VPN for Firestick: Everything You Need to Know + Install Guide

Fire TV & FireStick

Before talking about the best VPN for Firestick and how to install it, we should at least know What is Firestick?

Also, why do we need a VPN for Firestick?

What are its benefits?


It is a powerful online streaming device that can be connected to an HD TV by HDMI port, turning it into a smart TV. Through it, a user can get access to thousands of movies, TV shows, apps, and games. Before the fire stick, there was Fire TV in 2014 which get updated to Firestick and Fire cube.

Firestick 2nd generation provides Alexa voice control technology that comes in 2016 so you can access it by just voice command and can enjoy a movie in English and Hindi languages.

Things to do with Unused Firestick
This is a fire stick

Fire TV is the same as Firestick, but it has more movies and games space along with 4k streaming Quality while Firestick is a lite version, offering 1080p with a smaller number of channels and sports.


Firestick is no doubt the best streaming device, but there are some restrictions and limitations that are levied by Government OR ISP, such as…

  • Online Surveillance means third party tracks down your streaming history e.g., Govt., Hackers, or ISP. So, it is a privacy threat.
  • Internet Throttling causes slow video streaming.
  • Content Geo-Restriction prevents your access in certain areas.

VPN can provide security by encrypting the internet connection and using a private IP address that hides the activity, streaming, and identity of a user. So, when someone wants to track down your device or activity, they will get a false IP address and can’t access even your IP address which changes frequently.

Using a VPN gives your fire stick total security

A VPN provides the fastest video streaming by removing ISP throttling methods for many apps such as Cinema APK, Popcorn Time, etc. When a customer is getting access to free content, the internet service provider usually slows down the streaming speed ruining the user’s entertainment time. But with a VPN, it is removed, and fast streaming can be enjoyed.

There are many sites on Firestick or Fire Tv that are not accessible in certain regions. So, VPN is needed that can provide access to various sites and streams over the globe. VPN has many servers in different countries around the world

Without a VPN, our internet provider can get access to our steaming history, and if they don’t like the contents we are accessing daily, then they can shut down the Internet connection. But with a VPN they are unable to access it.

So, to overcome slow speed, third-party attacks, and limited access VPNs are the best things to install.


There are many VPNs available now in the market, so it is hard to choose a perfect one. Some people go for the best free VPN with limited features. As best and free characteristics can’t go together, so using a free VPN is just like using no VPN at all. The best one can be bought online, here are some main features of VPN that should be kept in mind while buying:


Online streaming is error-free when its speed is fast; otherwise, it can ruin entertainment. When we use a VPN, the internet speed slows down a little bit.


Encryption protects our data and prevents it from seeing by third parties like the government, hackers, and service providers. The best encryption protocol is AES 255-bit which is the most difficult one to decrypt, and many best VPN providers use that encryption.


The best VPN provides a zero-log policy. If encryption is secure, but the service provider can keep your streaming history then VPN is of no use. The best VPN includes this policy so even the service provider can’t track your account, and when someone asks them for a specific person’s online streaming record, they have nothing to show them.


Although the installation process of a VPN is not a complicated one, sometimes the VPN we are trying to install can’t be downloaded easily or is not available on our Firestick. So, to solve these problems, the service center should be 24/7 available for the customer’s help. Express VPN provides customer support through email and lives chat while IPVanish provides one via email.


Operating system compatibility
Operating systems supported by the IPVanish app

We don’t only use VPNs on our TV we have to apply them to sit on our android tablets and mobile phones, laptops, etc. So, a VPN that can be compatible with a wide variety of platforms and devices is the best one. If you use an Amazon Firestick, you have to use a small listed VPN because amazon firestick does not support many VPNs. A VPN that can be officially downloaded should be installed otherwise the other one with the official link should be downloaded.


As some VPN applications on Amazon are not available on the App store, we have to download them using the Downloader app, and these apps sometimes don’t run with the remote of Firestick, so it becomes useless.

