Best Free and Paid Methods to Watch NFL On Firestick [Updated for 2024]

So the NFL is back! And we’re now getting ready to watch the Super Bowl on February 7th, 2022, a game that will be exciting as we watch the Kansas City Chiefs play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

But with the year 2020 came COVID-19 and the social distancing practices put in place, which means going to the games in person isn’t an option. However, you can still catch all the action by streaming NFL on Firestick from the comfort of your home.
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Watch NFL Online Free Streaming Live Games on Kodi

Though it is very mature and full-featured, Kodi is an absolutely free and open-source multi-platform home cinema software program. Whether you have Kodi on a Fire Stick, Fire TV, personal computer, Raspberry Pi, or even your smartphone, you need clean reception. Streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, and Roku work wonderfully for this with the proper setup. Kodi enables you to view video channels from hundreds of different sources and control your content with remote control, keyboard, mouse, or even a gamepad.

With its rapidly expanding recognition, you will now find a very massive selection of Kodi add-ons. A number of official Kodi add-ons can easily be used to acquire great NFL content, while there are also a lot of very popular unofficial third-party add-ons. The primary question many Kodi users face is whether or not to watch for free. Quite a few users might not exactly understand the security or privacy threats that can be associated with many add-ons. The third-party add-ons could be especially problematic without proper precautions. Fear not the third party and read our Free Live NFL Streaming on Kodi article, for we will be that source of information.

The following information provides a summary of the finest official Kodi add-ons obtainable for fully endorsed NFL streaming. For the unofficial Kodi add-on roundup, don’t forget to check out our Free Live NFL Streaming on Kodi article.

Tips for Kodi Live Streams

Here are some general Kodi streaming ideas to watch NFL online free of network connection troubles:

  • Use a fast internet connection; faster is better.
  • Avoid using wi-fi for streaming live events, simply because wi-fi will be much slower than hardwired connections.
  • Use a VPN to hide your connection and access content safely.
  • Test your connection well in advance of any event to make sure the stream is of acceptable quality.

Safely use Kodi Add-ons for Free NFL Football

Should you wish to stream free NFL games online with Kodi, there are numerous add-ons to do that for you. There can be, however, notable security and privacy issues linked to both the unofficial and official Kodi addons. Many Kodi addons show some sort of exposure to risk, nevertheless, these can certainly be prevented.

Add-on hijacking will be the most widespread threat affiliated with Kodi. Many Kodi add-ons are set up by means of unsecured HTTP internet connections. Quite often, the repos hosting these addons don’t have any defense and are also managed by an individual. A small amount of Kodi add-ons have most certainly been hi-jacked or even altered by their very writers in the past. These have been put to use in online assaults (DDoS botnets, and so forth). Kodi add-ons can even obtain user information by simply accessing disk drives, and acquiring your data using man-in-the-middle attacks.

Watch NFL Online Free of Fear

top-notch VPN will help save you from all of these kinds of attacks, regardless of whether via Kodi or someplace else. Even while a VPN won’t prevent all malware or hacking, it’ll certainly keep your activities and info private. The absolute best VPN we’ve observed that is for Kodi users is IPVanish, the most popular and well-liked VPN service offered for Kodi users.

IPVanish anonymizes info and helps conceal your personal identity. By means of IPVanish, not even your ISP will have the ability to discover your identity or what you happen to be enjoying.

Just one more amazing aspect of IPVanish is it will help users to acquire geographically blocked shows, such as home games, and avoid ISP speed throttling. Lots of ISPs currently throttle transmission speeds for users that do considerable movie streaming. IPVanish blocks your ISP from knowing where your data is going to or coming from. This makes it impossible for them to justify decreasing your speeds.

How To Watch NFL On Firestick

Firestick is a compact-sized streaming device that lets you stream unlimited content on your smart TV. It’s very affordable with zero monthly fees, and you have access to free and paid apps to stream all types of shows and movies. Watching NFL games live is not a hassle with Firestick as there are multiple options.

There are two ways to watch NFL on Firestick: the paid method and the free method.

Paid Method

The NFL has official platforms where people can stream live matches for a fee. Some of these are NBC, DirecTV, NFL Network, YouTube TV, Fox Sports, and ESPN. With your Firestick, you can get access to these platforms by simply downloading them.

