What To Do With Unused Firestick

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What would you do if you have an unused Firestick lying around? Will you just throw it away or simply let it rot without using it? In this article, we will explore the options available for those who may have an extra or unused Firestick in their home.

Things to do with your unused Firestick

1. Give it away: This is the first and perhaps the best option for you. It will not only make your friend, a colleague, or neighbor happy, but you would also be cleaning up your home indirectly as electronic waste often make a huge part of domestic waste.

2. Sell it: If giving away for free is not your thing, you could sell it in the secondhand market like Decluttr, Amazon, Swappa, Gazelle, eBay and other online stores.

3. Donate: If you are into charity, it would be wise to donate the unused Firestick to charitable institutions. They will be happy, so will you.

4. Trade-in: Amazon offers a “trade-in” option for Firestick. The company will deduct $20 off the cost of a new Fire TV Stick 4K at the time of checkout. In addition, you will also get a gift card worth $0.99 as well.

Trade-in is a simple exchange-purchase process. All you need to do is answer a few questions about the, print a shipping label, send the device in for free, and within a week Amazon will let you know if your trade-in is accepted. Once that happens, add a new 4K Fire TV device to your cart and the 20% discount will be applied during checkout.

We’ll now look in details how you can actually do a trade-in for your Amazon Firestick. The company has a robust recycling unit for electronic items even if the products have lasted their lifetime. In addition, they also offer an exchange system wherein you could get a new device at a discounted price.

If your unused Firestick is still working:

If your Firestick is still working but you feel it has become outdated, you can check out the Amazon trade-In site page and check out the available options. Follow this link https://www.amazon.com/tradein

What to Do with unused Firestick - Amazon Trade In

If your unused Firestick no longer works:

Amazon offers recycling options even for devices which are no longer working. Check out Amazon Recycling Program by following this link https://amazonrecycling-us.re-teck.com/

What to Do with unused Firestick - Send to Amazon Recycling

Contact Amazon 

Another method is to contact Amazon and provide them your contact information and they will get back. Please note that your Firestick will be tested by during the material reclamation by a licensed recycling partner.

What to Do with unused Firestick - Contact Amazon

Important things you should know about the recycling of discarded goods

Will it cost you money to recycle or exchange Firestick?
Answer: No, not at all, as the company is committed to efficient disposal of e-waste.

Let’s also look at the finer details about Amazon’s Firestick exchange scheme. Amazon will cut $20 off the cost of a new Fire TV Stick 4K. You may also deploy the trade-in program to bring down the prices of the Fire TV Cube down to as low as $84.99. The Fire TV Cube will come with Amazon’s new Alexa remote.

However, sending the device to Amazon’s recycling plant is not that easy. First, you must identify the device you want to trade-in from Amazon’s list.

Last but not least, you can try out a non-conventional approach. Put your Firestick in a bottle and drop it in the ocean with a note your email address… and wait to see what happens.



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