Women’s Health App Development Guide


The tech sector has been attracting investors for years, as it plays a crucial role in economic recovery after a period of stagnation or economic uncertainty. The most common ideas for consideration are AI (artificial intelligence), cloud computing, cyber security, robotics, and environmental sustainability as they are constant in their development.

However, recent years have shown a sharp rise in another sector of technology, which has occupied its niche and the figures are more than impressive. This tech wonder is called a FemTech, which stands for ‘female technology’. Although this term was coined in 2016, the trend itself faced a significant rise in 2021, when it gained 16 billion in investments per year, and added 16% more by July, 2022. Female tech shows stability in its development, and there is a lot more room for growth, ideas, and improvement, and financial opportunities.

Please note,

When using the words ‘female’, ‘women’, and related collocations, we understand the whole range of gender subgroups.

FemTech is a relatively new yet promising direction of tech development, as the niche has been hibernated for years. This sector of technology is focused specifically on women’s needs and aims to cover all the gaps related to their health care.

Initially, the investors were alert about the unilateralism of such a sector, as it’s exclusively for females, which doesn’t resonate with the global tolerance policy. However, this trend took a positive course, attracting customers and giving the green light for more businesses and developers to participate.

FemTech includes wearable and treatment devices, software services, sensors, and even specialized clothes to improve women’s healthcare and well-being. However, the client bonuses don’t stop here, as the technology went even further, bringing in telemedicine software development, which ensures early medical consultation over the app without waiting for the doctor’s free time slots.


The typical consumers are female individuals, fertility clinics, diagnostic centers, surgical centers, etc. The areas of tracking are reproductive health, pregnancy, nursing care, general healthcare, fitness, etc.

Apart from being beneficial for the female part of our society, FemTech is a treasure trove for investors as well:

1.  It’s in-demand

The FemTech trend is developing quickly attracting more and more consumers. Given the slow progress of woman-specific products earlier, all the abundance now creates a high level of interest and demand.

2. Global women solidarity

The business expansion is propelled by the unity of women all around the world. The specialized software and apps help them get together despite distance and location to share the same problems.

3. High investment returns

Woman-specific apps are still at the very beginning of development, and a lot of areas are still uncovered. Therefore, developers can charge various premium features as the competition is relatively low now.

4. High level of audience reach

Women use the phone more often than men. Besides, they are more concerned about health issues and symptom tracking. These two aspects make together a great combo, creating a wide audience.

As of now, the most popular areas to cover are:

  • Women’s Period and Fertility Tracking App,
  • Pregnancy Tracker App,
  • Birth Control App,
  • Sexual Self Care,
  • Trainer Apps,
  • Breastfeeding App,
  • Feminine Hygiene App,
  • Online Consultation App,
  • Mother’s Community App.


Steps to Develop a Successful Women’s Health App

1. Market Research

Any startup and idea begin its development with market research. It is important to create the avatars of typical users and study what the competitors offer. The market analysis will give a deep insight into all the positive sides of similar applications and mark the blunders to be aware of. By studying what’s on offer, it’s important to come up with new and distinctive features, to persuade the end-users that they need only your application.

2. Characteristics to present

  • Registration – it should be short and quick, and not too detailed. According to the research, if the registration requires more than 5 positions to be filled, people are likely to abandon the idea. A good solution is an integration with an already existing Google or social-network account, Apple ID, etc.
  • Medical profile – it includes height, weight, and specific questions anyone would answer while filling in the medical form.
  • Cycle tracking – one of the most common features presented in women’s apps. It should include menstrual cycle monitoring and prediction, PMS symptoms, ovulation calculations, and graphs related to the intensity and length of the period.
  • Daily notifications – the push notifications can include motivational quotes, reminders about the periods, regular medical checkups, physical activity, rehydration, etc. It’s important to let the users choose what they want to see, as too many notifications will just annoy everyone.
  • Integration with other applications – it’s a good idea to cooperate with other apps related to food consumption, fitness, scales, etc.
  • Virtual consultation with doctors – this characteristic is the result of cooperation between the developers and clinics, and it’s certainly one of the most attractive options for users. Everyone knows that reaching a doctor isn’t easy nowadays if there’s no emergency. But luckily, there will be an application, which will quickly connect the subscriber with the doctor. A few developers like those from Emerline have already succeeded in implementing such practices.

3. Monetization

Women’s health apps are helpful and profitable. There are three major ways to earn money with the help of the app:

  • In-app purchases – medical consultation, customizable options, unique features of the app, ad-free performance, etc.
  • In-app advertisement – it’s a profitable deal, yet you should balance the number of ads. Excessive ads popping up on the screen can leave you without clients.
  • Paid app – you can set the fee for subscription from the very beginning or after a trial period. However, it will only work if the app offers some ground-breaking and innovative ideas for health tracking.

4. Testing

Testing should be conducted among women in real-life situations, and should also include healthcare specialists, to check if all the specific features work correctly. The QA testing must reveal the bugs in functions, to eliminate any problems in functioning.

The women’s app must be user-friendly and eye-pleasing, with an intuitive layout, to provide the smoothness of the overall experience.

5.  Release

After submitting the app to Google Play and Apple Store, use the available analytic tools to check its performance. Work on updates, fixing bugs, and adding more useful features considering the reviews and comments from the users.

FemTech is the future of the healthcare system and investments. Even though it’s in the relatively early stage of development, it’s obvious that this sector will grow exponentially, as the whole potential is yet to be discovered, therefore, more customers are waiting for ready-to-use solutions, which provides more opportunities for business development.

Monica Serreon

Monica Serreon

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