This step-by-step tutorial shows you the VPN Mac setup process in full detail.  Protect your privacy, enhance your security, and browse with anonymity on your Mac by using a VPN!

TIP:  You can also install a VPN easily on Windows, Android phones, Firestick / Fire TV, iOS, and pretty much any major operating system.

VPN Mac Setup Summary

  1. Sign up for a VPN account (60% Off)
  2. Download Mac VPN software from
  3. Install the VPN app on your Mac
  4. Launch app and Connect to VPN (wikipedia)

If you prefer to watch my YouTube video on how to setup VPN on Mac, here it is:




Your location is: Ashburn VA

Your current IP address is: 2001:4455:2f7:b700:f880:7bad:b46b:1768

You can stream and download anonymously through your PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone through IP Vanish.

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Or if you prefer to follow my step-by-step written guide, use the steps below.  In the section below, I show you the VPN Mac step-by-step walkthrough:

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How to Setup VPN Mac

Step 1:  Sign up for a VPN account

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Start Now
  3. Choose an account type (1 month, 1 year, or .3 months)
  4. Enter your email
  5. Choose a password
  6. Enter your payment info
  7. Finish setting up your account

Step 2:  Download the VPN app for Mac

In this second part, we simply download the file that installs the VPN app on your Mac.

  1. Go to
  2. Download the installer

Step 3:  Install the VPN app on your Mac

Now that we downloaded the app, we just launch the installer (in Step 2 below).

  1. Click on the downloaded file to launch the VPN Mac installer
  2. Now drag the IPVanish app icon into the Applications folder
  3. Then click “Next” and “I agree” until the Mac VPN app is installed
  4. Open the VPN app (look for “IPVanish” in your Applications folder)

Step 4:  Connect to VPN server

In this final step of this process, we enter your IPVanish username and password to Login and Connect to the VPN.

  1. With the VPN app open, enter your IPVanish username and password you chose when you signed up (in Step 1)
  2. Click “Login
  3. Now click “Connect” to connect to the VPN

You’re done!  Once you are Connected to the VPN server, all your traffic is encrypted.

Benefits of Using a VPN on Your Mac


Nobody can see what information you send / receive when you use a VPN.  Why?  Because a VPN encrypts all the data that is transferred to and from your Mac, PC, or any other device.


Your online security in general is maximized when you use a VPN.  Why?  Hackers use your computer’s IP address to try and target you.  Since your IP address is hidden when you use a VPN, your security is increased as well.


When you browse the web while using a VPN, your connection looks like it is coming from somewhere other than your actual location.  Therefore, when you browse with a VPN, you browse anonymously.

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to public WiFi. Secure your data.

Bypass Geoblocking

Geoblocking happens when you go to access something on the web and you’re not allowed in because of your location.  Using a VPN can get around this!

What Do I Do After I Install the VPN?

We recommend you check out an IP address-checker website.  These show you what other computers see (about you and your location).

Test Your New Mac VPN

Go to an IP address check website and see what it tells you about your location and IP address.  If your location and IP address are different than what they are normally, then you’re connected to the VPN and good to go.

Access Restricted Websites & Geoblocked Content

Now that you can use a VPN server in virtually in country in the world, you have the ability to access restricted websites.