How to Download, Use and Watch BT Sport on Firestick in 5 Simple Steps

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In this helpful tutorial article, we will show you how to watch BT Sport on your Firestick device. The instructions provided here also work for other models in Amazon’s Fire lineup of TV top devices. Amazon Firestick is a tiny digital streaming device that delivers entertainment via Amazon’s play service straight to the users’ living room. 

How to Install & Watch BT Sport on FireStick/Fire TV?

This device works with the help of apps – just like your smartphone. Users can access and download any app of their choice via Amazon’s official AppStore and stream their favorite content. Users can also utilize these apps to search, surf the internet, watch live shows, the latest, classic Hollywood blockbusters, and much more.

While there are several streaming apps available for Firestick, this article introduces you to BT Sport. Moreover, we will show you how you can install and use it to stream your favorite content.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

What is BT Sport?

BT sport as a term refers to several pay TV sports channels. These channels are provided by the BT Consumer, a subsidiary of the BT Group in the UK and Ireland. The group works under license from the US sports broadcasting giant ESPN.

That’s how its services become available to the USA residents.

BT sports is a paid service. Therefore, you need to have a subscription in order to access their channels and watch online content. The biggest advantage of BT sports is that it lets you watch your favorite sports events without any cable subscription. So, that’s why many cord-cutters prefer it over the traditional cable or satellite network.

As the name BT sport suggests, you can only watch sports channels via this app.  Therefore, if you want  a more comprehensive app that lets you watch movies and tv shows as well, then look elsewhere.

How to Watch BT Sport on Firestick?

You can watch BT Sport on Firestick by installing the BT Sports official app. It supports TV top devices, smart TVs, laptops, tablets, android phones, and some gaming consoles as well. You can also cast the contents of this app with the help of Chromecast. As of writing this article, You can use the app on four different devices simultaneously. However, only two of them can stream at a time.

How to Install BT Sport App on Firestick?

Presently, BT Sports is an official app, which means you can get it from the official Amazon AppStore. You do not need to sideload it on your device. Here’s a step-by-step process to do just that.

Step 1: First of all, connect your Firestick device to your smart TV via the HDMI port.

Amazon Firestick device

Step 2: Turn it on and connect to your Wifi connection.

Firestick Check Network settings

Step 3: Press the home button (one with three straight bars) on your Firestick remote control. This will take you to the Home page if you are not already there.

Step 4: Look up the Search icon and type in “BT Sports.”

Firestick Search

Step 5: In the list of suggestions, find and click on the BT Sports app.

Step 6: Tap on Get to start the download process. The app will start to download. Wait a few moments as downloading can take some time depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Step 7: After downloading, Firestick will install it automatically.

Step 8: Then click on the Open button to launch BT Sports.

Step 9: Finally, sign in to the BT app with the help of your user credentials and enjoy unlimited sports streams.

How to Watch BT Sport on Firestick Through Kodi?

Another method to watch BT sports on Firestick is with the help of Kodi media player. Let’s take a look at how you can do that:

Step 1: Turn on Firestick and install Downloader if it’s not already installed. Downloader lets us download any file from the internet. As Firestick’s official web browser does not allow us to download files, we need a Downloader to perform this function.

Step 2: Once Downloader has been installed, launch it and enter this URL in the URL field: and click GO

Downloader Download Bar

Step 3: When you hit GO, a screen will load, asking you to select a compatible version of Kodi. Select one which is compatible with your device.

Step 4: Wait a few moments as Kodi downloads on your device.

Step 5: Install the downloaded Kodi apk

Step 6: Once Kodi has been installed, go to the Addons option on your Firestick and follow this navigation path:

Package installerInstall from RepositoryKodi Add-on RepositoryVideo Add-ons BT Sport Video

This is a path to the Kodi repository, which contains the BT sports app.

Step 7: Now, click on the BT sports video and install the app.

Step 8: Launch the BT Sports app.

Ta Da! You have successfully installed BT sports via Kodi. Enjoy!


BT Sports is a popular app for streaming sports on Firestick. This is because it offers a great way to watch all the sports events sitting in the comfort of your lounge. How, unlike other services, BT Sports requires a subscription. You will need your login credentials to stream your favorite sports.

What do you think about BT Sports?

Let us know in the usual place!

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