Best VPN for Gaming: IPVanish
Screenshot of IPVanish Gaming VPN

The overall layout of the VPN must also be user-friendly. Express provides a neat and white theme, and it is 10 % compatible with the Firestick remote. While IPVanish put a lot of stuff on the home screen and it looks cluttered. Although it works fine without any flaws.


Fix the “Video Not Available in Your Country” Error

The VPN with zero log policy is of no use if it is not under the independent system of the judiciary. Those VPNs should be used that are not under any intelligence agencies or any government alliance. The headquarter of Express VPN is in BVI which is independent of any judiciary and doesn’t provide any information to 5-Eyes or 14 Eyes etc. So, it offers total privacy for the customers. While IPVanish falls under US jurisdiction that follows the ‘Mandatory Data Retention Law.’


The topmost VPN is an expensive one, but they offer some days’ trials for their customer so that they can use the VPN and if they are not satisfied with the service, they will get their full amount back. So, these VPNs should be preferred.


Despite all the encryption and no-log policy, some additional security features are required for 100% privacy such as:

DNS leak protection: It prevents the leakage of the data or requests to be revealed to the service provider.

Split tunneling: It allows you to route your apps or internet traffic to the encrypted and secured VPN while others are using the simple route.

Kill Switch: It makes sure that the IP address of your internet provider is not leaked accidentally when the connection is dropped with the VPN server.


Depending upon speed and other security features IPVanish is the number 1 VPN in the race. It has almost 3000 internet servers in more than 160 locations and over 90 countries.

It provides AES 256-bit encryption strength which is a secure and robust one for Fire TV and Sticks as it also provides DNS leak protection or IPv6 Leak protection, Zero Log policy, kills switch, Split tunneling, and router level configuration.

Moreover, it’s a system of judiciary. It is independent as it is BVI (British Virgin Islands); hence, they have no pressure on intelligence agencies to leak customer information. It allows connecting 5 devices simultaneously. It is more expensive than other VPN providers, but it is fully secured. It ensures customers keep experiencing free entertainment. It provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and also 24/7 hours of live chat support. Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer are also offered by it.

The IPVanish service also boasts speed and security. It provides 1/3 of servers, which means 1200 servers over 60 countries.

It is an open VPN with AES 256 encryption, IKEv2 hence has stable and robust security of the connection, but some facilities are less another one.

It falls under a judiciary that is not independent i.e., in US jurisdiction and US laws, it is necessary to take note of the history of customers that is against the no-log policy.

Lock down your Public WiFi security with an Encrypted VPN
Public WiFi Security is LOCKED when using a VPN

It allows ten devices to connect by one account and also provides router-level configuration. It offers a seven-day money-back guarantee.

IPVanish has the best combination of quality and quantity. It is cheaper than others, and IP vanishes and offers a 30 days free trial and a money-back guarantee. It is affordable and provides 5200 servers in 62 countries all around the world. It gives the largest server network. It had double military-grade encryption and also provides a zero-log policy. It offers good speed. It is an Open VPN with IPsec and IKEv2.


Using a Free VPN is just like using no VPN at all. It is better to use no VPN than to use the free one. Because the open VPN networks provide no security any encryption and no safety of the data.

They even sell user data to other companies to earn money as they can’t get money from their customers. They also sell this data to advertisement and marketing companies which can use your information for making new strategies.

They can even get access to all of your streaming on FIRE TV or Firestick, your emails, and also can control the device.


Mainly there are two methods to download a VPN on Firestick or TV device or Cube. The choice of technique depends upon the type of VPN you are going to install, whether it is available on the app store of fire stick or not. These methods are as follows:

Through Amazon App Store (Express and IPVanish are available on the App store)

Through Downloader /APK file (If IPVanish or other VPNs are not available on the fire stick app store).

METHOD 1: Installation of VPN for firesticks on the App Store

This method is suitable for only those VPNs that are present in the main list of App store VPNs.

