Universal Remote Firestick: 5 Best Remotes + Our Recommendation

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Isn’t it frustrating to have a remote for your TV, a remote for your DVD player, another for the cable box, and the fourth one for your Amazon Firestick? In such a scenario, switching between different remotes turns into quite a hassle. Imagine having just one universal remote to operate all the devices. Sounds awesome, right?

While many universal remotes support the standard Fire TV, only a few work with the Stick model. This is because, unlike others, Amazon Firestick doesn’t use infrared signals for communication. So the universal remote Firestick options are very limited, and they’re not mainstream either. In case you are looking for one, don’t worry! We have done all the research for this article and listed the best of the best universal remote solutions that work like a charm with your Firestick. 

But first, let’s take a look at some benefits of making the move to a universal remote. 

Benefits of Universal Remote for Amazon Firestick

Honestly, this should be a pretty clear cut case for most folks. Nobody wants tons of remotes lying around, intermittently running out of batteries and getting lost in the couch, when they could switch to a universal remote Firestick option. These are the most obvious benefits of a universal remote Firestick: 

End the Clutter

It’s more than likely that your TV, sound system, and other device manufacturers are not all the same brand. It means you have to use a separate remote to operate every device. A universal remote firestick can help you cut down the clutter on your coffee table. Just ask Marie Kondo, a pile full of remotes does not spark joy.

Cut the Cost

You may not even realize it, but having multiple remotes will cost you a fortune over time in batteries (not mention the hassle and wasted time). You can save a whole boatload of money and heartache by having just one universal remote firestick control instead of four or five. What’s more, if a remote for one device breaks, you will have to spend more bucks for a single replacement remote.

Simplify Your Life

A universal remote Firestick is convenient and keeps your life a lot more simple. You can switch between several systems, power controls, volume buttons, pause, start, play, mute, reply – all the buttons are at your fingertips on a single device. If this doesn’t convince you to switch to a universal remote Firestick, I don’t know what will.

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Best Options: Universal Remote Firestick

Ok, so you’re convinced, right? But which one to get? Researching universal remote Firestick can be a little overwhelming, so we’ve taken on the task of doing the hard work for you. Read on for the best options you have to get a universal remote Firestick. 

1. Logitech Harmony

The Logitech Harmony Smart Controller hub (model: 915-000194) turns your phone or tablet into a universal remote for the entire home entertainment system. It can control up to 8 devices simultaneously, which is no small feat. 

One reason it stands above the rest is that it is compatible with more than 225,000 devices and 5000+ brands. This means it can not only control every device in your home entertainment system, but it also allows you to control most gaming consoles, thermostats, and even your computer. Another is its ability to integrate really well with Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices. For example, you can command Alexa to do your bidding without even moving a muscle.

The Logitech Harmony can communicate with smart devices in three different ways for a reliable connection. First, it utilizes the standard IR (infrared) signals. Second, it can also communicate over the WiFi. Finally, if a device uses neither of these two technologies, it can communicate via Bluetooth. Therefore one way or another, it will find a way to get your communication signals across. 

That said, though, I have one minor complaint. The accompanying smartphone app occasionally loses its connection and needs to be logged back in again. Some other Harmony remote models can also be used for the same purpose, but they are expensive. Don’t let the deter you if you’re willing to spend big for the best! We just want to make sure our recommendations are accessible for most people.


  • Easy to set up and program
  • Can work with up to 8 components simultaneously
  • Compatible with 225,000 devices and 5000+ brands


  • The smartphone app occasionally loses signal
  • Came out in 2014 – it may feel a bit outdated in 2020
logitech harmony universal remote firestick

2. SofaBaton F2

The SofaBaton F2 (lets all agree to ignore how silly the name is) is actually a universal remote Firestick attachment. It attaches to your existing Firestick remote controller and enhances its functionality in more than one way.  

Giving you 11 extra personalized buttons, you can use it to control your TV, Blu-ray player, cable box, and even your soundbar. Installation is a non issues, as it is super easy to attach. Also, it is seamless to program or reprogram thanks to the IR learning technology, which learns from your existing Fire TV remote. All you have to do is slip in your Firestick remote into this thing and wait for its IR learning process to complete. Its blinking red light turns green to let you know the process has completed. Besides, not just a universal remote Firestick, it can pick up IR from other remotes as well. 

