VR Roller Coaster Game for PS VR + Gear VR: Rilix and Rollercoaster Dreams

This short walkthrough shows you how to download, install, and ride the VR Roller Coaster app for Gear VR.  We also check out the upcoming PS VR Rollercoaster Dreams game. One of the first and best demonstrations of Virtual Reality is the Virtual Roller Coaster experience.  For Samsung Gear VR owners, a rollercoaster ride is just a free app download away.

VR Roller Coaster

  • Available for Samsung Gear VR, the VR RollerCoaster app by Rilix software company will satisfy your need for thrills.
  • The demo version of the app is free, which contains one roller coaster track to ride.
  • Their full version of the app contains at least 10 different tracks.

VR RollerCoaster Download

  • Download the app in the Samsung App / Oculus store while wearing your Samsung Gear VR headset

VR RollerCoaster Install

  • The Oculus store will install the app for you, as mentioned above.

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How to Play VR Roller Coaster

There really isn’t much “playing” that can be done in this app.  You pretty much just sit there in the ride and look around as the somewhat awesome scenery zooms by you.  You can look in 360 degrees: up, down, left, right in all three axes.  Toward the end of the demo level for the free version of the Rilix RollerCoaster app, you’ll see a pleasant little surprise.

PS VR Roller Coaster Game: Rollercoaster Dreams

According to several sources, a new PS VR Roller Coaster game is coming out called Rollercoaster Dreams.

Wrap Up

We had a great time showing the VR Rollercoaster games to our friends and family – so if you have a VR headset (even a Gear VR) then try it out!  If you have any suggestions that would improve this list of Virual Reality roller coaster games, let us know on the KFire TV YouTube Channel!

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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