How to Watch NFL on Firestick via NFL Network

This is the most officially-sanctioned way to watch NFL on Firestick. If you are subscribed to the NFL Network, you have complete access to live matches and  you can get it on your Firestick by:

  1. On your Firestick home screen, locate the Search tab
  2. Type in “NFL” and search
  3. Click on the NFL app icon
  4. Select the Get button to install it
  5. After installation, click Open to start watching
nfl network

How To Watch NFL on Firestick via YouTube TV

The NFL recently teamed up with YouTube TV to give viewers access to live matches on the platform. If you are subscribed to YouTube TV, you can get some games on their NFL Network. But for the complete experience, you would have to pay a little extra for the NFL Red Zone. 

To watch it on your Firestick:

  1. Go to the Search tab on your Firestick Home screen
  2. Type in YouTube TV
  3. Click on YouTube TV in the search results
  4. Select the YouTube TV app icon
  5. Click the Get or Download option
  6. Open the app and sign in 

However, if you are outside the US, you may not be able to get or use the app due to Geo-restrictions. But there’s a way around it. You only need to get a VPN to browse as though you are in the US, which gives you access to watch NFL on Firestick once again.

nfl on firestick youtube tv

How To Watch NFL on Firestick via Hulu

Hulu is one of the more popular apps for streaming content and it also gives coverage of the NFL on its Live TV. If you are already subscribed to Hulu, you will be able to catch the NFL action on ESPN, CBS, NBC, and FOX stations.

To download Hulu on Firestick, you:

  1. Go to the Search tab on your Firestick Home screen
  2. Type in Hulu
  3. Click on Hulu in the search results
  4. Click the Get or Download option
  5. Open the app and sign in 

Right now Hulu is only available in the US, but we have a guide on how to watch Hulu in the UK (or any other country).

watch nfl on firestick hulu

How To Watch NFL on Firestick via FuboTV

This is one of the top picks for watching NFL on Firestick. FuboTV is a live TV app that has over a hundred channels on its basic package, among which is NFL Network. In addition to the NFL Network, it also has local channels such as CBS, FOX, NBC, and so on, which give you coverage of the NFL. Its basic package costs $64.99 per month.

To download FuboTV on Firestick:

  1. Go to the Search tab on your Firestick Home screen
  2. Type in FuboTV
  3. Click on FuboTV in the search results
  4. Click the Get or Download option
  5. Open the app and sign in 
nfl on firestick fubotv

How To Watch NFL on Firestick via DirecTV

DirecTV is a budget-friendly streaming service that provides live TV channels and on-demand services including NFL on Firestick.

To download DirecTV on Firestick, simply:

  1. Go to the Search tab on your Firestick Home screen
  2. Type in DirecTV
  3. Click on DirecTV in the search results
  4. Click the Get option
  5. Open the app and sign in 
nfl live directv

Important: Please note that access to these platforms is restricted to the United States. If you do not have a US credit card to pay for them, you won’t be able to legally subscribe to them. However, if you are already subscribed to the platforms and you are not in the US, it will give you a Geo-restriction error after downloading. Don’t fret, though, there’s a way around this! 

You can still get these apps on your Firestick by using a VPN. Choosing a VPN can be a bit daunting, but our favorite VPN service for this purpose is IPVanish. You can download and use it by:

  1. Using any device, go to IPVanish and create an account. Use our link to get an exclusive discount for KFire readers. It helps us keep writing articles, and saves you money!
  2. Now on your Firestick, go to the Home screen
  3. Click on the Search tab
  4. Type in IPVanish 
  5. Select it from the search results
  6. Click on the IPVanish app icon 
  7. Click on the Get button or the Download button
  8. Open the app and enter your credentials
  9. Once logged in, select the country of your choice (US), and use the best default for both city and server
  10. Click Connect

Now you are browsing as though you are in the US, follow the given instructions to download any of the aforementioned apps, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying the NFL on Firestick. 

Best VPN for Mobile

Free Method – How To Watch NFL on Firestick for Free

If for one reason or the other, you can’t pay or you don’t want to pay the subscription fees for access to live NFL games, there are alternatives to watch NFL on Firestick for free. In this case free might not necessarily be entirely legal, so we recommend you use a VPN like IPVanish when you’re streaming NFL on Firestick for free regardless of your location.