It’s worth noting that while the SofaBaton has a cool, sleek build, it (unfortunately) can be a little fragile. But a positive aspect of such a design is that it blends seamlessly with the Fire TV stick remote. However, it does need the original Fire TV Stick remote in order to be usable. So if you have lost the original, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing SofaBaton F2. As a small bonus, the accompanying Maxwell AAA batteries keep working for a long time. 

Overall, the device works fast, is easy to program, declutters your night table like a charm, and is a superb single unit TV remote attachment. 


  • Easy to assemble and program
  • 11 additional personalized buttons for extended functionality
  • Compatible with Alexa Voice Remote


  • Needs original remote to learn from it
  • Is rather fragile
  • Comparatively pricey
SofaBaton F2 universal remote firestick

3. Caavo Control Center 

Caavo Control Center is an AI-powered universal remote capable of controlling everything connected to your TV with the help of a single remote. Because of its cloud-based intelligence, new features are continuously being added, and one of them is universal remote Firestick compatibility.

Until recently, the Caavo control center wasn’t compatible with Fire TV Stick. However, that is no longer the case. You can just download the Caavo Companion App from Amazon, follow the instructions (which can be complicated for some users), and hook it up to Fire TV, turning your remote into a universal remote Firestick.

The remote is very minimalistic. For example, there is no numeric pad. Instead, it uses a button to bring up a keypad on screen for toggling between channels. A gentle touch on the button pops up a notification telling what the button does. Likewise, some buttons are programmed for double duty. 

Caavo works exceptionally well when there are multiple streaming devices. It instantly indexes all content in addition to the Firestick. You can connect up to 4 devices along with an optional soundbar.


  • AI-powered smart universal remote organizer
  • Works great with Google Home and Alexa voice assistants
  • Minimalist remote controls


  • Not compatible with Dolby Vision
  • More expensive than other options
caavo control center universal remote firestick

4. Sideclick

Another clip-on solution to turn your existing Firestick TV remote into a universal remote is Sideclick. The clip-on design also allows you to keep the Firestick’s voice search feature. Unlike the SofaBaton F2, it connects to the existing remote from the left side and adds eight extra buttons. 

The buttons can be programmed with the help of IR learning technology. Simply connect it to the existing remote, press, learn, and done. It will code itself, just like the SofaBaton F2. The clipping portion of the device is interchangeable to facilitate you if you need to replace your streaming device at some point in the future. To change it out, you will just need to get a new Adapter Clip. 

In comparison with the SofaBaton, Sideclick is pricey and has fewer programmable buttons. However, it has a much durable build and comes with interchangeable clippings for any future needs.  


  • Its clip-on design helps you maintain Firestick’s voice search
  • Fully Compatible with Echo Voice Remote
  • Works well with almost any streaming device including Roku and Apple TV


  • Needs a mimicking remote to program
sideclick universal remote firestick

5. Official Amazon Fire TV Remote

The official Amazon Fire TV stick remote is a powerful gizmo featuring Amazon’s robust Fire platform along with the ever-helpful Alexa Voice assistant. The built-in microphone lets you take control of the device through voice commands. Now you can directly control your TV’s volume and power features through your voice. 

The set up process is straightforward. Put the batteries in the device, press, and hold the home button for at least 10 seconds. A confirmation notification will pop and voila! You are done. The tiny remote itself is very responsive and works anywhere in the room without requiring a line of sight. The included AAA batteries have decent performance. The build is solid but certainly not enough for throwing it around the floor. 

Moreover, it is compatible with the Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, & Amazon Fire TV. That said, it is a sound option if you want to use it as a replacement universal remote Firestick or even as a secondary one. Just watch out for the higher price tag, though.  


  • Alexa voice assistant works great
  • Straightforward setup process
  • Responsive remote doesn’t require line of sight


  • Expensive
  • Not compatible with Amazon FireStick 4K or Amazon FireTV Edition smart TVs
fire tv universal remote firestick

Our Universal Remote Firestick Recommendation

From where we’re sitting, the Logitech Harmony Smart Controller is obviously the best universal remote Firestick solution. The company offers some other models as well, but we chose Harmony 915-000194 because of its affordable cost. Other solutions are definitely not bad either.

Conclusion – Universal Remote Firestick

Hopefully this helps you understand some of the universal remote Firestick options available to you! I think it’s easy to see that any of these as better than having a huge pile up remotes on your table. Use one of the universal remote firestick solutions above to organize controls and declutter your living room.

Based on each device’s pros and cons, which one do you think will be most suitable for you and why? Let us know your thoughts below! Thank you for your time.

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