How to Watch College Football on Firestick, PC, and Phone for Free [Updated for 2024]

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With the 2020-21 football season underway, optimizing your Kodi Fire Stick to watch college football online is essential. Ideally, you’d like to catch nearly every play live and with no cable bill. Cable service providers force dozens to hundreds of channels on you to rationalize their ever-increasing prices. Kodi and its many add-ons specializing in streaming live sports events bypass this.

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About Kodi

Kodi is a free and open-source multi-platform home cinema system software program. It works on Firestick, Fire TV, Windows PC, Mac OSX, Android, iOS (jailbroken), Linux, and Raspberry Pi. Streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV stick, Chromecast, and Roku work wonderfully with it. Kodi lets you use a remote control or gamepad and add video channels from hundreds of different sources.

With its rapidly expanding acceptance, there is now an incredibly large range of Kodi add-ons. Numerous official Kodi add-ons may be used for great College content at a price, while you can also get a lot of popular unofficial third-party add-ons.  As for the experts from, the primary question most Kodi users must face is whether or not to watch for free. For us debt-ridden students, this isn’t much of a question. To watch or not to watch; that is the question (Sorry, Billy!). Quite a few users might not exactly recognize the privacy or security challenges associated with virtually all add-ons. Third-party add-ons can be especially annoying without accurate information. Worry not; read on, for we will be this resource of information.

How To Stream College Football Live Online for Free

A rather wide selection of USA TV channels splits NCAA College Football broadcasting coverage amongst themselves. Over 100 NCAA football games will air on ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC. The other college football games are going to be aired on ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN U, ESPN Goal Line, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, Big Ten, and SEC Network. First, find out where and when the College Football games you have to see are showing in the USA. Then, move on to our tips and recommendations for streaming.

Tips for Kodi Live Streams

Here are general Kodi streaming points to stay away from problems while viewing live events:

  • Utilize a fast connection; speed is essential.
  • Don’t use wi-fi to stream live games, for they’re considerably slower than hardwired connections.
  • Use a VPN to preserve anonymity and safeguard your data.
  • Test your streaming capabilities before a live event to be certain they are acceptable.

Safely use Kodi to Watch College Football Online

Numerous add-ons will allow you to watch college football online for free. You’ll find, however, notable privacy and security complications linked with both the unofficial as well as official Kodi addons. Practically all Kodi addons display a little associated risk, yet these can be reduced.

Add-on hijacking would be the most heinous threat linked to Kodi. Many Kodi addons are setup via unsecure HTTP connections. Most of the time, the repositories providing these add-ons are lacking in protection and generally are operated by individual people. Various Kodi add-ons have actually been hi-jacked or even modified by their very own writers in the past. They were then being put to use for web-based attacks (DDoS botnets, etc). Kodi add-ons may also gather user details by simply accessing your hard disks, or obtain private information making use of man-in-the-middle attacks.

VPNs to the Rescue

A leading VPN can save you against these types of attacks, regardless of thru Kodi or anywhere else. Even while a VPN can’t prevent all malware or hacking, it will preserve your anonymity and protect your data. The preferred VPN is IPVanish, a hugely popular and trusted VPN service supplied for Kodi users. They even have free apps specifically designed for the Fire Stick and Fire TV!

IPVanish anonymizes crucial personal data and helps disguise both your identification and activities. With the help of IPVanish, not even your ISP will find out who you are or what you’re streaming.

Still another wonderful benefit of IPVanish is that it will help users to acquire geographically blocked streams and eliminate ISP speed throttling. A good number of ISPs already throttle speeds for users that do considerable online video streaming. IPVanish helps keep your ISP from realizing where your data is going to or coming from. This will make it impossible for them to rationalize reducing your throughput speeds.

The All-Star Lineup for Streaming NCAA Games

Of the countless good reasons, users give Kodi a whirl, the supply of zero cost entertainment along with free pay-per-view broadcasts looks to be one of the most alluring. The top Kodi add-ons delivering no cost streams access commercial streams then give them away without charge.