In this free method, you can watch the NFL on Firestick using the Amazon Silk browser or a few third-party apps.

How to Watch NFL on Firestick via Amazon Silk Browser

Live streaming NFL matches on the Amazon Silk browser involves accessing it using a link. On your Firestick, the Amazon Silk browser comes pre-installed but if you have deleted it, just re-download it.

To watch the NFL on your Firestick simply

  1. Open your Firestick Home screen
  2. Click on the Search icon on the top left corner
  3. Type in Amazon Silk Browser
  4. Open the browser and type in usTVgo.TV/category/sports
  5. After the website opens, click on the NFL game you want to watch
  6. Start streaming

Note: If the link doesn’t work for you, try or

silk browser firestick
silk browser firestick

How to Watch NFL on Firestick via Ola TV

This is a live TV app that provides users with hundreds of cable TV channels both national and local, as well as some channels from foreign countries.

Since this is a third-party app, you will need to permit your Firestick to download it. If you have already downloaded a third-party app before, then go ahead and get the Ola TV app from step 8. If you haven’t,

  1. Go to Settings on your Firestick
  2. Click on My Fire TV
  3. Select Developer Options
  4. Enable Apps from Unknown Sources by clicking on Turn On
  5. Go back to your Firestick Home screen
  6. On the Search menu, type in Downloader
  7. Select Downloader and click on Get / Download
  8. Open it and type in the URL 
  9. Install the app when it’s done downloading
  10. After installation, select Done, then Delete the APK
  11. Hold the Home button on your Firestick remote
  12. Select Applications
  13. Click on the Ola TV app
  14. Surf through the channels and select NBC
  15. Enjoy the NFL live on Firestick

Official Kodi Add-ons to Watch Live Streaming NFL Games

Kodi and the NFL endorse the following Kodi add-ons for watching games during the 2020-2021 NFL season. Most of these Kodi add-ons provide you with a mix of paid and free shows. These are easily available in the Official Kodi Add-on Repository. Often you will find the latest updates for a few of these have not yet made it to the repo, however.

NFL Game Pass

NFL Gamepass
Watch NFL Online with NFL Gamepass

NFL Game Pass is the NFL’s official provider just for watching matches on the web. The NFL Game Pass gives you just about every game of the 2020-2021 season. Notable omissions are some NY Jets and NY Giants games due to regional broadcast rights.

The NFL Game Pass Kodi add-on is easily available with the Official Kodi Add-on Repository. You’ll only need to connect using your NFL Game Pass account login and password. At that point, you’ll be ready to stream NFL games. The NFL Game Pass will cost you $99, or you can buy it with 4 payments of $29.99.


Watch NCAA College Football Online with USTVNow

USTVnow is the very best substitute for your original cable company. You can get the 7 key North American terrestrial stations (ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, PBS) without spending a dime. For only $19 a month, you can also have 21 more television channels (and this includes ESPN). USTVNow streams network affiliates that broadcast out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. This is going to influence the programming presented, notably sports events and local news.

You will need to create a user profile with them in order to obtain even the completely free networks. If you fail to love this particular limitation, you can make use of a waste email site to sign up. I strongly suggest or should you decide to go this route. You can easily download this add-on lacking a membership. You must log on before you’re able to use it, however.

Though you will find this add-on in the Official Kodi Add-on Repository, you might have to get the newer package someplace else.

NBC Sports Live Extra

Watch NCAA College Football Online with NBC Sports Live Extra

This addon provides shows from the NBC to any Kodi configuration. NBC Sports Live Extra certainly won’t offer all NFL games, but it’s totally legal and free to use. If you’re going to be out of the United States, you need to operate this addon through the use of a VPN connection. It is easy to go around these policies depending on where you are simply by using IPVanish.

Easily accessible through the Official Kodi Add-on Repository, the NBC Sports Live Extra Kodi add-on is a nice method of getting NFL on Kodi. You can link up your NBC Sports Live profile to this corresponding Kodi add-on. An NBC Sports Live membership costs $25 every thirty days.

