  • Savor meals by chewing food slowly and properly to aid digestion
  • Substitute fruits like berries when craving sweets
  • Incorporate as many veggies in meals
  • Drink a lot of fluids but avoid sugary beverages

Takeaway – Don’t Obsess Over The Numbers

One of the best pieces of advice that Mariah Carey gave is not to obsess over the numbers. She shares that she relies on how she feels instead of just focusing on what’s written on the weighing scale.

After all, muscles weigh more than fats. Instead, this fantastic singer pays attention to how she feels and how her clothes fit. 

She also says that it’s important to remember that a weight loss journey takes patience and time.  And people must remember that more than vanity, the healthy feeling one gets with proper diet and exercise is the most remarkable win.

Maintaining a healthy weight means having high energy levels and squashing that sluggish feeling. For this reason, Mariah Carey remains committed to eating healthy meals and working out. 

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