The NCAA is in no way affiliated with these particular add-ons. The following third-party Kodi add-ons giving away commercial content totally free of charge happen to be doing so without authorization. That could probably have gone without saying. Want to watch college football online free this season?


watch college football online free with sportsdevil

SportsDevil may be the Top contender to Watch College Football Online Free

The Kodi video add-on SportsDevil streams right from all of the networks the NCAA is broadcast on. SportsDevil draws content streams from sites that take through a variety of signals. That does include streams for cable network vendors such as ESPN and broadcast networks. SportsDevil is one of the much more popular Kodi add-ons meant for unlicensed live streaming.

If sports, then the Sports Devil add-on puts it at your disposal. Fairly simple to actually set it up and use, you can easily access this on your Kodi media center should you utilize our tutorial to install SportsDevil on Kodi. We’ve mentioned Sports Devil in just about all of our own add-on best-of-the-best lists for very good reason. It streams nearly all sports games, which makes it a fantastic resource for college football streams and can help you catch nearly every game on Kodi.

UK Turk Playlists

watch live NCAA free online with UK Turk

UK Turk’s Playlist will bring you NCAA football games for free

As an awesome Kodi add-on for nearly any entertainment, UK Turk Playlists fits the bill. It is made up of live TV, movies, Television shows, toons, documentaries, radio broadcasts, CCTV, Turkish TV and Motion pictures, fitness, and much more. The sources operate reliably and are really simple and easy to work with.

The developer, aptly named UK Turk, works ceaselessly to have his sports networks refreshed. He can often be discovered on Twitter helping people find effective channels to top sports events. His sports category doesn’t solely have UK sports programs, but also US, Canadian, and Australian content. You can even watch college football online with UK Turk Playlists in your Kodi toolbox.


Watch NCAA division games live and streaming for free with Bennu

Watch NCAA division games live and streaming for free with Bennu

The favorite Kodi add-on Phoenix reorganized and then redubbed itself BENNU. Many of the best contributors Phoenix once had keep it going. You will love or hate Bennu; there’s not much middle ground here. My Fire Stick loves it… with caveats.

Like Phoenix, Bennu treats newbs poorly. Its menu composition fails to be sensible plus a big percentage of Bennu’s links tend not to do the trick. In spite of this, if you find yourself content to have fun poking around, you may discover HD, surround sound and maybe even some 3D feeds in Bennu’s tricky interface.

Bennu’s perplexing organization and many flaky links may make Bennu a considerably questionable selection. Its ability to download motion pictures combined with streaming might make up for these shortcomings. It also boasts a contextual menu item to access movie trailers before buttering your popcorn. Also, you can certainly use Bennu to watch college football online with your Kodi loaded Fire Stick.


Watch free college football games online with Picasso

Watch free college football games online with Picasso

Download the Picasso Kodi addon straight away to experience this awesome add-on by Goliath. The designer previously responsible for Evolve and Reaper shows improvement upon perfection might not be impossible. The Picasso Kodi addon makes for an extraordinary single reservoir of nearly anything you can wish of Kodi. This includes movies, television, sports, music, documentaries, fitness, and comedy. Then it continues with audio books, podcasts, children’s programming, magic, horror, and even 18+ entertainment (password protectable). The sports section lists specific games and has 24/7 live channels! Watch college football online whenever you have an itch!

Project M

Project M will allow you to watch live NCAA football games online for free

Project M will allow you to watch live NCAA football games online for free

The Project M Kodi add-on produced by Merlin boasts a superb diversity of live IPTV programs and live sports to explore on your fire stick. The brilliant range of curated playlists along with Planet M’s website scrapers supplyie you with a beautifully rounded add-on. Which is particularly potent in its IPTV and live sports game offerings.

Sports World

Watch free streaming college football games online with Sports World

Watch free streaming college football games online with Sports World

The Sports World Kodi addon is a fantastic new Kodi add-on. Virtually any competitive sport is there with their individual sectors within Sports World. This add-on is working to produce a name for itself as a one stop shop just for sports enthusiasts globally. You will find it crammed full with replays as well as live streams.