PlayStation Vue (PS Vue Add-on)

Playstation Vue is alluring for the reason that it gives you live NFL Network, Red Zone, along with localized NBC channels inside of this sports product. The Official Kodi Add-on Repository supplies the PlayStation Vue add-on, PS Vue, which joins owners to their own PlayStation Vue memberships. Whereas PlayStation Vue is definitely a pricey product as compared to many of the other options at your disposal ($39.99 each month), the product offers up a significantly higher-quality solution than the various other options out there. You have access to your PlayStation Vue account using the add-on, provided that you type in your username and password prior to trying to load up the add-on.

Sportsnet Now

Sportsnet Now provides a fee-based live-streaming service for the Canada-based Sportsnet channel. Thru Sportsnet Now, users will have accessibility to a substantial swath of both US and Canadian sports matches. Sportsnet Now is chiefly for Canadian locals, although admittance can still be easy for those away from Canada if a VPN is put into use.

Users can locate the Sportsnet Now add-on in the Official Kodi Add-on repository. As with a lot of other options on this list, admittance to sports streams using the add-on is going to take a legitimate password.

BBC iPlayer

The British BBC iPlayer may be far from a point a great deal of sports addicts think of any time it comes to NFL streams. Yet, the BBC provides a lot of live streaming of NFL games for the good-sized American Football fanbase in the UK. Although this chiefly involves a small number of games that happen in the UK, users may even find access to highlights and clips and the periodic live match by way of the BBC as well.

Aside from that, the BBC has actually broadcast the Superbowl live for a good number of seasons. This helps make the iPlayer a nice destination to watch the most significant match of the 2020-2021 NFL year.

Nearly every UK occupant that has a genuine TV License can connect to the BBC iPlayer. Persons roaming out from the UK can also get access to the BBC iPlayer with the help of a VPN complete with the ability to make it appear as though you’re viewing from inside the UK.

The BBC iPlayer is a great service for users that are looking for something that has a decent library of TV shows and Movies in addition to sports. You would get access to all major sporting events and captivating TV shows and documentaries. 


DAZN could be the “Netflix for sports” for the people living in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, and Japan. In Canada, DAZN provides NFL Game Pass as an exclusive service, along with NFL Red Zone for 2020-2021. You can check the NFL 2020-2021 season out on DAZN for merely $20 on a monthly basis. Although you may not be viewing from within the communities previously mentioned, avoid panic. Simply set a VPN towards a server in any of those countries and you are good to go.

In addition to football, the service is also focused on combat sports. DAZN has dealt with Matchroom USA, Bellator, and Golden Boy Promotions. It also exclusively broadcasts all of Canelo Alvarez, Gennady Golovkin, and Anthony Joshua fights. So, if you happen to be a fan of both sports, DAZN is the best streaming platform out there.

Moreover, the platform also offers tons of on-demand content which includes hundreds of past games. Unlike some services, you would not be charged extra for championships. For just $20 a month users have access to all the content to which platform has the broadcasting rights.

Although DAZN offers a yearly contract, we would recommend a monthly contract as one can cancel the subscription at any time. That said, some of its content has geographical restrictions but a good VPN can help you get around it.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now contains ESPN 1 and 2 within the base package deal. Additionally, you get local Fox and NBC if you are inside of a large city. Take note that NFL game streams through DirecTV Now exclude smartphones. Your Amazon Fire Stick will still work just fine, though. Also, location-based blackout restrictions abound with DirecTV Now. These restrictions can be avoided with a high-quality VPN service, though I’m sure you know that by now.

The streaming performance of DirecTV is reliable and the lineup also includes RSNs from AT&T, Sinclair, and Comcast. Furthermore, users can run 20 concurrent streams at home and 3 away from home. Hence, you can watch football on Firestick and maintain access even when you are on go. And importantly, the service does not only cover international sports but also the national and regional championships.

DirecTV has revised its pricing structure and has started offering contracts on a monthly basis instead of a two-year contract. Plus, you can also cancel the subscription and get a full refund in the first 14 days. However, even now, instead of a single package, the service has four packages on offer. These include Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premier. The difference between them is the number of channels that the user gets.

For sports fans, we would recommend the Choice plan because it has channels that broadcast regional sports as well. The entertainment plan does not offer this and the remaining packages are too expensive. That said, the charges of these plans are too high compared to the competition but the reliable streaming experience makes up for it.


