5 Easy Ways to Unlock Your Fire TV Stick

Fire TV & FireStick

Are you sitting there looking for ways to transform your standard TV into a smart TV? If you answered yes, a firestick can do absolute wonders for you. However, when you don’t know the tricks, it becomes near impossible to make things like that happen. Don’t worry though because we have got your back. Much like a no deposit bonus can go wonders for your online casino games; there are a few tricks that can unlock your Fire TV stick for the best user experience.

This article will explore the best ways you can unlock the most of your entertainment experience and more.

Try Jailbreaking

With jailbreaking, you can easily sideload a lot of third-party applications that you can download to your device and watch without authorization. Although it sounds like a bad idea, typically, it isn’t. You can jailbreak the Fire TV stick from the developer settings and then enable download choices of the apps from Unknown sources and make the most out of your user experience like never before. 

Get Rid of Remote Control

How often does it happen that you are using the Firestick remote control only for it to give up on you halfway along the way? Happens to the best of us, doesn’t it? Well, we’d highly recommend that you get rid of the remote control once and for all. And, ideally, the process isn’t as complicated. This time around, you can let go of the remote control for good and then make a switch to controlling the Fire Stick from your smartphone using third-party applications.

Try Toggle Mouse

If you are experiencing issues with accessing the common or rare Firestick applications, you can always opt for the Toggle mouse. This application is your life savior and allows you to access all the applications that you aren’t able to use on your own. Toggle mouse can be installed using an apk that is available directly on the internet.

Use Casting Mobile Option

Another crucial Fire TV stick hack that you need to know about is the casting mobile option. This one is pretty convenient, not to mention that it allows you to watch your favorite entertainment shows and programs directly via your smartphone. Sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it? The screencasting option is what you need to use for the same.

Get Rid of Cache

If you are experiencing delays with your Firestick and wondering what you can do to correct that issue, we’d recommend getting rid of all the accumulated cache. The cache is the biggest contributor to the lags and delays that you are possibly experiencing. So, get hold of the same and get rid of it as soon as you possibly can. 

Fire TV stick is one of the best tools of entertainment. It is convenient, easy to use, and not to mention, extremely handy as well. So, if you are finding yourself stuck with no way out, we’d recommend looking into these easy hacks to transform the overall user experience.


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