Vortex Kodi Video Add-on Install Guide

RockCrusher and DreamWeaver produced a work of art for your Firestick in the Vortex Kodi video playlist add-on. Vortex includes all the content that has made these two names synonymous with great entertainment. The Kodi community really enjoyed their work on VidTime, and are loving Vortex now with TVAddons and its VidTime add-on gone for the foreseeable future.

Privacy Information

At all times, but especially when utilizing any Kodi 3rd party addon, I am unable to stress enough the importance of protecting yourself with a top quality VPN service to retain your privacy. People running Kodi without a VPN often receive copyright infringement notices for streaming films, sports events, and television shows via many 3rd party add-ons. If you need to keep your streaming private and preserve your anonymity, I highly recommend the use of IPVanish – the best privacy solution available for Kodi users. On top of that, you can try IPVanish free for 7 days. They even have free specialized VPN applications for the Firestick and FireTV!

Quick Vortex Kodi Installation for Advanced Users

If you’ve been through this before on your Firestick or PC or whatever with other add-ons, you may only need the source. You can access the Vortex Kodi add-on within its home repository–rockodi.com–which will have the latest updates first. You can also access both Vortex and its repo through the SuperRepo repository located at srp.nu.

Allow Unknown Sources

Allow for add-on installation using unknown sources if you’ve not done so previously in your current Kodi install.

  1. Enter the Kodi Settings (gear icon) at the top of the main menu

    Install Vortex - system settings

    Open the System Menu

  2. Next. go into the System Settings

    Vortex Kodi Add-on Installation - System Settings

    Enter System Settings

  3. Then, under Add-ons, toggle the Unknown Sources setting

    Install Vortex Kodi Add-on - Toggle Unknown Sources

    Toggle Unknown Sources

  4. Now, say Yes to the dialog warning you about the risks involved

    Vortex Install for Kodi - Warning Dialog

    Warning Dialog – Say Yes

Rockcrusher Repository Access

To set up the repository where you can access the Vortex Kodi add-on, just follow these steps. This process will give you access to much more as well, as we’ll be using the SuperRepo repository to access the Rock Crusher independent repository which houses only Vortex. Be sure to check out our write-up on SuperRepo, which is truly an amazing source of Kodi repositories and add-ons.

  1. On the Kodi Settings page, enter the File Manager

    Vortex for Kodi Installation - File Manager

    Enter the File Manager

  2. Add Source

    Vortex Installation for Kodi - Add Source

    Choose Add Source

  3. Select None

    Vortex Kodi Addon Installation - Choose None

    Choose None

  4. Enter http://rockodi.com

    Enter rockodi.com

    Enter rockodi.com and OK

  5. Name it Rockcrusher

    Vortex - Name it Rockcrusher

    Name it Rockcrusher

  6. Head back to the Kodi home screen, then enter the Add-ons menu item

    Vortex - choose add-ons menu item

    Choose Add-ons back at the main menu

  7. Go into the Add-on browser (AKA Package manager)

    Vortex Kodi Install - Add-on Browser

    Select the Add-on Browser (AKA the Package Manager)

  8. Elect to Install from zip file

    Vortex Installation on Kodi - install from zip file

    Choose to Install From zip File

  9. Choose the Rockcrusher item you set up

    Vortex install - Select the Rockcrusher item

    Select the Rockcrusher item

  10. Select repository.Rockcrusher-x.x.zip and hit OK

    Vortex - Choose the Rockcrusher repo zip file

    Choose the Rockcrusher repo zip file

  11. The Rockcrusher repository is installed on your Firestick!

    Rockcrusher repo installed

    Rockcrusher repo installed

Vortex Kodi Add-on Installation

  1. Go to Install from repository

    Choose Install from Repository

    Choose Install from Repository

  2. Then, use the Rockcrusher repository you installed earlier

    Choose the Rockcrusher repo for Vortex

    Choose the Rockcrusher repo

  3. Enter the Video add-ons directory

    Enter Video add-ons

    Enter Video add-ons

  4. Select Vortex

    Select Vortex

    Select Vortex

  5. Now hit Install

    Choose Install

    Choose Install

  6. If you see a dialog asking which version, choose the one from the Rockcrusher Repository. It will be the latest.

    Install Options

    Install Options? Choose the latest…

  7. After all this, you will get a dialog telling you Vortex has been installed! You will find it in your Add-ons menu item on Kodi’s home page.

    Vortex Installed

    Vortex Installation Successful!

Be Safe

I’m absolutely serious regarding the requirement of using this addon only through a VPN. Some of the live streaming especially can land you in hot water. Without a reliable VPN, you are risking your viewing habits and other info being shared with everyone including your ISP, government, and every site you access (including anybody sniffing the traffic of those sites). You are also nearly guaranteed to be receiving “cease and desist” orders from your ISP if you aren’t keeping your access private. I’ve seen this around the web for 20% to 33% off, but here at KFire TV, you can get a 60% discount on the world’s leading VPN.

Install Vortex on Kodi and use a VPN


With the turmoil surrounding much of the Kodi community these days, it’s nice to know high-quality content developers still exist. RockCrusher and DreamWeaver are certainly two of the best, and Vortex shows that they have just entered their prime.





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September 29, 2017

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