Unblock Youtube: 7 Best Methods for Firestick

Youtube is a global platform currently ranking number 2 on Alexa top 50 global site rankings after google. It gets over two billion unique visitors every month worldwide. Because of its accessibility, 79 percent of the netizens have a YouTube account. Unfortunately, having a YouTube account doesn’t mean you can access every video on the platform. Many users run into problems while accessing certain videos. If you have ever faced the same problem, you can relate to the frustration one gets on such an occasion. With a little help, the good news is you can access any video on this social website. In this article, we will look at why some videos may be blocked and how you can unblock Youtube.

Reasons Why Videos are Blocked or Restricted

Below are the reasons why some videos may be blocked or restricted for viewing:

1. Licensing Issue: Most of the time, entertainment videos get blocked or restricted due to licensing problems. It happens when the content is developed by a major entertainment company. They restrict access to a limited number of geographies or countries. For example, when a show is telecast in the USA, depending on the timings or telecast schedule, it is restricted in certain parts of the world. Similarly, music videos fall under Youtube licensing restrictions. Wiz Khalifa’s many videos are blocked in Africa and parts of Central America for the same reason. 

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2. Local Laws: At times, local laws forbid showing a particular event, topic, or content. Therefore, YouTube blocks such videos to comply with local laws. For example, in Thailand, it is against the law to mock the king. So Youtube has blocked such videos for anyone visiting the website from Thailand. Be sure to consider local laws before you unblock Youtube videos.

3. Age Restriction: Sometimes, the content of a video isn’t appropriate for all age groups. In such cases, Youtube age restricts the content and removes the thumbnail. The difference here is that the uploader doesn’t restrict the video, but youtube does. Such videos aren’t visible to people under 18 years of age, who are logged out or have the restricted mode enabled. Causes of age restriction are: vulgar language, violence, disturbing images, nudity or sexually suggestive content, or portrayal of dangerous activity. 

4. School/Corporation Restrictions: If you are at work or school, your network admin may have restricted Youtube access by using a firewall. A firewall effectively filters traffic in and out of the network. Many schools and workplaces implement these regulations in order to boost productivity, discipline students/workers, and remove any distractions (no porn at work, y’all). While all such rules should be observed, we believe in individual freedom. Everyone should have open access to the sources of information, which is why we want you to know how to unblock Youtube. 

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Methods To Unblock Restricted Youtube Videos

As they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way, if you want to unblock Youtube videos, there are a few ways. Here’s how!

1. Use a VPN to Access Blocked Content

A virtual private network or VPN is one of the easiest, most secure, and most convenient ways to access blocked content. In addition to accessing blocked content, it is also a great option for anonymity and security. It links your device via an encrypted connection to a remote server that assigns a temporary virtual IP to mask your original. This way, to the firewall or the website you are accessing, it looks like you are accessing it from a different location. Aside from allowing you to view content, you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise, there are some surprising benefits of having a VPN.

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A VPN encrypts all of the content transmitted through your device, network admins, and ISP is unable to see the content you are watching. That is why VPNs are used for anonymously browsing the internet. Below is a step-by-step guide to setting up a VPN to unblock youtube videos. 

First of all, you need to choose a reliable VPN services provider that meets your needs too. Our favorite is IPVanish, and there’s a solid reason why. It offers exceptional performance at very affordable rates. Moreover, its setup process involves no complicated settings or catches. Simply download the VPN and start using its fantastic services. While it operates hundreds of services worldwide, you can select one yourself or let the system select one for you automatically. 

We recommend IPvanish because its network never gets crowded or congested, which translates into amazing browsing speed, which is critical when watching an HD video. What’s more, its stringent security standard and privacy architecture mean your personal data will never fall into the wrong hands. You can get its unblock Youtube VPN with a thirty days money-back guarantee. If you need more convincing, here are some surprising ways that a VPN can protect your security.

If you need a little help installing a VPN, don’t worry! Our ultimate VPN guide will walk you through how to install a VPN on any device.

