Unlock American Netflix in Europe with VPN: Easy Guide

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This tutorial shows you how to watch American Netflix in Europe.

Netflix is by far one of the most popular streaming services that you can find online. It has around 100 million subscribers, and it has a lot of popularity thanks to a plethora of content and features.

You can access Netflix in 190 countries, and it has a different set of features for every country too. That being said, the US users will have most of the content, because that’s where the licensing takes place. US Netflix users can access 5000 titles, while people in Europe get less than that.

Is there a way to watch the American Netflix in Europe?

Yes!  There is absolutely a way to watch American Netflix in Europe.  Basically you just use a VPN to make it look like you’re watching Netflix from the USA.

The best thing that you can do here is to work closely with a VPN service. This is good because it allows you to create a digital tunnel where you route all the content without having to go to the internet service provider. It will use a dedicated server and also hide your IP.

The idea here is that you can get anonymity and you can acquire all the security and privacy features that you normally would not be able to acquire through a regular connection. Once you use a server in the US, Netflix won’t be able to know where you really are, it will see you as someone from the US!

  1. Sign up with the VPN service that helps you unlock the US Netflix in Europe
  2. Make sure that you download and then use their VPN client
  3. Sign in to your account
  4. Connect to any good American server, this will issue an IP address from the US
  5. You will be able to visit the Netflix USA website or app now.

That’s it! You can now access everything fast and easy, without any restrictions.

IPVanish VPN offers you one of the best ways for you to stream Netflix USA content even if you are from Europe. The best thing here is that you can access all the content you want at a very good price, and the return on investment will be more than ok.

Can you watch US Netflix in Europe?

Normally, Netflix does not allow you to do this. However, if you use a Smart DNS proxy or a VPN, things are a whole lot easier and better. You just have to use the steps above and then you will have no problem accessing the US Netflix in Europe without any downsides!

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