What is Amazon Firestick and How Does Firestick Work – The Ultimate 101 Guide

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Have you been searching through stores trying to find a new streaming service that you can use in your home? Well, if you have, then you might have come across the Amazon Firestick. However, with so many different streaming options nowadays, you might think that all of them sound alike. But the Firestick sets itself apart and has become a popular option for many individuals and families. But what is Amazon Firestick and how does Firestick work?

Whether you are looking to buy one, or you already have one and want to how to use it correctly, this in-depth guide will show you the benefits of having the Firestick and how to get the most out of it.

What is Firestick?

Before we get into how does Firestick work, we need to make sure we understand what Firestick is. The Amazon Firestick is a streaming service that will allow you to watch your favorite movies and television shows off of the internet. The official name is actually the Fire TV Stick, but most people shorten it to Firestick. Unlike other streaming options, you will be able to download different apps that will let you watch what you want on platforms like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and so many other Amazon Firestick Apps.

Although the name seems to suggest that the Firestick is only one product, there are three different models that you can choose from. These are the:

  • Firestick 2nd Generation,
  • Firestick 4K
  • Fire TV Cube

These all have similar functions and abilities, but they do vary slightly, so deciding between them will allow you to get exactly what you want.

If you want to know more about how does firestick work with these different models in mind, we break down the two most popular choices here: Firestick 2nd Gen vs Firestick 4K. And we’ve even got more information about what is Firestick if you’re looking for it.

4K Firestick VS 2nd Gen Firestick
Amazon Firestick wins at security & privacy

What Does Firestick Do?

Deeply connected to the question how does Firestick work, is what does Firestick do? Well, you already know that you can watch movies and television shows, but you can do more than that.

Not only can you watch your favorites entertainment series and films, but you can also stream music, online videos, play online video games, and use a connected Amazon Alexa personal assistant.

With the use of Alexa, you can basically do anything that you could do yourself on the internet with just your voice. Ask what the weather will be like this weekend, find a gas station nearby, or even find an online video that you have been unable to find.

How Does Firestick Work?

Now to the main question! How does Firestick work? The steps that you need to take to start using your Firestick are fairly simple. First, you need to decide which of the three Firestick models you want to purchase.

Once you have decided, you can order it online and you will receive it in a box within a short time. After you have received your order, open up the box and remove the Firestick. Take the cord and find the correct plug for it on your television. This is the HDMI port typically found on the back or the side of your television. If you need it, the box will include an HDMI extender as well we strongly recommend it to prevent Firestick overheating).

Next, you will need to put two AAA batteries into the Firestick remote. Once you have done this, turn on the television and choose the HDMI source that the Firestick is now connected to. You will then need to also connect the Firestick to the same source. Once the Firestick is connected, you can continue to the setup.

Firestick Setup for streaming TV and movies

How Does Firestick Work – Initial Setup

When you first receive your Firestick, you will need to take the time to set it up properly to get it working. However, for those of you who are worried about having a complicated setup, you don’t have to worry because it is very simple.

How does Firestick work (setup):

Connect To WiFi

To access any streaming service, you need to be connected to the internet. So, if you have just moved and haven’t had any internet service setup, then you will have to wait.

However, if you have a connection already, then you will just connect to it. All you will need to do is choose your WiFi connection and enter your password. This will connect the Firestick to your wireless network. If you’re having trouble connecting Firestick to 5ghz WiFi this guide will walk you through it.

Attach Firestick to Amazon Account

With the Firestick, because it works through Amazon, you need to log into your account. This is something that must be done in order to use the system, so if you don’t have one already, you will need to create one.

How does Firestick work connecting to an Amazon account? Just go to the Amazon website and you can set up an account for free. Once that is made, just sign into that account from your Firestick.

Need a little help logging your Firestick into an Amazon Account? You know we’ve got you covered!

how does firestick work amazon

Access Shows and Movies

Once you have everything set up for your Firestick, then you will be ready to use the system. How does Firestick work for streaming? You can search for something specific if you have something in mind, or you can browse to find something new to get into.

You can also choose to download other apps like Netflix or Hulu so that you can watch the television shows and movies that are only on those platforms. There are more great apps and channels than you can shake a Firestick at (get it?), so get in there and start streaming!

Prime Video on Firestick

If you have an Amazon Prime Membership, or you intend to get one, then you will also have access to Prime Video. This will allow you to have access to special content that is only available through Amazon Prime such as The Boys, Sneaky Pete, The Tick, The Man in the High Castle, and so much more.

Is the Firestick Service Paid Monthly?

Depending on the type of Firestick you purchase, you could spend a one-time payment of anywhere between 40 and just over 100 dollars. However, this is for the Firestick itself, not the service.

There is no monthly premium or payment that you will need to worry about for the streaming service. The service is free with the purchase of the Firestick because it Is only streaming through the internet and you are not purchasing any of the content. The only thing you’ll need to pay for monthly are the streaming services themselves!

Install Kodi to Firestick

Firestick Free Streaming

Maybe you’re on a budget and you don’t have a ton of extra cash to spend on streaming services at the moment. How does Firestick work if you want to stream movies and TV shows for free? Is such a thing even possible.

The short answer is a big yes. There are dozens of great apps to stream free movies on your Firestick. Apps like Kodi, Cinema HD, and ShowBox let you stream an almost endless amount of content straight to your Firestick for FREE. But these apps are not available in the main Amazon App Store, so how do you get them? Let us help you with that.

To get these apps you’ll need to jailbreak your Amazon Fire TV Stick. This process is surprisingly easy! Just follow our ultimate Firestick jailbreak guide for easy instructions to get you through the process in no time. Trust us, it’s not as difficult as it sounds. There are a few different options in the guide. My personal favorite lets you jailbreak your Firestick with Downloader.

Install Bennu on Kodi and use a VPN
Protect Yourself with a World Class VPN

Is Firestick Free Streaming Safe?

Any online activity comes with risks and we advise you to check out the relevant laws in your country or region to decide what risks seem worthwhile to you. No matter what you decide to do, we strongly recommend that you download a VPN to keep your identity and browsing activity safe from hackers, corporations, or government agencies that monitor, censor, or harvest your personal data.

To be safe, recommend that you have a VPN connected to any internet connected device. The guide linked in the last sentence can walk you through how to do this any almost any device you can imagine. Not only is a VPN a great idea to protect you from hackers, it also has some great VPN benefits you may not have ever imagined, like watching country-blocked content from anywhere!

We believe in this and we want our users to be safe. We’ve vetted the best VPNs on the market and have wrangled a 70% discount on our favorite VPN if you go through our link. Be safe out there!


Whether you already had your mind set on purchasing a new Firestick or you were on the fence about getting one, you now have the information about how to set up and connect it to your internet. We hope we’ve helped you understand a little bit more about how does Firestick work.

If you weren’t sure about it before, the easy setup and free monthly account might just change your mind. With all of the television shows and movies that you will have access to, this is rightfully one of the top streaming services available on the market today.

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