BOB UnleasheD

BOB Unleashed will let you watch live college football games free online

BOB UnleasheD will let you watch live college football games free online

The latest incarnation of BOB Unrestricted emerging from the Noobs and Nerds repo exists as BOB Unleashed. It’s a full-featured playlist add-on that has a massive amount of content and plenty of personalization opportunities. The BOB Sports section gets special consideration here, as it will certainly allow you to watch college football online throughout the entire year.

channel PEAR

Watch college football games free online streaming with channel PEAR

Watch college football games free online streaming with channel PEAR

An addon complete with a community, the Kodi channel PEAR addon is truly astounding. Get it and then stop worrying about dead links. You may easily watch college football online free with Kodi by way of channel PEAR. You can additionally access programs and tv series with this add-on, then savor the period in between games.

Pro Sport

Pro Sport brings you free college football game streams online

Pro Sport brings you free college football game streams online

A spectacular add-on made especially for seeing sporting events of all manner on Kodi, Pro Sport rocks. You will find it easy to watch college football online free with it. Scraping Reddit for stream links, Pro Sport then allows you easy access to top notch, live streams as soon as there are games in progress. It even offers a very painless, straightforward design with no baffling search or tricky navigation procedure. Pro Sport delivers live college games and ease of access to on-demand content. The on-demand games are in the Archives section, therefore be certain to view games you’ve missed recently whenever a live program isn’t on.

You’ll be able to select what quality of video you want, or at least the best your connection will likely tackle. The vast majority of streams provide you with at very least 720p and 320p options. Many add-ons force you to visit web pages to gain access to their content; Pro Sport does not.

Watch College Football on Fire TV with Everywhere Services

So, you want to know how you can watch college football on FireStick with your TV provider. Luckily, on the FireStick this is possible through Everywhere services. 

The general idea of Everywhere services is that a supported network (think ABC, FOX, CBS, ESPN, and more) can extend their broadcast to your FireStick if you have a cable or satellite subscription. 

To watch your favorite sports on your FireStick, you can just log into the app that hosts your sports TV. So, get the ESPN app if that’s what you subscribe to, etc. 

Once you’re in, you should be able to watch right away! 

Here are the top services you should check out.


ABC on Firestick

To start off the list, we have ABC. If you want to watch college football on FireStick, you can use ABC Sports’ TV Everywhere services to catch the big game. 

To name a few broadcast options you’ll have, ABC has the rights to the Atlantic Coast Conference, the Big Ten, the Big 12, and more uber-popular college networks. 

ABC is affiliated with ESPN, so it’s pretty much up to them what gets broadcasted to you. However, you’ll be able to watch knowing that such a great sports company is not going to let you miss a single highlight.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports

If you’re looking for a top-notch sports network that will bring your FireStick sports-watching dreams to life, check out CBS Sports on Everywhere services.

Like ABC, they offer a 24/7 sports broadcasting service, streamable right at home in your living room. 

You can watch various college football conferences through CBS Sports if you log in with your cable or satellite account. They broadcast the most popular games of the year as well as a great selection of highlights.

Like many others on this list, you can also get access to great, insightful analysis from the commentators for CBS Sports. 

FOX Sports

Fox Sports Logo

FOX Sports is one of the most renowned sports networks on the air today, and it’s for good reason. They stream you some of the most popular games of the year, offering play-by-play commentary and excellent footage. 

Apart from college football, you can access lots of professional sports as well, including the NBA, MLB, NFL, and more.

But, if you only want to watch college football on FireStick, you’re in luck! There are many streams available to you of the biggest games as well as post-season coverage.

The best thing about FOX Sports is its range, so whichever game you’re trying to watch, chances are it’s right there.

NBC Sports

NBC Sports Logo

If you’re looking to watch college football on FireStick, you can do all that and more with NBC Sports on its TV Everywhere service. Like FOX, there is an immense range of games, conferences, championships, and more that you can access at the click of a button.

With NBC Sports, you can rest assured that the well of content won’t run dry. This channel has thousands, and I repeat—thousands of amazing sports events, with lots ready for you to watch on any given day. 