2. Unblock Youtube by Modifying its URL

A URL or a Universal Resource Locator is the address you use to access anything on the internet. http://www.youtube.com is the URL of Youtube. You can access a blocked video by modifying its URL. For example, modifying the HTTP part of the URL to https. However, this trick only works if a video has been blocked by your network administrator. This is because, when network admins block a URL, they do so by typing its URL. If it is blocked by Youtube, changing the URL will have no impact on its privacy. 

3. Download a Video Without Unblocking It

Do you know there are several websites that allow you to download a Youtube video? The best thing is, that you do not need to unblock a video for this purpose. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL of the particular Youtube video in the website’s downloader box. They will download it for you on your device or PC. This method is ideal when you want to view videos offline. But it is a rather slow, time-consuming, and cumbersome process. 

4. Use a Proxy (Or Not)

A proxy server is similar to a VPN with one big difference. Like a VPN when you connect through a proxy server, your traffic is routed through it, so you appear as if you are from another location. The major difference here is that proxies do not encrypt your data while sending it through the networks. That is why a proxy is less reliable and secure than a VPN. This means ISPs, network admins, other regulatory bodies, or even hackers can intercept your data. 

There are three primary ways to connect through a proxy. First, you can use a proxy website by manually connecting to it through your internet browser. Second, you can configure a proxy yourself. This method requires technical knowledge as you need to change your browser’s proxy settings. The third method is the easiest of them all. You can set up a proxy by using a browser add-on. But depending on your device and browser, the internet speed may be limited. 

In general, proxies are slower than VPNs and, in many cases, even don’t allow HTTPS connection. This means not only is your internet traffic vulnerable to being intercepted, but the proxy server can also track your activity. That is why we don’t recommend using a proxy to unblock Youtube videos. 

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5. Unblock Youtube by Using Tor 

You can use Tor Browser or Tor Client Software to unblock Youtube. Tor is a very secure and reliable anonymously surfing option that hides your IP address. You can download the Tor browser or Tor client software free of cost. Tor browser routes your data through its network of remote servers where data passes through several relays before reaching the destination. Because of this, network admins, ISPs, security agencies, and hackers can’t track your online activity. What’s more, Tor Client software gives you the option to select the country for your IP address. Therefore, if you are living in France and a video is blocked there, you can simply change your IP to the USA and access it. 

The only downside of using a Tor client is that the setup process is time-consuming and requires technical know-how of the networks. The setup process may test the patience of a beginner.

6. Use A Different Network

If a particular video is blocked by your network administrator, you can access it by using a different network. For example, you can use a mobile phone device as a hotspot. To do this, simply turn on your mobile hotspot and let your computer connect to it. You will then be able to unblock Youtube on your computer because you are using your mobile’s data package. But keep in mind that this solution can turn expensive while watching YouTube videos. Further, it is not effective if the video is banned nationwide. 

7. Use a Combination of the Above Methods

For a more secure browsing experience, you can use a combination of the above methods to unblock Youtube. For instance, you can use Tor with a compatible VPN connection. This combination makes for a highly anonymous network solution. In case, if your data is compromised by either the VPN provider or Tor, the second layer of security will help ensure its integrity. 

Knowledge is Power

If you come across a particular geo-blocked Youtube video, you can unblock it through any of the methods mentioned above. But what if even after using these options, the video remains blocked? This can be because the solution you are using connects through the IP address of the country where the video is blocked. So you need to know which server to use. Many websites let you paste a video URL, and then show you a world map with all the countries where the video is available. 

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If you cannot access a Youtube video, a VPN is the ideal solution. It is easy, fast, and secure enough to let you unblock Youtube content. We recommend IPVanish VPN for this purpose. Its fast speed, unlimited bandwidth, and reliable connection help you circumvent any kind of censorship so that you can access the information you deserve. 

That’s all for this article. Did we miss anything? Let us know your thoughts, comments, or suggestions. We’ll be happy to hear back from you. Good luck and happy watching!

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