Unblock TV Live Channels like BBC iPlayer

Unblock TV apps like BBC iPlayer

Most of us have seen geoblocking at least once – when viewing a video we see a message like “Not available in your country”.  This is referred to as geoblocking.  The fact is, geoblocking is a reality for many residents of the US, UK, Australia, and other countries.

To watch even normal, un-suspicious content (such as a US Resident wanting to watch BBC iPlayer), we must unblock TV channels & TV addons ourselves, individually.

Unblock TV With This Geoblocking Circumvention Technique

Unblock TV channels & YouTube playlists

Get past this “Not available in your country” message & Unblock TV & YouTube Videos NOW

To unblock TV channels & movies, we need to use something to “obfuscate” our country of origin and say “heck no” to geoblocking.  After all, this is a globalized world – so we will be global people and watch content as global audience members.

To be one of the millions of people who use secure Internet traffic methods on a daily basis, you have two options: use the Tor system – or use a Secure VPN with a no-logging policy.  The Tor system is great for browsing, but is too slow for streaming.  This is where a Secure VPN with no-logging steps in.

The Legality of Geoblocking

Snowden made US Residents aware that they should use data privacy to secure Internet data and Unblock TV channels

US Residents are painfully aware of data privacy issues

Though the legality behind geoblocking is a gray area, our ISPs do it to us anyway.  They’ll advertise a certain rate of bandwidth transfer speed, then deliver a different speed.

ISP Response to Legality of Content Snooping by ISP

Typically their response to inquiries about this are based on statements like “The content you chose to download is of dubious nature, so we throttled your bandwidth.”  Since this is done server-side, there’s nothing we can do – right?  Wrong!

We can do several things to maximize our privacy & anonymity, such as..

  • Hide our IP address
  • Make it look like we’re viewing content from ANY country in the world to circumvent geoblocking
  • Use secure servers to transfer our data using encryption

Read on, mate..

Work Around Geoblocking: Unblock TV Channels With Secure VPN

Geoblocking: Unblock TV channels and defeat it

Beat Geoblocking and Unblock TV Addons

You can absolutely prevent bandwidth throttling and geoblocking.  Simply use a secure VPN to unblock TV, movies, and all streaming services.

See this short list of the benefits of using a secure VPN to unblock TV channels & movies (especially the plain-old channels like BBC iPlayer!):

  • The IP obfuscation will unblock TV & movie channels
  • Maximum privacy
  • Maximum data security for your transferred data
  • Prevent IP throttling (aka bandwidth throttling)

The value of Secure VPN (with no-logging) benefits is many.  The benefits of the service – anonymous torrenting & browsing and unblocking of TV – far outweigh the nominal cost (around $5/mo – plus a 60% off coupon?).  Fortunately, the cost is low and it’s a great way to encrypt your transferred data so it’s safe in even an increasingly intrusive society.

Bottom Line:

Using a secure Internet traffic path will greatly increase your privacy and maximize your anonymity.  Using the Tor network is great, but is often SLOW (not good for streaming).  Therefore, we use a Secure VPN instead – a particular secure VPN that has a NO-LOGGING policy to ensure our privacy and confidentiality.