Video not allowed in your country [SOLVED] for YouTube & Kodi

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Have you ever been watching a YouTube video playlist and YouTube gets to a certain video, only to receive the “video not allowed in your country” error message?

Fix it now!  Use our YouTube Country Not Allowed fix guide below.

Fix the "Video Not Allowed in Your Country" Error

Fix the “Video Not Allowed in Your Country” Error

Problem:  For this tutorial, we will refer to an “example case”.  Let’s call him Stephen.  Streamin’ Stephen.  Stephen lives in the U.S. and wants to watch a YouTube video of his favorite band, Tool.  He finds the Tool video on YouTube, tries to play the video, and gets the “Video not allowed in your country” message.  Apparently the person who uploaded the video has set the video to NOT play in the United States, and to only play in the United Kingdom.

  • Some users may encounter this error when using other services, such as Vevo, Kodi (Sportsdevil, for example), or any other online service that does geoblocking.
  • Some users may see a different message such as “Video not available in your region” or “The Uploaded has made this video unavailable in your country”.

All of these errors can be fixed by using our step-by-step VPN solution guide below.

Fix YouTube video not allowed error with IPVanish!

IPVanish: Enable all content in Kodi

Resolution:  What does Stephen do to fix it?  He follows the steps in this guide to view any video set for any country(ies).  The solution is based on using a VPN, or Virtual Private Network.  VPN service can be had for cheap these days, and provides multiple benefits – one of which is the ability to choose which country is displayed to the content provider.

In our example, Stephen would simply choose to use a UK connection using his VPN in order to bypass the “video not allowed in your country” error – and watch the Tool video he’s been dying to see.

Cause of YouTube’s “Video not allowed in your country” Error:

Some videos are restricted to play in only certain countries, or NOT in certain countries.  When you play the YouTube video from your real home IP address, your IP address allows the content provider (YouTube in this case) to see the country you’re in.  YouTube sees that Stephen is in the United States and displays the “Video not allowed in your country message.”

How to Fix Videos Not Playable In Your Country (FireTV, Firestick, and Android)

1.  Sign up for VPN service from IPVanish.

2.  Sideload the IPVanish app to your Firestick, Fire TV, or Android device.  If you’re using another type of device, check IPVanish’s site for setup instructions.

3.  After the app is sideloaded, open the app, choose the VPN country you want your device to use, then sign in to the IPVanish VPN app with your email and password.

4.  Once you’re logged in to the IPVanish app, your connection will now be secure, private, and displayed as the country of your choice.  Streamin’ Stephen finally gets to watch his YouTube video without the pesky “Video not playable in my country” annoyance.

How to Fix Videos Not Playable In Your Country (Other device types)

The IPVanish website has detailed setup guides for setting up VPN service on all of your devices.

Alternative Firestick VPN Setup

Another way to setup a VPN on a FireTV, Firestick, or Android device is to root the device, install the OpenVPN app binary, change some settings, do some more magic, and yadda yadda yadda.  This is why we prefer to sideload the IPVanish app instead, then simply use the IPVanish app to login to our VPN and BOOM, we’re done.


Using IPVanish, we can accomplish multiple tasks:

  • Enable blocked content
  • Prevent our ISP from throttling our connection
  • Stop 3rd parties from seeing your traffic
  • Secure your connection

At such a low price-point, IPVanish‘s high-performance VPN service something every Kodi streamer should have.

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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