In this VPN Fire Stick Setup Guide, we’ll show you how to set up the IPVanish Secure VPN on your FireTV or Firestick for the purpose of removing blocks from TV addons (and any blocked media), as well as making your streaming data encrypted so third parties have no chance of seeing what you’re streaming.  Eliminating hassle:  Right off the bat, we’ve eliminated 2 of the extra things usually needed to a VPN Fire TV setup: We’ve eliminated the router config and the sideloading.  Keep reading to find out how..

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VPN Fire Stick Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Get a GLi Mini Router from Amazon for $20 here
  2. Then get an IPVanish VPN Subscription for about $6/mo (use our coupon: FIRETV25)
  3. Now plug in the GLi Mini Router to USB power, such as a laptop USB port.
  4. Then use your smartphone or PC’s browser to browse to, or whatever IP address was given on the Quick Start card that is in the mini travel router box.
  5. When you see the Admin screen, choose your language (English)
  6. Then follow the router’s on-screen instructions to finish the router Initial Setup “phase”
  7. Go to the “OpenVPN” tab of the router configuration screen.
  8. Then click the option to upload a zip file.
  9. In your browser, go to the IPVanish server list.
  10. Then click the button to download the OVPN server list.
  11. Your browser will download the zip file.
  12. Now, drag and drop the zip file into the GLi mini router configuration screen (make sure you’re still on the OpenVPN tab).
  13. Your router will begin to process the VPN server list!
  14. When it’s done, the router config screen will refresh and display a dropdown menu with you list of VPN servers.
  15. Click Enable (checkbox).
  16. Select a VPN server from the list.
  17. Then click Submit.
  18. After the VPN connects, it will say “Connected“.  It will also show how much data is being transferred in real time (upload and download count).
  19. You’re done with the router setup process!
  20. Now just use the “GLi-xxxxx-xxx” WiFi network as your own personal Encrypted Kodi / torrenting / adult activities WiFi network ;)!  All data transmitted through the GLi mini router will be sent through the Encyrpted Secure VPN tunnel.  This isn’t useful just for “sneaky” activities – but all browsing in general.  All your data is protected now, especially at shady coffee shops.

VPN Android Step-by-Step Setup Guide:

This process works for any Android device that has Google Play Store access.  Since Amazon’s devices don’t have Google Play Store, we put the Amazon FireStick version of this process above!  If your Android device does have Google Play Store, then keep reading to set up VPN Android security:

  1. Download and install the ES File Explorer app onto your FireTV / Firestick.
  2. Launch ES File Explorer, then go to the Download Manager section of ES File Explorer
  3. In ES File Explorer’s download manager area, press NEW to add a new Download.
  4. In the Add new download window, Enter this for the path:
  5. For the “Name” part of the Add new download window, enter any name you want.  We use the name IPVanish VPN to make it easy for us.
  6. Press the Next button to download the IPVanish installer file (also known as an “APK” file).
  7. Once the download is complete, launch (“Open”) the file to install your new IPVanish app!
  8. Launch the app.  After the app is launched, simple select the country whose VPN you’d like to use.  Then the IPVanish app prompts you for your IPVanish username and password.  Enter your IPVanish VPN username and password and Sign In.
  9. Enjoy your streaming TV and movies!  After you sign in, your Firestick / FireTV will utilize the VPN of your choice for streaming TV and movies.  This eliminates pesky geoblock restrictions, ISP bandwidth throttling, and also keeps your data safe from prying eyes.  Watch your movies and TV shows just like you did before, but now you’ll know your transferred data is secure, private, un-blocked, and un-throttled.

Why is this better than other VPN Fire Stick setup methods?

We will do this VPN Fire Stick / FireTV setup without the hassle of setting up a custom router configuration.  We will also do this without the hassle of having to sideload IPVanish, since we can install it using the Amazon Appstore’s native app, ES File Explorer.




Your location is: Ashburn VA

Your current IP address is: 2001:4455:2f7:b700:f880:7bad:b46b:1768

You can stream and download anonymously through your PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone through IP Vanish.

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VPN Fire Stick & Fire TV Setup Guide: EASY Method (No router config required, no sideloading required)

Google trackers are lurking on 75% of websites. Cover your tracks to protect yourself.

Can I Use This VPN Fire Stick Method For Non-Firestick Devices?

Yes!  You can use this for ALL of your devices, in fact.  If you setup your router to use one of IPVanish’s VPN servers, then everything connected to your router will use the VPN.

Trouble?  If you have trouble with any part of the process, then let us know in the comments.  IPVanish also has a world-class support team to assist you, as well as step-by-step setup guides for installing VPN on many device types.

Summary:  Using a VPN (wiki: VPN) is a great idea for anybody in every situation these days.  With security and prying eyes multiplying every day, you should use a VPN on your Firestick and ALL of your devices.  We strongly recommended it on a personal level.  Do yourself a favor and put a lockdown on who can see the streams coming from your Internet connection.

You’ll unblock some blocked media resources in the process and prevent your ISP from throttling your bandwidth, as well!