If you want to watch the next Alabama vs. Auburn game, you can find it right as it’s happening on NBC Sports.

ESPN for Fire TV


Last but not least for TV Everywhere services, we have ESPN. This channel barely even needs an introduction—if you’re looking up how to watch college football, you probably have heard of the sports giant.

It lives up to its reputation, offering you thousands of the best sports events right at your fingertips. ESPN hosts some of the best commentators, replays, and live footage of college football games.

Apart from college football, you can catch tons of professional games as they happen, as it has the rights to almost all of the popular sports networks. 

Watch NCAA College Football on FireStick Without Cable

Above, we described all the best channels that offer you TV Everywhere services on FireStick. However, this raises the problem that not everyone has a cable subscription in today’s world.

After all, streaming sticks are quickly becoming the new normal!

So, if you’ve made it this far it might be because you don’t have a subscription but still want to watch college football on your FireStick or other devices.

If this is true, you’re in luck! There are lots of FireStick apps and add-ons that can help you watch college football as soon as possible.

Here’s a list of the best sports streaming apps for FireStick.


FuboTV Streaming IPTV

This app is a great one to have installed on your FireStick if you’re into college football or even football in general! 

FuboTV is a fan favorite among FireStick users for the access it gives you, all at a pretty low price. For a fee, you can get access to these networks: CBS, CBS Sports, FOX, FS1, Big Ten, Pac-12, and more.

If you want even more college sports coverage, you can gain access to FuboTV’s Sports Plus addon. 

The only hitch with this app is that if you love ESPN, unfortunately, it doesn’t host it. But, ESPN isn’t the only good network out there!

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu Logo

I’m sure we’ve all heard of Hulu. When you think of the streaming giant, you might not realize that there’s a subscription addon that includes tons of live sports networks. 

If you already use Hulu, this would be a great option for you as you can have all your viewing needs in one place. So, to watch college football you’ll need to shell out a bit of money each month, but you’ll gain access to so much in return.

For example, with Hulu + Live TV, you can watch live sports from ABC, CBS, ESPN, FOX, BTN, and many more.


Sling TV Logo

Sling is a sports streaming network that will also cost you a subscription fee, but offer a high reward—and versatility!

This app offers two types of subscriptions for live streaming sports: Sling Orange and Sling Blue, which are reminiscent of the logo’s colors.

If you buy Sling Orange, you can gain access to ESPN channels and Stadium. If you get Sling Blue, you can get FOX, FS1, NBC, NBC Sports, and NBCSN.

The best deal is that if you buy Sling Orange + Blue, you get all the benefits of both subscriptions for a bargain price. 

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is another great choice for people that like to have all their entertainment options in one place. If you want to watch college football or other sports on your FireStick, YouTube TV can offer you a great selection of important games. 

With YouTube TV, it won’t be completely cheap but it will offer you virtually any big game you’re trying to catch. Plus, you get the benefit of YouTube’s great customizable interface.

Get recommendations based on what you’ve watched, subscribe to certain channels, and enjoy watching your favorite sports on a familiar platform.

Watch NCAA College Football on FireStick in Other Countries

If you’re ending up down here, you might be wondering what is the best way to watch college football in foreign countries. Sometimes, the solutions on this list won’t work for you if you’re not in the U.S., so it’s important to know the ways around it!

One way is a DAZN subscription, which might set you back some money but provide you with access to the most popular sports networks from any region.

Otherwise, we think the best solution is to use a VPN. With a good VPN service, you can access sports content that was blocked in your country by changing your location manually.


With all the various possibilities here, there are many solutions to see college streams online this season. The NCAA has been aggressively branching out within the IPTV market place. Which is great news for those aiming to cut the cable and grab college football Kodi streams using their Fire Stick.

With these add-ons, you will be able to find college games and watch college football online free with Kodi. Most of these add-ons offer great image quality, depending on your internet connection. If you really want to enjoy watching college football online with Kodi, get a wireless HTPC keyboard. You can even download a Kodi remote app like Kore or Yatse onto your smartphone to save a few bucks.





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