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We often hear about the benefits and necessity of VPN use on all our devices. Yet, it is often unclear what those applications are or how they operate. Well, with this guide, we will try to answer both of these questions. After all, learning about VPN use is a crucial step to your safety online. 

This article can be especially valuable for all the frequent public Wi-Fi visitors. Before everything else, VPN can protect you from any threats that open networks can carry. Overall, there is why you should use a VPN application every time you are online. 

How Does It Work? 

So, the “Virtual Private Network” was created to ensure a safe Internet presence at all times. The goal of this program is to create a barrier, in a way, between you and the rest of the Internet.

Hence, the VPN encrypts your traffic, so your online persona is no longer visible. This way, no third parties can see your online doings, passwords, etc., whether it’s just Internet scrolling or typing in your bank passwords. 

Though, even if your presence is found, the encrypted data will be of no use to anyone who can see it. Also, it’s important to note that VPN can operate only in real-time. Hence, it works to protect only when it’s turned on. That’s why you need to use your VPN every time you are using a public network.

Public Wi-Fi Security

We have mentioned before that public networks carry the biggest threat to non-VPN users. However, why is it so? Well, all open networks do little to nothing to protect the traffic inside them. Hence, it can become very convenient for hackers who look for valuable data.

Your online activity is super easy to track when you don’t make any attempts to protect it. The third party’s access to that information can give away sensitive and important data, like your social security number, emails, bank account info, and more. Identity theft or money theft are the two most common online crimes. Yet, they can be so easily prevented. 

Data Protection

Your data can be out there in the open even when you are using your home network. Of course, with home Wi-Fi, your traffic is more guarded. However, there are still security leaks. How? Well, you may not know this, but your ISP has complete access to all your online whereabouts.

They know what you are looking at, when, how often, etc. 

Sure, your ISP is not full of evil hackers who’d use or sell that information. Though, there is a legal way to do it. Advertisers. 

The collected data is later given to the hands of online advertising agencies that use it against you (or for you, as they’d put it). Moreover, this violation of privacy happens not just on the user-ISP level but user-applications level, too.

Thus, numerous programs and sites collect and use your personal data. In fact, they don’t even have to work hard to get it. You’re giving it away by yourself. 

Sites like Facebook, for instance, are infamous for collecting and sharing users’ online activity with third parties. It’s not even illegal, so you can’t do anything about it. Your only options are to delete Facebook or turn on the VPN. The former will lead to mental health improvements.

You can even read nursing writing services reviews and learn more about the negative social media impact on mental health. The latter will obscure your IP address. Thus, you can still browse all you want. Just this time, there will be no visible data to collect.

Hidden Online Traces

VPN will help you to hide or delete all online traces you leave behind. This means that all your sensitive data will not be stored somewhere in your Internet history. Hence, even if you forget to turn on the VPN that one time, no third party will find what they could have used.

Mainly, your cookies will not be traceable, which is where the biggest danger, like financial information, lies. Maybe, try reading some of the takeyourclass reviews to find the writers who can help you understand this concept better. 

Content Access

Last but not least, VPN programs also allow you to peek at the content unavailable in your home country. So if you want to try out Korean Netflix or listen to podcasts not accessible in your country, VPN is the way to go.

Of course, this reason to install VPN is not as essential as the others. Yet, it’s actually one of the most popular reasons people learn about VPN in the first place. Though, since you already have the VPN on your device, you may as well use it for the aforementioned reason above. 


As you can see, VPN use can come with multiple benefits. Of course, for many, it may still look like an extra and, maybe, unnecessary step to secure their Internet privacy. Yet, the practice of turning on your VPN can quickly become a habit.

Once you have it, unprotected Wi-Fi use will seem like a dangerous experience to engage in. Hence, you can simply try finding the VPN software that works best for your needs and try it out for a week or two. Then, you’ll see that you have a better sleep at night, knowing that everything is well and sound in the digital world.


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