What Popular Websites and Apps are Blocked in China


Do you know that most well-known websites including Google, YouTube, and Facebook are blocked in China? And the best and easy way you can access them is through a VPN. Some people are wondering whether a certain website or app such as Google Play or Dropbox is restricted in China.

Unfortunately, some popular websites and apps do not work in China due to the Great Firewall of China. The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) created this system to prevent Chinese citizens from gaining access to online services and websites that are deemed to be “dangerous.”

The good news is VPNs can allow Chinese citizens to access these blocked websites in China. It seems that VPNs are the best way of getting around the Great Firewall of China. However, there are some online services and apps that have stopped working in China

Zoom Does Not Entirely Work in China

The international version of Zoom does not work in China. That is why in August 2020, a local version of Zoom was developed for Chinese users. With the international version, users will be able to join meetings, however, they wouldn’t be able to organize them. Nonetheless, premium users can create meetings as long as they subscribe through their local partner.

LinkedIn is Blocked in China

Microsoft made an announcement in October 2021 that they will be closing LinkedIn in China since they are having a hard time adjusting to their local data protection legislation. Nevertheless, they will be replacing this networking platform with a local version of LinkedIn. With this version, job seekers and employers can still continue to connect with one another.

Skype is Not Blocked in China

Although in December 2017, users in China were unable to find the Skype app in the App Store and in any other app markets, the good news is Skype still works in China.

WhatsApp Does Not Work in China

It seems that WhatsApp is completely gone in China ever since September 2017. You can only send or receive images, videos, voice messages, or any other type of files if you use one of the VPNs for china. Although text messages still work, sometimes it will take hours before your messages will arrive. Aside from this, there are also other messaging apps that are blocked in China including Snapchat, Telegram, Messenger, and Line.

TikTok is Restricted in China

Despite the fact that TikTok is a Chinese company, it is prohibited in China. Nevertheless, just like any other popular social media platform, there is a local version of TikTok which is known as Douyin.

Google Maps Is Not Accessible in China

Although there were reports that China will allow Google Maps to be accessed by users in Mainland China, however, until now Google Maps still does not work in China unless you are using a VPN.

Adult Websites are Blocked in China

Almost all adult websites in China are inaccessible. Although it is not yet clear if there are any exceptions.

Clubhouse Does Not Work in China

A fast-growing social networking app that uses voice chat has also been blocked in China ever since February 2021. The Clubhouse app was launched in May 2020.

Do All Chinese Websites Work in China?

Generally, all Chinese websites are accessible and run very fast in China. But keep in mind that if you use a VPN, there’s a chance that some Chinese websites will not run appropriately. The reason behind this is that some websites can only work in China and if you use a VPN, you are hiding your Chinese IP address and are using a different location.

How to Determine If a Website is Restricted in China?

Take note that there are constant changes that are going on every now and then. A website or app might work today but will be blocked tomorrow and vice versa. You might get surprised that a certain website or app might suddenly stop working after recently using it.

Furthermore, there are some websites that are not totally blocked, while others will go on and off. Although there are also some websites that are not blocked but are working so slowly, making them unusable. 

How to Gain Access to Blocked Websites?

Want to install apps on your device? The most common method is to use a VPN. However, take note that some websites hosted by servers from other countries are very slow after 8 PM in China. Perhaps this is because these are the peak hours of Western countries.

During this time, it is morning in the United States and afternoon in Europe. Since there are a lot of users accessing the websites, you will not be able to get any connection. Or maybe it is because of the Great Firewall of China.

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