What is Amazon Fire TV ReCast? And Is It Worth It?

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What is Amazon Fire TV Recast?  More importantly, why should I care?  And is it worth it?

Here is all you should know about the modern Amazon Fire TV Recast ($229) device. The information includes its date of release, main features, specifications, and price.

What does Fire TV Recast do?

The Fire TV Recast announced by Amazon is a DVR box, which is built to be used alongside over-air TV services. The device will not only enable users to broadcast programs from an aerial to a firing device but also broadcast from compatible Android and iOS devices, as well as the Echo show.

With the help of the device, you can now easily watch and record live TV wherever you are. Basically, the device resembles an old-school Slingbox, with efficiency improvements for 2018. Besides, the Recast enables you to broadcast traditional content in a channel guide on services such as PlayStation Vue and Prime Video.

Does Amazon Fire TV Recast Work with Alexa?

Yes!  The Fire TV Recast gets the ability to regulate voice for granular regulators such as scheduled recordings as well as deleting them, whenever you pair it with Echo-show or Alexa-activated Fire TV.

Shipping is scheduled for 14th November 2018, for preorders that are now available at a cost of between $229 and $279. You can pre-order your Amazon Fire TV Recast here.

Are the recent Amazon smart devices making your boat float?

Losing track of your Amazon Fire TV Recast was easier in greatly amusing announcements. The modern DVR device from Amazon uses an over-the-air (OTA) antenna to record shows and then send them to you through your Echo Show device, Fire TV Edition flat screen or Fire TV streaming player.

What is the Amazon Fire TV Recast?

Simply an over-the-air digital video recorder. To record whatever you want, you just need to plug in an HD antenna of your choice into the Recast, then command it to start recording.

A $230 type Recast features two tuners, which enables it to record two shows at the same time. Also, the Recast features a 500GB hard drive, which stores all the recordings. (At the end of the year, a four tuner and 1TB Recast will be released at a cost of $280.)

You must have a Fire TV device (either an Amazon Echo Show, a TV or a streaming player) in order to watch your recordings. Alternatively, you can watch using the Fire TV app, which is yet to be released but will be available in the US on 14th November when Recast arrives. For AU and UK, Amazon is yet to announce the release of the app, but we will keep you updated immediately after the release.

After recording your show, the DVR has the ability of HD streaming to two devices at the same time. However, your bandwidth should support the streaming.

Using Fire TV Recast with Fire TV App

Actually, do not need to record any show that is happening on TV now, because when connected to Wi-Fi or cellular network, the Fire TV app enables you to playback live. Therefore, if you are far from your house when your favorite show is on air, you can easily watch it on your tablet or phone through the Fire TV app.

Also, you can search the exact location of your OTA antenna using the app, depending on the strength of the signal. Although Amazon did not demonstrate the searching while we were in their offices, the idea is unique and we wish it had crossed our mind then.

However, it is a bit confusing that apart from a Fire TV Moniker, the box of the Recast does not consist of an operating system or content. As a result, you cannot stream shows from Netflix or Amazon Prime Video using the Recast. Also, the Recast cannot substitute your Amazon Fire TV Cube or Amazon Fire TV if you have any.

Pairing Fire TV with Recast

But, the Recast has a Fire TV integration. Thus, why the name Amazon Fire TV? From the look of things, Amazon selected the Moniker because a Fire TV device gets connected with the Recast, it functions to the maximum.

After pairing, the Recast adds a DVR section on the Amazon Fire TV home screen, which sits next to the “On Now” row. On the DVR section, you can now search and control your recordings using a remote or your voice, though with Alexa aid.

If you have subscribed to Amazon Channels or PlayStation Vue but you use a Fire TV device, shows and movies of the services get included on the On Now row. Also, the shows and movies of your subscriptions are included in your channel lineup, as well as the OTA content.

The connection of OTA content with your subscribed streaming services is a way of resistance of the device and might be of use to the popular traditional Amazon cable packages.

Here’s what the Amazon Fire TV Recast is not:

  • As mentioned earlier, the Amazon Fire TV Recast is not actually a Fire TV device. Thus, it cannot stream Hulu and Netflix. Also, the Recast does not feature games. The Recast is completely an OTA DVR throughout.
  • An Echo device. Irrespective of how strongly you will shout to the device, the Alexa cannot translate your command. Thus, if you want the Recast to be compatible with Alexa, you must have an Echo. For streaming and Alexa services, you must have a Fire TV Cube.
  • Not a cable: There are no monthly charges from Amazon for service. Once you purchase the device you get lifetime OTA DVR streaming. That makes it unique from competitor devices in the market like mainstream manufacturers, but increasing its competition to PC-based devices such as HDHomeRun and PLEX.
  • A replacement of your TV. The Recast purely OTA. Thus, it does not feature a cable card slot or other ports for cable TV recording. However, this might be problematic for individuals who are used to watching the favorite shows at specific times. It might be expensive and worthless to replace the cable box for a specific audience. We will know if cable replacement can occur in November.

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