As practice has shown, adapting video games to films is quite tricky. The releases of the last two decades confirm this statement because there have been many attempts.

But the genre still faded into the background and was considered low-quality. However, we have already watched many astounding films based on video games, which were not bad, and even collected full cinema halls.

Top 5 Films Based On Video Games – Favorite Games Come To Life

If your hobbies are computer games, Canadian dollar online casinos, or good movies – then our collection of films will suit you. Among the impressive library of films based on shooting games, mobile games, or online casinos, you will find the most popular options, taking into account universal recognition and reviews.

Next, we will look at the Top 5 the best films based on video games:




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1. Warcraft (2016)

Many fans of this game were very excited about the movie’s release, the fantasy atmosphere of which was greeted with joy by fans of the Warcraft video game series in 2016. When creating the picture, advanced motion capture technologies were used, which made it possible to make the orcs as alive as possible and bring the other races to life. The great detail of the picture amazed all connoisseurs of the game.

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Despite a large amount of criticism, the film received a high rating. This is because the developers kept the characters as they were in the games, making them three-dimensional with a vast army of no less well-drawn evil monsters.

2. Resident Evil (2002)

This film can hardly be compared with the best works in this industry. However, released in 2002, the film brings enough positive emotions and charges with adrenaline, just like extreme hobbies or playing in an online casino in Canada. One of the first films adapted from a video game became very interesting. However, here director Paul Anderson moved away from the mystical and frightening atmosphere, the slow unfolding of the story, as it was in the video game.

Resident Evil is a fast-paced action film that keeps film lovers on their tension. But, at the same time, the general atmosphere and the most critical moments are wholly preserved. And the right choice of the main character makes this film even more attractive.

After releasing the picture on the big screens, only the laziest did not criticize the film. Some experts expressed their opinion as to the most hated movie. At the same time, ordinary video game fans accepted this film with open arms, happily plunging into the scary world of Resident Evil.

3. King Kong (2005)

Another video game adaptation was King Kong, which was released in 2005. Unfortunately, this development period of video games’ adaptation direction cannot be called successful. Many paintings turned out to be frankly cheap and made without much effort.

However, if the game King Kong inspired not many with its dark atmosphere, where it was necessary to get along with various monsters on the island, the film became spectacular and gathered large halls.

Users could play as Jack Driscoll and take turns playing as Kong in the game. The events from the movie and the game are repeated, but it cannot be said that this is a complete film adaptation of the video game.

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4. Tomb Raider (2018)

Many experts claim that this version has become one of the best in the film series. It was spectacular reloading of the film, where the new actress played a significant role. Roar Uthaug – the director of Tomb Raider, tried to create a more ordinary hero rather than a person with extraordinary abilities similar to what is presented in

The film’s first half allows you to get into the series’ essence, even for those who are not a fan. You will see a compelling main character who actively interacts with other characters, and the story gradually opens up to the audience.

Her performance increases interest in the film, allowing you to understand the character and mentality of Lara and her influence on the world of the picture.

However, this film is equipped with a reasonably formulaic development. The highly dynamic denouement shifts the focus to the usual action, where everyone already understands the following path of plot development.

Therefore, Tomb Raider can no longer be called the same as the series of other years. Furthermore, the down-to-earth protagonist radically changes this film’s approach, making it more casual and close to the commoner. But that doesn’t mean the video game movie is worse.

5. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

Many people say that this film is not the best of the overall X-men series, but it is an excellent source for the video game’s plot. Many critics gave high marks to the video game in one voiceover which exceeded any expectations. The film’s outcome captures all connoisseurs of the series and will make you re-watch the movie of the same name.

Here you will see the same fights of the main character Wolverine with his dangerous claws and conditional immortality. A funny game and a movie that appealed to the multi-million army of connoisseurs of the X-men series. That is why it takes its rightful place in ranking the best.

Despite creating many films based on computer or mobile games, the best versions of motion pictures are yet to come. Today, not all movies have been released on the big screens, the source of the plot in any game.

However, these five creations of the film industry will be enough to fill your day with great films with popular characters from your favorite video games. This will bring you not only joy but also positive emotions and adrenaline, comparable to extreme sports or playing at the best casino.

For now, the game companies retain control over their creations and dictate the terms of the film adaptation. This means that the development of the gaming industry is gaining momentum, which has a positive effect on the film industry.

We hope that 2022 will be a successful year for games-based films, and we will see bright adaptations of our favorite computer action, strategy, or RPG games on the screens of the best cinemas in Canada.