If you are living in the US and have a cable subscription, you can find all ESPN channels and affiliates through watch ESPN. This may be the very best resource for college football games this coming year.

The platform is one of the most popular sports streaming services which was previously known as ESPN360. The service is jointly owned by ESPN Inc and Walt Disney which own the broadcasting rights of tons of content. ESPN3, though, focuses mainly on live sports and replays of global sports events.

ESPN3 offers live broadcasts of FIFA World Cup global qualifiers, North American Soccer League, and Major Arena Soccer League. It also covers other sports including hockey championships, cricket, and even gold championships. However, users might need to subscribe to ESPN+ for some content. It makes ESPN3 one of the top contenders for the best streaming services for all kinds of sports.

Those that do not have cable subscriptions can watch ESPN3 on Sling TV, Hulu Live TV, AT&T TV Now, and YouTube TV. However, the price structure of services offered can vary based on the platform that you are using.

Addons: Unofficial

Of all the many very good reasons users consider Kodi, the promises involving completely free home theater including pay-per-view shows seem to be the most enticing. The most used Kodi add-ons offering totally free streams take advantage of commercial data and make it available totally free. The NFL is in no way associated with these particular streams, given the viewing of NFL games isn’t offered by them without charge. The third-party add-ons offering up commercial content absolutely free happen to be doing so unauthorized.


Sports Devil is a Kodi add-on giving access to games coming through each and every network the NFL is offered upon. To watch NFL online free, this is probably the number one draft pick for many reasons. It is also installed on thousands of firesticks by now for these same reasons. SportsDevil taps into streams from sites that steal from various official channels. This offers programming meant for cable network providers including ESPN and broadcast networks. SportsDevil is perceived as one of the most widely used Kodi add-ons designed specifically for pirated streaming.

If it has anything at all to do with sports, you’ll find it in the SportsDevil Kodi addon. Simple and easy for you to set up as well as operate, you may easily take advantage of this in your own media center if you follow our guide to install SportsDevil on Kodi. We’ve included Sports Devil in a good number of our own add-on checklists, and for an excellent reason; it is an amazing supplier of free NFL streams which will easily enable you to watch NFL free online using Kodi.

UK Turk

One of the most loved add-ons, UK Turk Playlists contains live television, movies, TV series, cartoons, documentaries, radio stations, CCTV, Turkish TV and Movies, fitness videos, and many others. The channels perform effectively and are really simple and easy to use.

UK Turk works endlessly at keeping these sports sources up to date. Oftentimes, he is enabling somebody to locate effective stream links to prominent sporting events from his Twitter accountUK Turk‘s sports section has not only UK sports stations, but also US, Canadian, and Australian content. For NFL fans, you will discover a 720p NFL Network link on top of all that to watch NFL online free and from the main source!


Many of the best contributors behind the favored Kodi add-on Phoenix modernized and then relabeled it Bennu. The Fire Stick absolutely loves Bennu, though it is a tumultuous relationship.

Like Phoenix, Bennu isn’t completely newbie-friendly. Bennu’s navigation system seems nonsensical. A sizeable number of Bennu’s links are also broken. In spite of this, you can acquire HD, surround sound and maybe even some 3D feeds in Bennu’s puzzling interface. It is truly content you will find nowhere else hidden within the Bennu jumble.

Although its configuration and links may make Bennu a rather debatable choice, it allows you to download flicks in addition to streaming them. It also lets you use a contextual menu item to access the trailer in advance of pressing play.


Download the Picasso Kodi add-on right now, then enjoy watching the NFL online for free. Try this amazing add-on by Goliath, the former creator behind Evolve and Reaper. The Picasso Kodi add-on makes for a brilliant single source for nearly anything you would likely request of Kodi. This includes movies, television, sports, music, documentaries, fitness, comedy, audiobooks, podcasts, children’s programming, magic, horror, and even adult entertainment (which can be password protected). You will even be able to watch NFL online for free. The extensive sports section has live channels and also lists specific games.

Project M

Merlin has introduced the Project M Kodi add-on. It gives an exceptional assortment of live IPTV channels and live sports activities to explore on Kodi. The Project M Kodi addon most definitely has an optimal range of curated playlists. It also has website scrapers for a well-rounded addon. Project M provides a notable amount of live IPTV and live football content. It is definitely worth a gander to watch NFL online for free.

