Ways to Ease Up Your Day by Using an Amazon Echo in the Kitchen


Having an Amazon Echo Show in the kitchen is the new cool. If you love modern digital kitchens then this gadget is a great one to have. Managing the kitchen can be very daunting especially when you’re a beginner.

Well, Alexa is wonderfully a great helping hand. Alexa gives you hand-free assistance as it works on the voiced demand.

Just to clarify, Alexa and Amazon Echo are basically the same thing. Alexa is your virtual assistant and Amazon Echo is the physical device that houses Alexa. We are going to use these terms interchangeably in this piece.

6 Helpful Ways To Use Alexa In The Kitchen

From making easy shopping lists and exploring food recipes to controlling your kitchen appliances and setting the mood, Alexa is an all-in-one gadget that proves to be essential.

Here we will discuss several features and benefits that you can take from Amazon Echo/Alexa. Let’s start with simpler ones:

1. Make Easy Shopping Lists

Worrying about forgetting things you need to buy? Alexa got you covered. Alexa can help you manage your shopping lists and to-do lists in a single go. Add items to your list whenever it comes to your mind.

Just used the last egg in your fridge? Or saw the empty bottle of your favorite sauce? Simply ask Alexa to add that item to your shopping list by saying  “ Alexa add soya sauce to my shopping list” or you can also say it like “ Alexa I need to add something to my shopping list” later she will ask you what you want to add and your response will be added to the list.

If you want to know what you added previously to the list, ask Alexa “what’s on my shopping list” and she will tell you all the items on your shopping list. Moreover, you can also check the list on the Alexa app on your Ios or Android or go to alexa.amazon.com and click lists.

2. Let Alexa Do the Math for You

If you’re cooking by following a recipe you might need to convert the unit of measurements. For example, how many cups in that stick of butter or how many tablespoons are in one ounce. You can also convert the volumetric measurement of an item’s weight. For example, you can ask how much a cup of milk or flour weighs.

Another thing that Amazon Echo does out of the box is that it can count calories for you. How’s that for a function, especially if you’re a diet-conscious person. You just need to ask  Alexa how many calories a specific food item has.

3. Keep Multiple Timers with Amazon Echo

Putting something in the oven and forgetting to take it out? Well, this forgetting issue is a universal thing but you can solve it through Alexa. Do yourself a favor and always put a timer on your Echo device.

You can simply say “Alexa set a timer of 20 minutes for chicken” and it will start counting and when the time ends it will start ringing. Even if you’re playing music or doing any other activity in the Echo, it won’t disturb the timer.

When the timer ends it will pause the music and ring. So you will get notified without any interruption. I hope you will agree that is quite a function to have.

Cooking more than one dish at the same time and need to set multiple timers for different dishes? There’s no biggie. You can simply set multiple timers at the same time and they won’t interrupt each other.

4. Ask Alexa for Recipes or Food Recommendations

Don’t know how to cook? Or need to know a specific recipe? Just ask Alexa. But there’s a thing, that Alexa directly isn’t that much of a help in this matter. However, you can go to Skills in your Alexa app and there are plenty of recipes there to keep busy to no end.

After that, explore the recipe you want to make and Alexa will guide you through the recipe step by step as you cook along. If you don’t understand any step just ask to repeat. To move further just say next.

Got some random leek left in the fridge or just want to make something with specific food items? You can also ask Alexa for recommendations on that. Alexa will tell you every possible recipe you can make from those items.

Moreover, you can also ask Alexa what to cook or even ask her for drink recommendations with the food.

If not in the mood for cooking, she will also help you explore food and restaurants you can order from.

4. Alexa Doesn’t Let You Get Bored

From playing music and listening to the news to binging your favorite shows, Alexa serves with a great service. Ask Alexa to play music by genre, singer, album, or movie. Moreover, you can even link other music services to your Echo device like apple music or Spotify and access your playlists too.

In addition, it gives you the ability to watch your favorite shows. Echo devices also support live TV. For these, you can go to Alexa skills and stream your favorite show. Moreover, you can manually swipe and select the show you want to watch or just ask Alexa to open the video home.

These were some of the basic tasks Alexa can do. But, there are some out-of-the-box things Alexa/Amazon Echo can also do. Here have a look below:

5. Make Your Coffee Through Alexa

Imagine having your coffee ready just by voice command? Yes, you can control your coffee maker through Alexa. For this, you need to have a smart coffee maker or even a simple drip coffee maker can work if it has a smart switch.

Next, create an IFTTT applet to connect your coffee maker and Alexa. Use the trigger phrase and turn on the smart switch on the simple drip coffee maker or simply turn on the smart coffee maker. 

Don’t forget to add the ingredients to the coffee maker before you want to use it. When you need coffee just say the trigger phrase and the coffee maker will make your coffee on the go.

6. Control Your Kitchen Appliances via Amazon Echo

Doesn’t it feel nice to hear that you can control your kitchen appliances with just a voice command? Alexa can now control many kitchen appliances like ovens, refrigerators, or smart cookers.

Cooking something and don’t know what temperature? Whether direct heat or steam is required? You might be unsure sometimes about the optimal settings for the oven. But Amazon Echo has got you covered. Ask Alexa how to cook a specific dish and she will recommend the best settings for your oven.

 And yes she can also start your oven for you. Ask Alexa to preheat the oven while prepping for the dish. That can save you time. Plus, there is no need to do it by hand. Just like an oven, you can also control other appliances as well. You can also control your smart faucets via Alexa.

The only thing you will need to do is to create IFTTT applets. There are many appliances available that can be connected directly to Alexa via applets but some will need smart switches. But once it’s all set up then there will be no hassle and your kitchen will be heaven

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