Why VPNs Are Becoming More Popular

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About a decade ago, the use of VPNs was specific to remote workers in security and people who specialized in computing and technology. However, VPN companies are now multi-million dollar businesses, with many having considerable advertising campaigns on mainstream television and using prominent celebrities on the internet to advertise their products. VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) protect against people who aim to track you online, potentially steal your data, or monitor your actions. A VPN provides a “tunnel” which masks your activity and stops anybody from the majority of websites you use being able to track your information.

From a security perspective, VPNs are a revolutionary piece of technology. The idea of having freedom and privacy on the internet were two key components when the internet was first developed. However, with more people concerned about their information being sold online, VPNs have found a gap in the market where people want to use their service to provide that extra cushion between themselves and people who may attempt to track their data.


One of the more prominent uses of VPNs is by people who wish to gamble. If you’re using a traditional currency casino, you often have to provide a large chunk of personal or financial data such as your date of birth, address, and credit card number. Therefore, given that VPN technology can provide you with this additional security, especially when inputting so much personal information is a real selling point for VPN users who are looking to gamble online.

In addition, if you note this as a genuine concern, you might be intrigued to know that cryptocurrency casinos bypass the need for this. If you have a cryptocurrency wallet, all you need to do is connect your wallet and begin playing. There is no credit card information, passport numbers, or bank account information, just a seamless wallet-to-wallet experience that allows you to play the best crypto slots using Bitcoin immediately. It shouldn’t be surprising that gambling using a VPN is becoming a more popular avenue for gamblers worldwide. In terms of practical use, nothing differs in how you play the game, so once you have understood how to deposit your Bitcoin, you can begin playing immediately. The added security of not having to provide your financial information is heightened by the use of the VPN, providing double the protection for casino players all over the globe.

Access Your Favourite Sites When Abroad

If you have to catch up with your favorite TV shows no matter where you are, then a VPN will allow you to mimic an IP address from within your country, meaning you won’t miss any of your favorite shows. In addition, it will enable you to access localized news if you are in another country. Although many of these sites are accessible anyway, some regional sites will only be accessible through IP addresses within that country. For Canadians looking to catch up on their shows or news, a VPN will be the best avenue to stay up to date regardless of where they are in the world. However, this is the case wherever you are in the world, and it’s a key reason why the VPN market is now such a global and competitive industry.

Enhanced Privacy

From a more general perspective, enhanced privacy is the main selling point for millions of VPN customers. With so many people using their mobile phones for everything they do in their life, from contacting friends, accessing their bank account, or inputting their sensitive financial data online, any piece of technology that makes that progress even a tinier bit more secure will attract customers, and this is the key, unique selling point.

The Downsides Of Using A VPN

If you’re using a VPN to gamble in a territory that is not legal, you may have your account frozen immediately, and you could not get any of your money back. In addition, because VPNs have become so popular, some internet and technology security experts have advised that with everyone using VPNs, the whole point of their existence is becoming paradoxical because there’s now much more traffic on virtual networks than genuine ones.

While VPNs might mask your data and make it much harder for people to track you, websites can still detect your location upon further examination and flag VPN IP addresses that people use. Suppose you use a VPN and have tried to access some of the more well-known sites on the internet. In that case, Netflix is one of the best examples of a company that has blanket banned hundreds of VPN IP addresses. Accessing the streaming site while using a VPN can be notoriously tricky as they have multiple versions worldwide, actively banning VPN addresses that they pick up, so you must keep an eye on these negatives.

Overall, VPNs are designed for their additional security. For this purpose, they are worth the money alone, but it is always good to conduct thorough research before investing in your VPN and choosing the one that is right for you.

Monica Serreon

Monica Serreon

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