Sling TV or Sling Television is an efficient Live TV service that provides one of the most effective, novel and eye-catching ways to bring live TV to your doorsteps at pocket-friendly costs. It is because of its usefulness that a lot of people want to access Sling TV and have a taste for it. But there is a catch! Obtaining the 150 additional channels Sling Television has to offer is impossible when you are residing outside the US.

In other words, only those that are inside the shores of the United States have the privilege to access Live TV service. Even with such restrictions, people living in the UK can still have access to the service by utilizing Smart DNS proxy or VPN.

These wonderful tools enable you to navigate the restrictions placed on Sling TV, thereby giving you the opportunity to get the live TV service in the UK. Below, you will learn how you can quickly get Sling TV in the UK by utilizing a VPN or Smart DNS on your Mac, Android, PC, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and Smart TV.

How to watch Sling TV in the UK using a VPN

Sling Television is a TV service that delivers live streams to its subscribers via sling compatible TVs and browsers. Because of its remarkable service and on-demand entertainment, it is a popular choice for cord cutters. As it is a US based service provider, it prohibits users from other countries apart from the US from utilizing it. Although it is restricted outside the US, there are still effective ways via which viewers can access the service in the UK or other countries. The first method we would be looking at is VPN (Virtual Private Network)




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You can stream and download anonymously through your PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone through IP Vanish.

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A virtual Private network connects the device you are utilizing to its servers positioned in the target country of your choice. Your connection goes through that server, thereby giving you the IP addresses of the Targeted country of your choice. As a result, you gain total access to all of that target country’s content as if you are residing in that country. In other to watch Sling TV in the UK or any other country apart from the US, here are the steps you need to follow;

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  • Sign up with a reputable and reliable VPN service provider (IPVanish is one of the best out there)
  • Download the VPN app and install on your PC, Android, Mac or any other device you are using
  • Then start the application
  • Locate an American VPN server and connect to it. This will instantly give you an American IP address
  • Relax and enjoy all the amazing content Sling TV has to offer

IPvanish is reliable, reputable and secure. As a VPN provider, it is highly respected in the market. It gives prompt and swift access to 94 countries at jaw-dropping speeds, without any form of restrictions. Using IPvanish as your VPN provider does not only gives you access to Sling TV.  It also gives you access to other services, platforms and channels anywhere you are in the world. check the table below to see other top VPN providers you can utilise to gain access to sling TV

Watch Sling TV in the UK

Sling TV proves to be an excellent choice for lovers of good TV service for these two reasons

  • It can easily work with all electronic devices that you utilize
  • It gives you more options as it comes with 3 amazing channel packages.

Sling TV is a great TV service worth having not just in the US but also abroad. And with the assistance of a Smart DNS or VPN, you can easily watch Sling TV in just a matter of minutes anywhere you are in the World.  So if you need to watch Sling TV outside the U.S., then use the steps above to start watching in no time flat!

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Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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