Sports World

The Sports World Kodi addon is a great new Kodi addon catering to sports fans. Pretty much every competitive sport is there with its own individual sections within Sports World. This add-on is establishing a name for itself as a one-stop online shop designed for all sports enthusiasts. Replays and live streams stuff this addon to bursting.

Made in Canada

The Made in Canada Kodi add-on is a release right from The Krazy0ne and PLAztec4Life. It employs a great deal of great Canadian IPTV networks. The developers split it into English, French, and Special Events channels. Besides all the brilliant live programming, Made in Canada presents special events, PPV events, specific sports, and other goodies. If you want to watch NFL online for free, you’ll find plenty of free 2023-2024 NFL season action.

BOB UnleasheD

Noobs and Nerds, the makers of BOB Unrestricted, released its most recent incarnation, BOB UnleasheD. This full-featured playlist add-on includes a deluge of content and tons of personalization possibilities. The BOB Sports section within BOB UnleasheD is going to be of special consideration here. It will make a lot of NFL games accessible for free throughout the entire year.

channel PEAR

Having an active community, you are not likely to find tons of dead or missing links in channel PEAR. You can easily access NFL games free on Kodi by means of the channel PEAR plugin. In between live NFL games, feel free to stream replays with this addon. Watch NFL online free with channel PEAR giving viewers what they want.

Pro Sport

Sport nuts of all kinds love Pro Sport, a superb addon for Kodi. It scrapes Reddit for streams and then supplies access to fresh, live games. Pro Sport provides live NFL streaming and access to on-demand video. The on-demand games are in the Archives section; be certain to check out the games you missed while watching a live game.

A painless, clear-cut style and design complete with no baffling search or confusing menu scheme round out Pro Sport’s usability. You can also get nearly any quality of stream you prefer, or at least the best your internet is able to handle. The vast majority of streams provide at the least 720p and 320p options. You also are not required to drop by any websites with Pro Sport to make it work.

One of these methods should get you ready to watch NFL on Firestick. If you start having problems downloading the apps, it should be easily resolved. We laid out some of the most common issues and their solutions below.

watch nfl on firestick free

Common Problems Installing NFL on Firestick Apps

Internet Connection And Restrictions

Accessing NFL outside the US is restricted and there are IP trackers put in place to keep people from outside the country from getting it. Also, Firestick is owned by Amazon and the only allowed way (officially) to download apps on your Firestick is through the Amazon app store. This might be one of the reasons why you are unable to download it.

If you’re trying to use an app that restricts content based on geography, connect to a VPN before you start the process of downloading or viewing.

If you’re having trouble with your internet check out our Firestick WiFi not working guide.

Low Storage Space

The Firestick often has storage space issues which cause it to lag, freeze, overheat, as well as prevent downloads. You can delete apps to free up space, but if you don’t want to do that, there’s another option. The accumulated cache in your Firestick should be cleared to create space for new downloads. 

  1. Go to your Firestick Home menu
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Select Applications
  4. Choose Manage Installed Applications
  5. Browse through your apps and select one of them
  6. Click on Clear Cache
  7. Repeat until there’s enough space to download new apps.

Best Way to Stream NFL Games

Utilizing these add-ons, you can see there are numerous ways of seeing NFL streams online during the 2020-2021 football season. The NFL has been aggressively branching into the IPTV internet marketplace. That’s good news for those desiring to cut the cord with their cable providers and access live NFL streams on Kodi.

With these addons in your Firestick or other devices, you’ll be able to find NFL games and then watch live streaming NFL matchups on Kodi. Most of these add-ons offer great image quality, depending only upon your internet connection. If you really want a comfortable experience while streaming NFL football with Kodi, then make sure to use a backlit wireless HTPC keyboard. Or, you can download a Kodi remote app such as Kore or Yatse onto your smartphone to save a few bucks.


With the NFL resuming the season amidst the pandemic, you don’t have to miss all the action. Stream the games live from your comfort zone using the Amazon Firestick.

Find NFL games and then watch NFL online free with these addons for Kodi. Most of these add-ons offer great image quality, depending on your internet connection.

So follow the above guidelines and enjoy watching the NFL on your Firestick.

P.S Don’t forget to use your VPN when browsing.

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