What are the Top-Rated Venturous Movies on Netflix?


The thrill of gaming is one that all punters are acquainted with, along with the dangers and risks of it. Yet there is a difference between being the one facing the risks and watching others face the same risks, the latter obviously being more sensational.

As a punter, if you want to enjoy the pleasure of gaming without experiencing the menace of losing stakes, the best thing you can do is to claim free offers on registration or to watch exciting movies from the safety of your home.

You get to enjoy all the fun and glamour of gaming without losing anything of your own, in fact, you may gain insight on what to avoid while trying your hands at your favorite game.

Here are some of the top-rated venturous movies on Netflix to binge-watch in your free time.

Martin Scorsese’s 1995 movie Casino is one of the most renowned and recommended venturous movies of the lot. With a star cast of Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, and Joe Pesci, Casino is a movie about a Jewish gambler “Ace” Rothstein who runs the Tangiers Casino in Las Vegas, his partner in crime and friend Nicky Santoro and his wife and a former con-artist Ginger Mckenna.

Ace, who gets the opportunity to become the frontman of the Tangiers Casino, rolls in money after his immense success at the casino but things go downhill when the Mafia takes an interest in his dealings and his life becomes overladen with complications involving Ginger’s alcoholism and drug abuse.


The movie is a journey of betrayal, greed, and death where Ace eventually finds himself back to square one after losing everything at the end including his wife and friend. Through this movie, we see both the rise and fall of Ace, all due to two things- his casino involvement and a hunger for money.


Robert Luketic’s 2008 movie 21 starring Jim Sturgess, Kevin Spacey, Laurence Fishburne, Kate Bosworth, Liza Lapira, Jacob Pitts, Aaron Yoo, and Kieu Chinh is about the MIT Blackjack team including Ben, who joins his professor’s blackjack team to afford the tuitions at Harvard Medical School.

Ben, a mathematics major who struggled to pay off his $300000 tuition despite having the qualifications was invited by Micky Rosa, his college professor to join his blackjack team along with college acquaintances Jill, Choi, Fisher, and Kianna.

Faced with initial victory and huge amounts of money rolling in, Ben drowns in luxury and ends up losing money in his bets, leading him to get kicked out by his professor. Therefore, Ben makes a second attempt to regain all his money by teaming up with the head of Micky’s security, William, and to graduate college which he could not do due to Micky.

Despite receiving mixed reviews, the movie was commercially successful, especially in the USA and Canada.

The 1998 movie Rounders by John Dahl is the best movie for poker lovers. Starring Matt Damon, Edward Norton, and Gretchen Mol, Rounders is about law student and poker prodigy Mike McDermott who gave up on poker for his promise to his girlfriend Jo but had to return to the world of poker after his friend and a former prisoner, Worm Murphy asked him to help pay off his debt.

Yet, Worm manages to stake up more debt which falls on Mike. After finally clearing all of the debts, Mike leaves Jo and goes to Las Vegas to join the World Series of Poker which he always dreamt to participate in. Rounders had a modest box office accumulation but managed to garner a strong fanbase around the world.



Mike Hodges’ 1998 movie Croupier has a darker, more sinister take on the world of gaming and tells the story from a dealer’s point of view. It lacks the glamour and luxury of money common to most gaming movies. Starring Clive Owen, Kate Hardie, Alex Kingston, Gina Mckee, it is about Jack Manfred, a man aiming to be a writer who takes upon a job as a croupier to get by in his daily life.

The world of gaming venues gradually envelopes him and he ends up breaking rules and gets involved in betrayals and deaths. Jack compiles his experiences of the gaming world in his book which becomes a best seller and goes back to his life as a croupier despite all his misfortunes linked with it.

Croupier was critically acclaimed and enjoyed positive reviews from viewers all around the world after its release in the market.

Win It All

Win It All is a 2017 Netflix original comedy movie by Joe Swanberg and is probably the most light-hearted among the lot. Starring Jake Johnson, Aislinn Derbez, Joe Lo Truglio, and Keegan- Michael Key, it follows Eddie, a compulsive gambler and parking attendant who was suddenly forced to keep watch over a gangster’s bag of money for six months till he returns from prison.

Being an addict, Eddie steals money from the bag and wagers it at a venue where he initially wins but ultimately loses all of the money. The movie shows his attempt to regain all the money before the gangster returns from prison.

Win It All met with positive reviews upon its release with favorable responses from Netflix watchers and other viewers.

Ocean’s Eleven

Steven Soderberg’s 2001 heist movie and a first of the Ocean Trilogy series along with the 2004 Ocean’s Twelve and 2007 Ocean’s Thirteen, Ocean’s Eleven adorns with a star cast of George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Julia Roberts, Don Cheadle, and Bernie Mac. Ocean’s Eleven enjoyed immense commercial success along with soaring reviews and became a cult favorite around the world.

Ocean’s Eleven is about a money heist, planned by Danny Ocean and his friend Rusty Ryan which is undertaken by the two along with their allies and partners in crime, Linus, Frank, Virgil, Turk, Livingston, Basher, Saul, and Yen- the group of men who plan a theft of $160 million from the casino of Terry Benedict, lover of Danny’s ex-wife Tess. It follows their grand plans of robbing the casino.


The 1991 biographical movie Bugsy by Barry Levinson was a homage to the real-life charismatic figure of Bugsy Siegel. The movie was a critical hit and also a box office success, earning it ten Academy Award nominations out of which it won two and a Golden Globe Award.

The movie is about mobster Bugsy Siegel and his life, focusing mostly on his relationship with his lover, Virginia Hill. It shows his rise in fame and power as one of the most renowned gangsters of Las Vegas, his relationship with Virginia Hill, a rising Hollywood actress, and ultimately his fall from power and death.

Rather than being a regular casino movie, Bugsy is a journey of two people whose love remains incomplete.

Concluding Thoughts

Apart from these movies, there are various other ones that one can watch as well. The list here provides you with some of the movies that anyone can watch and enjoy without having to involve themselves with the risk of gaming and loss while at the same time they will be able to encounter the thrill of wagering and the glamour offered by the casinos.


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