  • Get a subscription or Register an account on your desired VPN.
  • On the Home screen search for the VPN of your choice.
  • In the search result, click on the VPN name and download its app.
  • After downloading install its app, then login directly to your account on the VPN app.
  • When the Connection Request prompt appears on the screen click OK.
  • If you want to connect to a different connection location, then click on the All location Tab and select your desired country or area.
  • The setup is completed, and now your internet connection will be secured.

METHOD 2: Installation of VPN from the downloader/APK file

If your required VPN is not available in the App store, then it can be downloaded from the downloader by using an APK file (URL for that website).

  • Search for “Downloader “on the home screen of Firestick.
  • Select the downloader app in the searched list, then click directly on the download button.
  • After completing the download, open the app, then click allow so that it can access files on the device.
  • Now enter the URL of the APK file for IPVanish VPN APK and click go.

Note: Install this app if it doesn’t directly install then click the download button and then the APK file.

  • This VPN app will not appear in the app store as it is downloaded by using another app.
  • So, to find it you need to go to the primary Setting and then the Application menu.
  • Click the Installed application tab where you can find the downloaded VPN.
  • At last Launch the VPN app and log in to your VPN account.
  • Click the desired country and press connect.

BONUS METHOD: Install a VPN on a router

Some VPNs neither paper on the app store nor have APK files, but they work on the router (router app), or for advanced security and to encrypt all the data that leaves from the LAN. Fire Stick will ask to be protected as we use a VPN router app and for this, the location must be in a country where LAN is present. Simple step to Install VPN on Router areas

  1. First of all, open the router login page by entering in the browser URL bar for Asus routers then enter the login details of the router account.
  2. Now a list of choices appears on the left side of the column. Click WAN, and we have to adjust the Setting according to the following instructions:
  3. WAN Connection Type: Automatic IP
  4. Enable WAN: Yes
  5. Enable NAT: Yes
  6. Enable UPnP: Yes
  7. Connect to DNS Server Automatically: NO
  8. DNS Server 1: (use your server address)
  9. DNS SERVER 2:
  10. DHCP Query Frequency: Aggressive Mode
  11. Click the lock, and the Setting will be saved.
  12. Now select the VPN setting and then ‘VPN client.’
  13. Then a server list appears that is empty now select Add profile.
  14. Now add the information necessary, Open VPN is the most secure one but has slow speed while PPTP has the lowest security features and fast pace.
  15. L2TP appears in the middle with moderate speed and security. Select the encryption protocol and then add the information.

An example of the PPTP encryption n protocol is:

VPN Server:uspptp.hotfreevpn.com


PPTP options:



MPPE 128

  • Now click OK and the profile id added to the router.
  • At last, click activate. Remember, you can add various encryption types to the profile list, but only one can be used at a time.


  • Click a setting option in the top right corner of the app.
  • Split tunneling is used to select the app that we don’t want to be protected by VPN and is useful for apps that don’t allow VPNs such as Netflix.
  • Scramble is used to bypass those websites that block or don’t uses VPNs.
  • VPN protocol provides connection protocol selection. It has OpenVPN (TCP) and OpenVPN (UDP), UDP is recommended as it allows for faster downloading speeds.
  • Port provides the route through which traffic moves. Port 443 is the best and can be used for HTTPS.


VPN app stops working is a very rare problem, but if that happens, then follow these steps:

  • First, go to settings and click application then manage application and uninstall the app.
  • Now restart or unplug Firestick or Tv. Allow it to rest for a minute or two then plug back it
  • If the problem continues, then you need to change the VPN location.
  • If you are experiencing lagging contact, then contact the customer support center.
  • If you have the 1st generation Firestick then no VPN can work on it because of its slow processing. So, use 2nd generation Firestick.
  • If you forgot your VPN account password, it’s no problem it can be reset by clicking Forgot Password button.
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